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Name Skype
Developer Microsoft 
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Peer-to-peer communication software with the capability to make and receive audio and video calls to other Skype clients (for free) and land lines for low cost.  Additionally it supports instant messaging, chat rooms, audio & video conferencing, file transfers, text (SMS) messaging and voicemail.

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
2.0.XInitial release with video support for Windows XP and higher users.Bronze0.9.14.140
2.5.XAdded features like Social Spaces, SMS, and larger conference calls.Garbage0.9.25.80
2.6.XAdds webpage related features, Skypecasts, and mood messages.Garbage0.9.21.10
3.0.XAdds public chat, website ph # links, mood message links.Garbage1.1.32120
3.2.XAdds auto-invites to skype with GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail. Video snapshots, PayPal support, account management interface.Garbage0.9.46.30
3.5.XSkype version 3.5Bronze0.9.47.20
3.6.XVersion File size 22 MB. Official release. Release date: February 5, 2008. File name: SkypeSetup.exeSilver1.1.1332
3.8.XSkype 3.8 seriesGarbage1.1.730
4.0.XSkype 4.0 introduced a completely overhauled UI.  Now by default all Skype conversations take place in the central window.  Turning Skype from an small accessory to an app that requires nearly full screen.Garbage1.1.2130
4.1.xThe Windows version of Skype 4.1 series client.Garbage1.1.4030
4.2.xThe Windows version of Skype 4.2 series client.Garbage1.1.4450
5.0.xVersion 5.0Bronze1.7.18160
5.1.xVersion 5.1Garbage1.450
5.2.xVersion 5.2Garbage1.3.1710
5.3.xVersion 5.3Garbage1.440
5.5.xVersion 5.5Bronze1.7.1863
5.6.xVersion 5.6Garbage1.3.3710
5.8.xVersion 5.8Garbage1.431
5.9.xVersion 5.9Garbage1.5.113
6.xWhat's new in Skype 6:Garbage1.7.1830

Native versions available
There is a Linux version of Skype available which you can download from the official Skype website.

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