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Name Adobe Acrobat
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Create, modify, and annotate pdf files using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Acrobat Pro is one of the applications in Munich's wish list (see LiMuxWineKellerApplications), and is #92 in's sales rank, so what the heck, let's get it running on Wine.

See's list of acrobat pro bugs

Automating Acrobat (might be useful for regression tests):


VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
4.0.6Old, old, old. Some people still use it, though.Platinum1.3.2230
5.0An older version not seen too often, works well under wine.Gold1.3.1480
6.0The most common version currently in use, Acrobat Pro 6.0 installs and mostly works, but still lacks critical functionality under wine.Silver1.4.191
7.0Acrobat 7 offers interface enhancements and tweaks that make it much more convenient to use than older versions, such as the remapped search bar and ability to dock it where you choose.Gold1.3.36230
8.0Version 8.0 has a new interface and a variety of new features, including improved OCR and image manipulation in PDFs.Silver1.6180
8.0 Pro (full package, not the Reader)Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional 8 - Full license version, so not just the Reader. The full Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro version comes with the Adobe Distiller 8, Lifecycle Designer 8, and the PDF printer module. This install concerns the Adobe 8 version with the 8.1 update patches applied (
9.0Standard editionGarbage1.430
9.0 Pro ExtendedSome features are added to this version, such as integration of flash-films...Gold1.3.23140
9.0 ProfessionalAdobe Acrobat 9.0 Professional (not the reader)Platinum1.5.831
X ProUtility to convert files to PDF.Silver1.4-rc530

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