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VersionClassic Release
License Free to use
Votes Marked as obsolete
Wine Version1.1.43
Maintainers of this version:
No maintainers. Volunteer today!

STOP - This version of STEAM ("Classic Release") is now obsolete.

The latest and relevant version of STEAM is the Official Release. The page for STEAM Official Release can be found - HERE

This version of STEAM (Classic Release) is now outdated. You cannot download this version of STEAM from official sources any more.

Old test results
The test results for this version are very old, and as such they may not represent the current state of Wine. Please consider submitting a new test report.
Selected Test Results (selected in 'Test Results' table below)

What works
> Installing, running, but you get lag in steam if you dont use winetricks. > launching/playing (single/multiplayer) games > chat > community

What does not
> in-game overlay

What was not tested
> buying games > voice chat

Additional Comments

Wasn't able to test voice chat because ubuntu doesn't recognise my internal mic.

Admin note: rating changed to conform to the rating definitions.
Test Results
DistributionTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
CurrentUbuntu 10.04 "Lucid" i386 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Jul 04 20101.2-rc4 Yes Yes Silver an anonymous user 
ShowopenSUSE 11.2 x86_64Apr 22 20101.1.43 Yes Yes Gold - 
ShowopenSUSE 11.2 x86_64Apr 15 20101.1.42 Yes Yes Gold an anonymous user 
ShowDebian GNU/Linux 6.0 "Squeeze"Apr 04 20101.1.42 Yes Yes Gold Michael Bonfils 
ShowLinux From ScratchFeb 24 20101.1.39 Yes Yes Gold Sjir Bagmeijer 

Known bugs
Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
3548 .lnk file is created on the desktop together with the program icon... NEW View
13202 ClientSideWithRender fixes Auran Trainz text, but breaks window elements in Steam NEW View
19889 Steam client major lag NEW View
22053 Steam games crash on startup if in-game community is not disabled (gcc bug) NEW View


How to get STEAM Working

The step-by-step guide below will install STEAM onto your linux system, follow the steps below :-

First make sure you have the latest version of wine installed if you have not got it already. Instructions available - HERE

Set your Windows version of wine to Windows 7.

Download winetricks by running the following code in terminal :-


Now we need to install some winetricks packages to get STEAM running properly. Run the code below in a Terminal :-

 sh winetricks corefonts allfonts tahoma gecko gecko-dbg vcrun2005

This will install a number of winetricks packages that are needed by STEAM.

Now the time has come to install STEAM itself. Run the code below in a Terminal :-

 sh winetricks steam

This will download and install STEAM onto your linux system for you.

Once the STEAM client has been downloaded and processed in the Terminal, the STEAM installer will automatically start. Run through the steps of installing STEAM and once this is complete, the STEAM client will start and begin to update itself.

STEAM has now been installed on your system. In future to run STEAM it will be listed in your main menu under Applications > Wine > Programs > Steam.

Note : The only thing that consistantly does not work in STEAM is buying games. If you want to buy a game just buy it from the STEAM store online via a browser not via the client.

Known Issues :-

  • Fonts appear rough and not smoothed.
  • Flash not present - Videos of games in the Store may not play.
  • Network Issues - "Could Not Connect to Network" message.
  • Update may crash at 26%.
  • Links (images, purchases) don't open new Window.
  • Missing scrollbar for embedded websites.
  • Steam Community In-Game does not work - disable or it will cause all games to crash.
  • Won't start with no error message. (Needs a complete reinstall - see reinstall section below).

These problems can be easily fixed. Look in the sections below for the fixes.

FIX - Flash in STEAM

How To Install Flash And Fix STEAM So Videos Will Play

To get STEAM to be able to play videos for games in the store follow the steps below :-

You should already have winetricks installed if you followed the HOWTO above. If not follow the instructions above to get winetricks then return here.

If you have winetricks then you are ready to proceed.

We need to install the flash winetricks package. To do this run the code below in a Terminal :-

 sh winetricks flash

This will download and install flash. Once complete videos should play in STEAM.

If this does not work then try the method below :-

Enabling Flash and Scrollbars:

There are three alternate ways to enable Flash and two ways to enable scrollbars in Steam. If you only wish to enable Flash and are comfortable compiling wine from source I would recommend using Jacek Caban's patch. If you wish to have Flash and scrollbars then you must use native DLL's. Note that Flash sound will not work with any of these methods but when a workaround is found it will be posted. The pro of Jacek's patch is that wine-gecko itself will support Flash on websites, the con's are that it requires compilation of wine from source and doesn't enable scrollbars. The pro's of the native DLL methods are that they enable both Flash and scrollbars in Steam, the con's are that they don't enable Flash in wine-gecko, and in fact override wine-gecko and the DLL's must be subsequently set to builtin if you wish to use it.

Also note that any Flash version above 9r47 will not work without flickering in Steam. Therefore you must download and install that version from the Macromedia archives as described below.

1. The Patch Method

First of all you need to obtain the wine source you wish to use, apply Jacek's patch found at, and compile and install wine. Patching and compiling wine is beyond the scope of this howto, however there are many on line howto's for these procedures so just use your favorite search engine to find them and follow their instructions. After that use the following method to install the correct Mozilla version of Flash:

cd fp9_archive/9r47
wine flashplayer9r47_win.exe
rm -rf fp9_archive

2. Native DLL Methods

Both methods require that you install the correct ActiveX version of Flash as follows:

cd fp9_archive/9r47
wine flashplayer9r47_winax.exe
rm -rf fp9_archive

Now there are two ways to enable Flash and the scrollbars to work. The higher performance option is to use winetricks to do a partial installation of IE6, the lower performance option is to do a full IE6 installation. In both instances IE6 is installed via winetricks, but the higher performance option doesn't load all the DLL's necessary for full standalone operation of IE6. If you're not going to use IE6 for web browsing I'd use the higher performance method. Following are instructions for both:

A. Partial IE6 Install - Higher Performance

chmod a+x winetricks
./winetricks ie6 corefonts fontfix gecko liberation tahoma

B. Full IE6 Install - Lower Performance

chmod a+x winetricks
./winetricks ie6 comctl32 comctl32.ocx corefonts fontfix gecko liberation mfc40 mfc42 msls31 
ole2 pdh riched20 riched30 tahoma urlmon wininet native_mdac

FIX - STEAM Network Issues

How To Fix STEAM "Could Not Connect to Network" Issue

For those experiencing the "Could Not Connect to Network" problem often the Windows solution is to delete the ClientRegistry file.  This can be found at one of the following locations:

Windows Path - "C:\Program Files\Steam\ClientRegistry.blob"
Linux/Wine Path - "~/.wine/{youruser}/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/ClientRegistry.blob"
Linux/Wine Path - "~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/ClientRegistry.blob"

For most people simply restarting the client avoids the issue. 

Fix - Update Crash At 26%

How To Fix The Update Crash At 26% Issue

Run this from the directory you installed Steam to:

nice -n 19 wine Steam.exe

If that doesn't work try this:

wine steamTmp.exe SelfUpdate "Steam.exe" 14

If all fails try this before the previous command:

rm ClientRegistry.blob

FIX - Other Less Common Problems

How To Fix Other Less Common Problems

Chat window does not work

The chat actually working but messages are not displayed correctly. Try resizing and/or minimizing/maximizing chat window.

Steam takes too long to start: (crash 1)

While starting steam actually crashing and writes a small memory dump (*.mdmp files).
To fix this add the following lines to "/etc/sysctl.conf"

# Send and receive buffer sizes to make steam happy
net.core.rmem_max = 131072
net.core.wmem_max = 131072
and run
sysctl -p

Games don't start with message "The registry was in use by another process"

This is Steam bug due to Linux caching some file operations at the wrong time. You can fix this problem by shutting down Steam cleanly (keep running and exiting steam itself until you get a clean shutdown without any errors after "Shutting down" - watch the console you ran steam from) and then restarting it. Once steam has been shut down cleanly and restarted the error should not occur.

If all fails, start Steam, right-click on the game and select Properties. Go to Local files tab and click on Verify integrity of game cache...

Some file systems support extra sync flag. This should solve the problem. However it will reduce performance, so use with care!

chattr -R +S ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam

Steam will not work from ntfs partition mounted using ntfs-3g driver (2.6.25 kernels and older)

This is a known limitation of the driver and/or older kernels. Steam requires functionality (mmap with shared write access) which Wine can not emulate if it's not supported on file system.

To fix: use 2.6.26 or newer kernel. Or install Steam and all content into native Linux file system.

Most/all games crash immediately when loaded or after short time

Disable Steam Community In-Game.

FIX - Font Smoothing

How To Fix Rough Fonts By Turning On Font Smoothing In Wine.

To make fonts look better in STEAM and in all other Wine applications follow the steps below :-

We need to change a few values in the Wine registry, this is quite easy, just follow what is written below :-

First make a new text document in gedit.

Now copy the code below and paste it into the new gedit text document :-

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

Now save the document into your home folder as font-smoothing.reg

Now we need to import the .reg file into the Wine registry. To do this run the code below in a Terminal :-

 wine regedit font-smoothing.reg

There may be a little wait as this is processed.

Once complete dfonts will be smoothed and will look a lot better in STEAM and all other Wine applications.

Reinstalling STEAM

How To Completaly Resinstall STEAM

To completely reinstall Steam without removing all your game files move "~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps" directory into safe place. Completely remove "~/.wine" directory and install Steam as shown above:

cd ~
mv ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam/SteamApps ~
# install Steam here
rm -rf ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam/SteamApps
mv ~/SteamApps ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam


nVidia 185 Driver Series Crash

If you are using nVidia 185.x series drivers your X may crash when attempting to run this application.  This is not a Wine bug and the solution is to upgrade your drivers.  You can do this via or your distros package management system.  Ubuntu 9.10 users can add the nvidia-vdpau PPA to obtain the upgrade. 



This version of STEAM (Classic Release) is now outdated. You cannot download this version of STEAM from official sources any more.

The latest and relevant version of STEAM is the Official Release. The page for STEAM Official Release can be found - HERE


The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. WineHQ is not responsible for what they say.

by zara on Monday December 20th 2010, 23:16
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by Estragon on Thursday June 17th 2010, 18:43
The new RC3 just broke my steam, it crashes whenever I launch a game (RC2 was working just fine)
When I launch a game outside steam (by browsing into the right directory and launching the exe) it crashes too ...

Any idea ?

(Sorry for my bad english ...)

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  • RE: RC3 by Estragon on Thursday June 17th 2010, 18:52
by Heloriorn on Wednesday June 16th 2010, 4:07
Wherever I try installing somtehing via Steam, the Steam crashes and gives no error.

I am running Ubuntu 10.04 64b, latest version of wine and winetricks

Hope someone can hepl thx

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HOW-TO needs an update
by Ethan Steinberg on Saturday May 22nd 2010, 22:51
I have already emailed the maintainer, but I am putting this here to stop people from constantly reinstalling wine.

If you encounter this bug, as I did:
Won't start with no error message (completely reinstall Steam (see below)
Then if you are running a 64 bit comp, you need to download the 32bit nvidia drivers(or amd if you use their cards).

I cannot vouch for other distros, but for ArchLinux its the command "sudo pacman -S lib32-nvidia-utils"

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by dea on Saturday May 8th 2010, 15:48
I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, and Wine 1.0.1
I was using Steam normal, till once in-game, it would disconnect me from the server (reason, something like no steam connection), but i would normal retry and after 2 min it would disconnect me again. Then i'd tried to RR steam, and from that momment i would have the problem like, the steam was running but the window is invisible. I tried everything, setting wine on xp, vista, 2008, .. instaling gecko, etc. But nothing helped.. What should i try to do next? :(

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New webkit GUI
by James on Tuesday April 27th 2010, 18:15
I'm running Debian Lenny here with Wine 1.0.1.

The new steam client appears to work okay, as long as it is run in "Windows 2008" mode.

It's kind of sluggish overall. Also, once I open the settings dialog, I can't close it. When I try to, it flashes a brighter color and then reappears.

I haven't found anything else yet that doesn't work. At least I can still play games...

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New update 26th April
by choch on Tuesday April 27th 2010, 3:10
Now that the beta steam client is the official steam client I am unable to use steam. The UI loads but is invisible. Anyone with this problem?

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Official version just switched to Webkit-based
by german on Monday April 26th 2010, 15:09
I just received an update to steam that updates it to look like the recent webkit-based betas. Running karmic and wine 1.1.43, on startup it not only crashes, but the whole X server appears to crash and I get punted back to GDM. Will investigate further this evening.

Anybody else seeing this?

[post new] [reply to this]

by Robert Wm Ruedisueli on Saturday March 13th 2010, 19:55
Well, technically X11 couldn't access the library required by the GLX driver. So, the error was based on whatever wine was fed back by X11.

This is purely a bug in your X11 driver, or it's packaging dependencies not wine.

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source games under steam
by Sheridan McMillan on Monday March 1st 2010, 4:11
I have been playing garrys mod and been having troubles with other source games but gmod 11 worked and then I got wine 1.1.38 and all stop working I don't know how to nstall my good version of wine so some help with the best version of wine for source games ill be nice, thanks.

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beta doesn't use IE?
by Dan Kegel on Wednesday February 24th 2010, 8:49
indicates they're switching to webkit (or chromium) as their
browser... anyone tried the beta?

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UI update
by Jan Kaláb on Wednesday February 24th 2010, 5:03
I'd like to point out Steam is preparing big UI update. I tried to sign in to open beta, and it doesn't work in Wine 1.1.39.

[post new] [reply to this]

  • RE: UI update by John Faulkner on Wednesday February 24th 2010, 6:44
Trouble installing games
by Martin on Friday February 19th 2010, 21:22
Hello, I've installed Steam on wine 1.1.39 and logged into my account. I see the advertisements and can navigate through the menus just fine. However, when I try to install a game Steam hangs up (using 100% CPU, goes grey) and I get the following in the console:

err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {9a5ea990-3034-4d6f-9128-01f3c61022bc} not registered
err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object {9a5ea990-3034-4d6f-9128-01f3c61022bc} could be created for context 0x1

I've tried leaving it for 15 minutes, nothing happens, and I kill the process. Any suggestions?

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Still can't buy things
by Dan Kegel on Sunday February 14th 2010, 15:49
I followed the recipe, and sure enough, although lots of the
interface works, you still can't finalize the purchase
of a game on wine.

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Steam ingame radio streams
by Nicolas Picard on Friday February 12th 2010, 1:03
I'm wondering if there is any way to get it work the radio function (music player ... ex. TOP 40) while playing some Source games like TF2 and CSS ? Is it a bug or there is a workaround ?

Thanks for yours answers.

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steam:// URLs and gift receiving
by tadadata on Saturday February 6th 2010, 14:26
To make Steam visit steam:// URLs, just pass the URL to it as commandline parameter. You can do that too if Steam is already running (just "run it again" with the parameter). This might help you accept a gifted game. I got an "Gift Acceptance Failure" trying to visit a ackMessage/ackGuestPass/1234512345 url directly, but it worked fine when I had Steam already running and then passed the URL to it.

[post new] [reply to this]

gecko download
by William J May on Sunday January 17th 2010, 1:31
Where else can I find the 'Gecko Engine'? I have Firefox installed, but the Store and Community tabs sit forever "loading".

Steam installed correctly, and HL2:Lost Coast runs with the -nosound option (likely PulseAudio problem). Firefox installed and runs by itself.

I tried winetricks 'gecko' and 'gecko-dbg' and wget stalls at: 'HTTP request sent, awaiting response'. Did it move?

Is there a way to get Firefox to play nice w/ Steam or vice versa?...

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steam update fails completely
by Alexander on Monday January 11th 2010, 11:28
hey, my problem was that my steam update after installing didnt even start.
stopping at 26% seems "normal" but not even starting?

anyway, i reinstalled it a few times, and now it updated and i am installing some games ;)

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Steam on Ubuntu 64-bit
by Jack Diaz on Sunday January 10th 2010, 20:21
Anyone know why Steam crashes when I try to start a game? I have disabled Steam in-game and PulseAudio.

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Steam window can't see any text.
by Nicholas Cuthbertson on Friday December 25th 2009, 13:51
I have been trying to install CoD Modern Warfare 2 and steam is having problems with fonts. The only font I can see during the installation is in the licence agreement. It was fine with wine 1.1.29 but since I upgraded to 1.1.35 it no longer works. I presumed that this was because the windows fonts were deleted or something but I have reinstalled them using winetricks, including tahoma, which I understand is the one that is used but I still have the problem.

If anyone can provide any help with this I would be very grateful.

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Platinum Rating
by TJ09 on Thursday December 24th 2009, 19:50
A platinum rating requires that the program works flawlessly out-of-the-box. Neither is true, although /most/ things work out-of-the-box. However, given that their is an entire section dedicated to workarounds for bugs, it clearly requires special config. In addition, the steam community in-game feature does not work, so one cannot say it works flawlessly.

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Can't connect to Steam
by Vitor Gatti on Sunday November 22nd 2009, 20:48
I keep getting the error "Steam can not connect to the network".
Already tried the troubleshooting above, and also removing my .wine directory and doing a fresh install of Steam (no backup games)

I'm using wine 1.1.33 in Ubuntu 9.10 32bits.

Any help?

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Steam freezes when installing game
by Kristian on Wednesday November 4th 2009, 8:42
When I try to install a game the program freezes completely - i get this error when trying nice

err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {9a5ea990-3034-4d6f-9128-01f3c61022bc} not registered
err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object {9a5ea990-3034-4d6f-9128-01f3c61022bc} could be created for context 0x1

help pls ^^

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Can not start any game in Steam
by CME on Saturday October 31st 2009, 10:47
i have a big problem, i can't start any game anymore in steam, i just get the following:
err:seh:raise_exception Unhandled exception code c0000096 flags 0 addr 0x7ed8fb48

i also tried a new wine prefix and completely reinstalled steam, no luck

my PC:
amd phenom 955
nvidia geforce 7800 gtx, 190.42 driver
debian testing with kernel 2.6.32 rc2
wine 1.1.32
steam installed on a XFS partition

(here the full log:

anybody an idea what could be wrong? :/

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Install Demo
by Berillions on Wednesday October 28th 2009, 16:58

I would like to know if it's possible to install a demo thanks to Wine.
Because, i want install Torchlight's demo (only on Steam) but when i click on "Install demo", there is nothing...

Thanks for your help :)

[post new] [reply to this]

by Nicolay Doytchev on Tuesday October 13th 2009, 11:04
Can anyone confirm if the scrollbars work for you? I have tested them with .31 and they seem to operate fine on a clean WINEPREFIX.

Please confirm.

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The registry was in use by another process
by Adam Mizerski on Thursday October 1st 2009, 11:43
the command
chattr -R +S ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam
really makes anything unplayable, but command
chattr -R +S ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam/ClientRegistry.blob
don't affect playing and fixed registry error (for me ofc).

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Wine 1.1.29 - Wierd UI and font colours
by Andrew C on Monday September 21st 2009, 11:27
Has anyone else experienced weird UI and font colours (everything is red, purple and pink) in a clean Steam install under Wine 1.1.29? It makes the Steam UI almost unusable and ugly as sin. If you can launch a game they seem to work OK, though.

1.1.28 and earlier work fine, no UI colour and font oddness, just the usual Wine bugs (No Flash or scrollbars, etc).

Strangely, it occasionally lauches with the correct UI and font colours, but with no predictable pattern.

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Fedora 11 64-bit instructions to compile from source
by Rob Whalley on Sunday September 13th 2009, 8:08
Unsure how to add items into the howto section above. For users on 64-bit Fedora: Please find below some instructions to compile wine from git. Confirmed that using latest source code, Steam UI is back to normal - Sunday 13th September 11:30ish GMT (hopefully this means next version of wine should be ok too)...

#Remove wine rpm packages
#...will also remove wine-common and wine-desktop which are noarch
#If your system isn't setup for sudo, use "su -" to enter root instead... just remember to type "exit" afterwards
sudo yum remove wine-capi.i586 wine-cms.i586 wine-core.i586 wine-ldap.i586 wine-pulseaudio.i586 wine-twain.i586 wine.x86_64 wine-capi.x86_64 wine-cms.x86_64 wine-core.x86_64 wine-ldap.x86_64 wine-pulseaudio.x86_64 wine-twain.x86_64

#Install packages as suggested here:
sudo yum install alsa-lib-devel.i586 alsa-lib-devel audiofile-devel.i586 audiofile-devel cups-devel.i586 cups-devel dbus-devel.i586 dbus-devel esound-devel.i586 esound-devel fontconfig-devel.i586 fontconfig-devel freetype-devel.i586 freetype-devel giflib-devel.i586 giflib-devel hal-devel.i586 hal-devel lcms-devel.i586 lcms-devel libICE-devel.i586 libICE-devel libjpeg-devel.i586 libjpeg-devel libpng-devel.i586 libpng-devel libSM-devel.i586 libSM-devel libusb-devel.i586 libusb-devel libX11-devel.i586 libX11-devel libXau-devel.i586 libXau-devel libXcomposite-devel.i586 libXcomposite-devel libXcursor-devel.i586 libXcursor-devel libXext-devel.i586 libXext-devel libXi-devel.i586 libXi-devel libXinerama-devel.i586 libXinerama-devel libxml2-devel.i586 libxml2-devel libXrandr-devel.i586 libXrandr-devel libXrender-devel.i586 libXrender-devel libxslt-devel.i586 libxslt-devel libXt-devel.i586 libXt-devel libXv-devel.i586 libXv-devel libXxf86vm-devel.i586 libXxf86vm-devel mesa-libGL-devel.i586 mesa-libGL-devel mesa-libGLU-devel.i586 mesa-libGLU-devel ncurses-devel.i586 ncurses-devel openldap-devel.i586 openldap-devel openssl-devel.i586 openssl-devel zlib-devel.i586 pkgconfig sane-backends-devel.i586 sane-backends-devel xorg-x11-proto-devel glibc-devel.i586 prelink fontforge flex bison

#May need to add libraries for pulseaudio support...?
sudo yum install pulseaudio-libs-devel.i586 pulseaudio-libs-devel.x86_64

#cd to a folder to store the git tree under
#Enter your own path below...
cd ~/Download/Packages/Source

#Download latest files via git - this takes a while... just over 100MB to download
git clone wine-git

#cd to wine-git folder
cd wine-git

#Add some patches to allow pulseaudio support - see


patch -p1 < winepulse-0.30.patch
patch -p1 <
patch -p1 < winepulse-winecfg-0.6.patch


#Now to configure, compile and install the application... patience required, takes a while (cup of tea time!)
make depend && make
sudo make install

#You can keep the wine-git folder and later remove the git version of wine with: sudo make uninstall

#Even if this is not a method you want to use, it is useful to know because using wine-git you can apply patches to fix problems
#...done under the wine-git folder before compilation... something along the lines of: patch -p1 < patchname.patch
#See above pulseaudio patch. If patching doesn't work, ensure patch is installed (sudo yum install patch).
#Call of Duty 4 required this approach until all the bugs were ironed out in a later version of wine.

#You can keep an eye on whether a new packaged version of wine has been released by checking out:

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Steam won't connect
by Psage on Friday September 11th 2009, 20:46
My steam won't connect and I've deleted the ClientRegistry.blob and restarted steam about a million times (felt like it at least). Yet, steam still refuses to connect. I'm on Ubuntu 9.04.

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Crash on Sabayon 4.2 64bit
by Jeff Hoogland on Wednesday August 26th 2009, 0:16
Fresh install on Sabayon Linux. I have Wine 1.1.27 installed via portage and Steam is failing to load for me with the following error message in console:

jeff@sager-lintop /media/storage/Steam $ wine Steam.exe
wine: Unhandled page fault on execute access to 0x0048720d at address 0x48720d (thread 0009), starting debugger...

Rest of debug

I googled the error but the only hit I got was in a different language :(

Any ideas on what I can do to get this to work?


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Steam window looks odd; refuses to launch games
by Brennon Redmyer on Sunday August 2nd 2009, 13:43
Fresh Fedora 11 KDE install here, along with all the recommended updates and the updated nVidia drivers (185.18.14)

I install Wine from the yum repos (1.1.23, it says it is), and upon first running and getting to my games list, it looks like this:
It also refuses to launch any game, be it Valve or not.

I've had a Fedora 11 GNOME installation on this box before with a perfect display, with the same graphics driver (from the same source), all the same basic installation steps.
Since the problem occurred, I've tried it again on fresh F11 GNOME and KDE installs from the Live CDs I used before and it does this same thing. What gives?

[post new] [reply to this]

crash on startup
by Peter Rolph on Monday July 13th 2009, 12:38
Strange problem going on here...

Steam connects happily, brings up the main window and the steam updates window, then sits unresponsive, greys out and finally dies silenty. RIP?

I'm on vanilla jaunty, if it helps.

[post new] [reply to this]

Install of a game causes crash
by LordBeeDoO on Monday July 6th 2009, 10:02
I upgraded recently to FC 11 but wine does not work anymore... after installing Steam, or trying to start for example HOMAM V I get following message in a console:

X Error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
Major opcode of failed request: 136 (GLX)
Minor opcode of failed request: 3 (X_GLXCreateContext)
Value in failed request: 0x21
Serial number of failed request: 144548
Current serial number in output stream: 144548

Wine is completely useless.

Has anyone encountered this problem ?

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Some tips
by Alan Jenkins on Thursday June 25th 2009, 16:59
to install a game browse through to find the game you want. Copy the app id out of the url (e.g. for it would be the 16470).

Then run:

wine ./steam.exe -applaunch 16470

This will load steam up and the first window you will see will be the window asking you if you wish to download the app.

Enjoy guys,

Here is the page I found the -applaunch (other cool commands here too)

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Steam won't launch games!
by Josh on Wednesday June 10th 2009, 19:17
Alright, so steam just updated and now it won't launch games. I says it's launching the game then the launching window disappears and steam stops responding. Please help.

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