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Name Future Pinball
Developer BSP Software Design Solutions 
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Future Pinball is the next-gen pinball simulation in 3D, completely free (as in beer), with really good graphics and real-time physics.

It's the successor of Visual Pinball.

It comes with an editor, and a lot of tables are available, including some recreations of old pinballs and some original creations (all done by the community, a list can be found at

Technically, it runs on windows XP and uses OpenGL for rendering, VBScript for table scripting.
It's a closed-source game and the authors will likely not provide linux version.

There is an automatic install script that downloads and setups everything in order to run Future Pinball with Wine :





VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
1.6b.20061029Version 1.6b.20061029 add some cool features as Dot Matrix Display from 1.5 (with was the first release with ramps support)Silver0.9.42.150
1.7.20070805Version 1.7.20070805 have several improvements. See home page for detail.Gold0.9.52.80
1.8.20080323Future Pinball has been updated to version 1.8.20080323Gold0.9.58.10 version doesn't have a time bomb. The others past version had a time-bomb at the end of the year for the developper to be sure users always have the more recent version. The about version show even if it is the version.Garbage1.3.2830
1.9.20081225Future Pinball has been updated to version 1.9.20081225Bronze1.270

HOWTO install & run Future Pinball

2013-05-04 Admin note: the instructions below are very old and do not apply to current Wine. 

You should first obtain winetricks.  Run the Future Pinball installer normally, then

winetricks wsh56vb dcom98

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