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Name Kerbal Space Program
Developer Squad 
Super maintainers:

KSP is a fun little free rocket simulator in which you can design, build and fly your own rocket or design whatever you want.

As of 0.18.4, Kerbal Space Program has a native linux release 

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
0.12.xKSP 0.12Bronze1.3.3210
0.13.xKerbal Space Program is a lightweight alternative to Orbiter, where you can build and launch rockets, fly to orbit and land on the moon.Platinum1.4-rc512
0.17.xReleased September 2012 -  adds new planets and moons, some new parts and new UI stuff. For more details, please see the official announcement at kerbalspaceprogram.comPlatinum1.5.1334
0.18.xReleased November 2012 - Adds docking, solar panels, more planets and moons, and art redesigns.Gold1.5.2341
0.8.xStill an alpha version but seems to work well, more parts can be obtained from the KSP community.Bronze1.3.2430

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