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Wine Version1.5.2
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OBSOLETE - Version 3.3.x

Old test results
The test results for this version are very old, and as such they may not represent the current state of Wine. Please consider submitting a new test report.
Selected Test Results (selected in 'Test Results' table below)

What works
Everything works, it's about 14-20 FPS on OpenGL and about 7-11 on DirectX. Max graphical settings possible (without using console commands). :)

What does not

What was not tested
25-man raids, 40-man raids (the "classic" ones).

Additional Comments

Tested on private server "Theatre of Dreams". I haven't installed it but just "copy + pasted" from my other computer. It works.
Test Results
DistributionTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
CurrentLinux Mint 12 "Lisa"Apr 18 20121.5.2 N/A Yes Platinum an anonymous user 
ShowUbuntu 10.04 "Lucid" i386 (+ variants like Kubuntu)May 25 20121.2.3 Yes Yes Platinum Bálint Jancsula 
ShowUbuntu 10.04 "Lucid" i386 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Apr 03 20111.3.15 N/A Yes Platinum Fernando Otero 
ShowUbuntu 10.10 "Maverick" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Oct 10 20101.2.1 Yes Yes Platinum an anonymous user 
ShowSlackware 13.1Oct 06 20101.3.4 Yes Yes Platinum an anonymous user 

Known bugs
Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
11674 Dual-core unsupported in WoW and SC2 NEW View
17152 Blizzard Updater complains about javascript being turned off NEW View
22033 World of Warcraft Crashes on startup (due to broken Solaris malloc()) NEW View
22569 World of Warcraft Crashes when entering game world UNCONFIRMED View
29369 World of Warcraft: sound is lost when switching X Servers UNCONFIRMED View



The patch for 3.3.x to 4.0.0 needs to be downloaded using the Background Downloader.

First ensure you run Launcher.exe from your WoW folder and you are fully up to date.

Update (22nd September): A small update (10-20MB) is needed for the Background Downloader to work. Run Launcher.exe from your WoW folder to get this update.

Then run BackgroundDownloader.exe by double clicking the exe in your WoW folder. (It may take a minute before it appears).

The patch process should then begin.

This is a big patch - 5.19GB

For me (in the UK) the patch is called - "WoW-3.3.x-to-4.0.0-patch-EU-stages-1-3"...

(Your downloader may download the patches separately or may combine all 3 stages together as it did with me).

NOTE -This will only download the patch so it is ready for installation when it is officially needed.

NOTE - Due to the large size of the patch it may take several hours. The Background Downloader works like a BitTorrent program so you can close it down and carry on where you left off at a later time. You can still play WoW while it is downloading.


WoW:Wrath Logo

Installing World of Warcraft in Wi­ne

NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended for ATI users to use the latest Catalyst package found at As of release 9.8, this fixes TONS of bugs.

NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended that you have the latest stable wine version installed (currently - wine 1.2).
[Beta versions of wine are unstable. If you use a Beta version, check the test results above to see if it is reported as working with your Linux distribution].

Preliminary Steps:

NVIDIA/ATI: Make sure you have the proprietary driver for your video card installed, or WoW will not run. Once they are installed, check to see if Direct Rendering is enabled by typing the following code into Terminal :-

glxinfo | grep "direct rendering"

If it returns direct rendering:Yes, you're good to go!


[ You can install World of Warcraft in wine through a variety of methods, such as using the CD or automatic downloader. If you wish, you may simply run it from a Windows partition, it's your choice ultimately. ]

To install using the downloader just run it with Wine and follow the steps. There are no major problems using the downloader. If you are using the downloader you can jump straight to the  Configuring section.

Below are the instructions for installing from WoW Disks :-

To install from the CDs the files need to be copied over to your computer as attempting to install directly from disk will result in failure.

Create a folder in a convenient location such as on the desktop called wow_install

You will only need to install WoW using the Wrath of the Litch King disks. (The Wrath disks will install the WoW core game and the Burning Crusde as well).

Insert Disk 1 of the Wrath of the Litch King.

When you open the disk you will not be able to see all the files as they are hidden. To get them to show run the following code in Terminal :-

sudo mount -o remount,unhide /dev/sr0

If that code doesn't work try this one :-

sudo umount /dev/cdrom
sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro,unhide /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom0/

Then open the disk again and you should see all the files.

Open the disk and copy all the files to your wow_install folder.

Now insert Disk 2 of the Wrath of the Litch King and follow the same step above to unhide the files.

Copy only the Installer Tome #.mpq files to the wow_install folder. (# will be a number. Basically from Disk 2 copy only the Installer Tomes that have a number in their name (NOT the one without a number, we got that one from Disk 1)).

Once complete eject the disk and run the Installer.exe in the wow_install folder with wine. (Simply right click it and select "Open with Wine Windows Program Loader").

WoW will now install.

Once the installation is complete a shortcut will be on the desktop to run WoW. Of course you will have to go through the patching process.

Note: Some users report that the WoW launcher/updater may freeze during the patching process. If this happens to you, simply close it down (terminate the process) and then just start it again from the desktop shortcut or Launcher.exe. It will carry on from where it was before.

IMPORTANT - Make sure you go through the Configuring section below.

IMPORTANT - Linux distributions using pulseaudio (such as Ubuntu) will probably experience sound issues. See the"No sound with Pulse Audio" section in the Tweaks and Troubleshooting area below for a fix.

IMPORTANT - Launch WoW from the desktop shortcut or from the Launcher.exe rather than directly from WoW.exe. This is because the launcher will check for updates and will auto patch/update the game if necessary. If you launch WoW directly from the WoW.exe (such as in the "No sound with Pulse Audio" fix), then make sure you still launch the Launcher.exe from time to time just to check for updates, not to run the game.

NOTE - The latest patch (3.3.x to 4.0.0) requires the use of the Background Downloader. See the red Warning section below for instructions of how to successfully run the patch.


The suggested way to run World of Warcraft in wine is using OpenGL. Although you lose hardware cursor functionality and shadow detail, you will often gain tons of FPS this way. Operation without the opengl flag is often unreliable and will not start with some cards. If you wish, you can install a hack for hardware cursor like functionality here.

Simply add the -opengl flag to the end of your WoW Launcher (recommended) :-

Open the WoW desktop shortcut and add -opengl to the end of the command (leaving a space). (Recommended method).(Recommended for first run after CD or download).

Alternatively, you can either edit your WTF/ in your World of Warcraft directory to include :-

SET gxApi "opengl"

(Note that this file is only created after you have logged in once).

The game will now run. If you have any problems or issues please check the sections below for fixes or post a comment for help.

Tweaks and Troubleshooting

You should be good to go! If you are experiencing any other issues, read on.

Stuttering while walking

This is caused by a bug in the latest Xserver release. This should be fixed by the next round of distribution releases this fall. In the mean time, you can disable key repeat by going to System/Preferences/Keyboard in Gnome.

Sound issues

If you cannot get any sound at all, try deleting your .wine directory (backup needed files!).

No sound with ALSA

"Those who have that problem with ALSA, just kill Pulseaudio." ~ Thanks to Xpander

Try OSS.

No sound with OSS

Try ALSA/Jack.

No sound with JACK

Try ALSA or OSS.

No sound with Pulse Audio

"well for those users with a distro using pulse audio (for ex. Ubuntu) if you set wine to OSS the sound for WoW works great, and if you add padsp before wine pulseaudio wraps the OSS sound (like alsa-oss but better) and you can use vent, music etc at the same time :)" ~ Thanks to Patrick Arman

Launch Code :-

padsp wine /path/to/wow/WoW.exe -opengl

If you have sound stuttering in a distro using Pulseaudio (like Ubuntu), then you may have to fully uninstall  Pulseaudio and use ALSA directly. Be warned however that you may loose some system sound capability (such as login music and error sounds). If you want PulseAudio back, then its easy to reinstall. Just follow your distro's instructions on their troubleshooting pages.

ATI issues

- Special effects used in quests such as "Maintaining the Sunwell Portal" as well as other quests in WOTLK that uses this "out of phase look", will not work without a special setting in the, scroll down!

- Turn OFF the desktop special effects if you experience poor performance.


Mouse cursor slow

This is because Blizzard has not implemented OpenGL hardware cursor functionality in the Windows version. However, there is a patch here that simulates a real hardware cursor.

Graphic corruption

Scroll down and try the registry tweak, if that does not work, reinstall the driver. 

Corruption when doing "Maintaining the Sunwell Portal" and WOTLK 'flashback' Quests:

Add this to your file:

SET ffxNetherWorld "0" ~ thanks to Adys

White Minimap Indoors

AMD has fixed this problem with Catalyst 9.8. Cheers to AMD!


Game Flickers in Windowed mode and is unplayable:

Some older ATI cards have this problem when using advanced desktop effects such as Compiz Config or Beryl. It also tends to happen with the standard high-desktop effects built into Ubuntu. If you want to play this game in Windowed mode, set your desktop effects to "Basic".

Performance issues

Make SURE you have installed the latest ATI driver 9.1. This driver has fixed a few performance issues in game as well as added more options for the aticonfig command. Also, turning off Full Screen Glow helps.

Graphical and Icon corruption:

This tweak doesn't seem to be required as of Catalyst 9.8 - Andrew

Note that this used to be a tweak needed to boost FPS, but is apparently not needed anymore for non-ATI users.

  1. Open the registry editor and navigate to the following key


  2. Highlight the wine folder in the left hand pane by clicking left on it. The icon should change to an open folder
  3. Right-click on the wine folder and select [NEW] then [KEY]

  4. Replace the text New Key #1 with OpenGL

  5. Right-click in the right hand pane and select [NEW] then [String Value]

  6. Replace New Value #1 with DisabledExtensions (Notice it's case sensitive!)

  7. Then double click anywhere on the line, a dialog box will open.
  8. In the value field type GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object

    Please note that after using this tweak, the icon pictures may misplace themselves. For example, the icon for "gold" will look like and icon for an orb.

NVIDIA issues


Make sure triple-buffering is turned off. ~ Thanks to DRH

INTEL issues

Unfortunately, Intel does not make its own drivers for their cards for Linux. Their Windows drivers aren't even that good to start with.

For World of Warcraft to work properly, you need to look for an Open Source Intel Driver that gives you direct OpenGL rendering support.


There are no known Issues with Intel Cards, apart from bad FPS on certain drivers.


Other issues

Open Source Graphics Drivers:

If you have low frames with your Open Source drivers, then try the proprietary drivers for ATI and Nvidia. The Open Source Drivers have a lot of performance issues at the moment.

FPS stutter

Set farclip (the view distance slider) to 777 (about midway on the slider) ~ Thanks to Andrew

Bad FPS in general:

Please make sure that you are not suffering from high latency, as this will cause some FPS problems. If the small 'computer' icon shows you more than 600ms, or if it is red, then you are having high latency. Please check with your ISP.

If you play from Africa, you should not be experiencing more than 500ms to European servers. South Americans and Australians should not be having more than 400ms to the USA servers. Please check this and make sure that your connection is stable.

Mouse cursor jumps

"If I show the hide buttons on my Gnome panel and hide the panel before I start the game, then the mouse behaves normally. The hide button isn't visible in-game." ~ Thanks to NV

Please note that the mouse will not be perfectly smooth in OpenGL mode because Blizzard Entertainment does not support Hardware Cursor in OpenGL with the Windows version of the game. However, there is a patch available here

Hard Drive Thrashing

There is no solution yet. It seems it is a windows problem too when you are using more then 4GB RAM.

No fancy shadows available

This will not work until Blizzard add it for OpenGL (Windows version). ~ Thanks to Raphael HuerzelerEmaJukka Tastula


"Tried the setting "Reduce input lag" and that helped incredibly much for me and the same for the first person I told to try it. Definetly not a placebo." ~ Thanks to Anders Aa.


Disable screen glow effect and the lighting effect. ~ Thanks to Ram

Try to run the game with the -opengl argument in the terminal. ~ Thanks to Fluffles

Ati Users: Make sure you have the latest drivers!

Bad graphical corruption in certain areas

  • Find the following registry entry:


  • Add a new key (type String) and name it 'OffscreenRenderingMode'

  • Double click the new key and add the value 'pbuffer'

Dalaran and/or other areas cause crashes

This is due to WoW running 32-bit (there is no 64-bit client) and trying to allocate more than roughly 4GB of memory for advanced textures. This is a bug in Wine, since wine, by default, reserves 4096MB (the maximum for 32bit systems) of virtual memory to mimic the win32 memory layout. WoW allocates progressively more memory for textures and this forces the display drivers (which are loaded in the same section of memory) to quit with an GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY error.

Dalaran is a good example of this. Dragonblight and Icecrown may also suffer from this bug.

A possible workaround includes trying is to force Linux to use less memory than what you have, or to make it think it has less memory (eg, limit it to 3GB). The preferred way to do this is to add the mem=3G (for 3GB) or mem=2G (For 2GB) flag to your kernel boot parameters.

How to do this can be found in your particular distro's documentation.

Some people have reported it to work, whilst for others it has not. You may need to sacrifice the advanced textures if you try this.

Linux kernel:

Please make sure that you keep your kernel up to date at ALL times! It seems that with each new release of the Linux kernel, the performance of games under Linux improves. This is probably because the kernel is beginning to handle heavy graphics and multimedia much better now.

Please remember to reinstall your video drivers after installation of a new kernel. Failure to do so may result in not being able to start the graphical user interface and/or prevent games from running.




Note: that the performance of raids can sometimes be attributed to the quality of your graphics card and its driver... plus various other aspects. If you experience trouble raiding on Linux, it is advised that you do so on Windows until your issues are fixed.

In General:

If you are using a graphics card with 128 MB of memory then you should set everyting to low when raiding, as this will consume less graphics memory.

If you are using a 32bit/64bit processor that is not faster than 1.5Ghz, then raiding will be difficult. Dual-core processors are recommended.

If you are using a graphics card with DDR1 memory, then do not expect the performance to be good at all, even with all the settings set to low. Recommend setting it to 800x600 rez if its a problem.

ATI Users: be sure that your desktop effects are set to BASIC, as this will consume less GPU speed which you cant afford to go to waste right now.

Those who use Ventrilo, your PTT is broken. Please go to the Ventrilo page in the WineAPP DB for more info.

DISABLE QUESTHELPER!!! This goes for all those who play WoW and not just the Linux people. Various other addons could cause drops in fps and freezes/disconnects. BE SURE THAT ALL YOUR ADDONS ARE UPDATED!


Currently raiding as a TANK in end game raids, Naxx25, eoe25 os25 vualts25 no probs, i have no problems with sound or video in anyway i get no fps lag at all, all 10 mans and naxx25 have been cleared on ubuntu with no crashes, leveling, battle grounds, spells and arena are all working fine. Ubuntu 10.8 64bit wine 1.1.1, wow 3.0.8. Like i said i Main tank end game raids no problem at all, wish vent played just as nice. ^_^

DPS'ing (melee and ranged)

MELEE: I have DPS'ed with a feral druid in Naxx 25man, OS25man and Malygos 25 man, as well as all 10man instances. I have found Malygos impossible, but that is just my graphics card. I have also found the white minimap annoying. Other than that, I have not noticed anything out-of-the-ordinary related to WINE. Nvidia users should not be experiencing any problems.

RANGED: When respeccing to ranged in a 10man, I havent found anything wierd wrong. What I have noticed is that the clicking can be a bit strange at times. As I said, Nvidia users should not be having problems.


Healers need a very fast graphics card and have to be using an Nvidia or ATI graphics card.




NVIDIA: Make sure Vsync is disabled, unless the screen is tearing. If Vsync is enabled, disable tripple buffering.

AMD/INTEL dual/quad-core: May experience difficulties if WoW is only utilizing 1 of the cores.

Nvidia Sound System: May stutter with Pulseaudio. Kill pulsausio in the process manager.


If You have any additional information you wish to have mentioned here, please post so that we may update!

Problems to note:

Hardware Cursor OpenGL:


Currently the only way to have a hardware cursor in OpenGL is using the patch here.

The new "OpenGL" option in the Launcher seems to be nothing more than an option that disables OpenGL in the and enables Direct3d.

Go back to these posts please an voice your support! But guys, please don't "/signed" as this will indicate it as a petition. Rather just say "wtb HW Cursor" or something :) .




No thread yet. Can an Asian user please make one, and post it so we can link it here. It does not have to be in English!

Pixel Buffers ATI:

The problematic pixel buffer support in fglrx has been fixed in version 9.8 of Catalyst. Upgrade your fglrx if you are still experiencing this problem.


Patch 3.0.9

The OpenGL option is clearly not available in the new Launcher. We are not sure if it is because it did not do what Blizzard intended or whether they are trying to send a message. However, there might be a good chance that there will be future OpenGL support for the Windows platform.

The bad software cursor has been fixed.

Please just keep posting on the Hardware Cursor request on the suggestion forums, because they have been rather quite lately. inform your friends and gain their support!

HW Cursor update:

NEW EUROPEAN!!! Go an voice your support again please!

Logout Issues

As more mods are enabled there is a noticeable increase in the amount of time between the logout timer doing its final tick and actually being presented with the character selection screen. Lowering your addon count will fix this, the time seems to be directly proportional the the amount of ram used by mods.

Hence things like quest helper and atlas loot will cause up to 30-40 second delays, this is of course running with the -opengl argument.

Haven't tried with directX, haven't had it work properly, ever, this may just be me, feel free to try, in fact please... try. Investigation is under way, for now try use as few mods as possible and be patient, it may look like its frozen but I promise you WILL eventually see the logout screen. Also, after about 30 seconds pressing [escape] seems to help. But that may just be a placebo.

Update for the HowTo section
Dear WINE-Gamers, if you play World of Warcraft please check the HowTo section before. If a tweak is no longer needed (or a new tweak is needed), please tell this information to an app maintainer. So we can clean this section asap.



The patch for 3.3.x to 4.0.0 needs to be downloaded using the Background Downloader.

First ensure you run Launcher.exe from your WoW folder and you are fully up to date.

Update (22nd September): A small update (10-20MB) is needed for the Background Downloader to work. Run Launcher.exe from your WoW folder to get this update.

Then run BackgroundDownloader.exe by double clicking the exe in your WoW folder. (It may take a minute before it appears).

The patch process should then begin.

This is a big patch - 5.19GB

For me (in the UK) the patch is called - "WoW-3.3.x-to-4.0.0-patch-EU-stages-1-3"...

(Your downloader may download the patches separately or may combine all 3 stages together as it did with me).

NOTE -This will only download the patch so it is ready for installation when it is officially needed.

NOTE - Due to the large size of the patch it may take several hours. The Background Downloader works like a BitTorrent program so you can close it down and carry on where you left off at a later time. You can still play WoW while it is downloading.


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