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NameInternet Explorer
Version7.0 (32-bit)
License Free to use
Votes 13
Wine Version1.5.11
Free Download Internet Explorer 7 (full)
Maintainers of this version:

Internet Explorer 7 (released 2006-10-18)

  • When submitting test results, please detail for which version of the Microsoft Operating System.
  • Please do not submit test results using ies4linux
Old test results
The test results for this version are very old, and as such they may not represent the current state of Wine. Please consider submitting a new test report.
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What works
Installation works through winetricks. The exact install procedure is clunky. See the winetricks script under load_ie7() for details. They unregister wine's IE, change overrides, remove fake DLLs, put in a dummy catalog file, remove the Z:/ drive and install. Winetricks does all this, so it is not really necessary to do anything, just made a fresh .wine folder, ran "winetricks ie7" and sat back.

What does not
Crash occasionally when resizing windows, accessing history. Some sites, namely crashes. Rudimentary JavaScript sort of works.

What was not tested
Anything beyond using it to check the layout of some key sites.

Additional Comments

Test Results
DistributionTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
CurrentFedora 17 x86_64Sep 20 20121.5.11 No, but has workaround Yes Bronze Henry Kroll 
ShowFedora 17Dec 28 20121.4.1 No Not installable Garbage an anonymous user 
ShowUbuntu 12.04 "Precise" i386 (+ variants like Kubuntu)May 23 20121.5.4 Yes No Garbage an anonymous user 
ShowUbuntu 10.10 "Maverick" i386 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Jan 01 20111.3.10 Yes Yes Bronze spEctoRius 
ShowUbuntu 10.04 "Lucid" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)May 22 20101.2-rc1 Yes Yes Bronze Michael Lancaster 

Known bugs
Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
23134 iexplore does not correctly detect proxy details NEW View
28335 IE7 crashes when an active X control is called UNCONFIRMED View
30870 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7: can log in, but can't display standard view? NEW View
33870 Occasional crash during ie7 install NEW View
34047 IE7 reports lookup failure before the main window opens NEW View
34049 IE7 does not navigate to web pages or obey home page setting NEW View

Available Install switches

Internet Explorer 7

If you want to run Internet Explorer 6 with the rendering engine from version 7, follow the instructions, or use beta options of ies4windows script.

Note: ies4linux is NOT supported by Wine.  Report bugs using their script to their maintainers.

HOWTO - inprogress
To install, use
  winetricks ie7
The install seems flaky, so if it hangs or crashes, try it again.

Codeweaver AppDB Entry
Codeweaver AppDB Entry


This note was originally added to IE Version 5, but may be relevant to all versions.

Don't run IE on an RW mounted DOS partition !
Pretty problematic directory renaming/corruption can happen.
This seems to happen if Wine doesn't have access to certain Windows registry keys.
Renames e.g. "Program Files" to "$!$!$!$!.pfr" and does other horrible things.
BTW, it does not only happen with IE, as it seems to be a generic Windows Setup process of Explorer which is doing this, which can be launched under multiple circumstances.
To be safe, use a backup copy only, i.e. copy all relevant windows files over e.g. to an ext2 partition.


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IE7 flash
by Soohyun on Friday January 18th 2013, 1:35
I want to get flash running on IE7.
I first used the google custom search on the top right and typed "IE7 flash"
Then I clicked the second result and followed the steps.

Few things concern me. This was posted back in 2009 and I wonder if it still apply.
Also when I do the IE installation, the instillation step hangs...
Any suggestions?

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Winetricks IE7 Dependencies
by Brandon on Saturday June 23rd 2012, 0:53
For newer versions of WINE, setting DLL overrides may not be necessary. Many guides from the past few years give a list of DLL overrides to set before or after using winetricks, but these overrides can cause new problems more often than they solve old ones. Additionally, of the winetricks libraries recommended in these guides (allfonts comctl32 corefonts fontfix gdiplus mfc40 mfc42 msls31 msxml3 msxml4 msxml6 native_mdac pdh riched20 riched30 tahoma vb6run vcrun2005 wininet), the majority may be unnecessary for typical browsing, although installing them does not seem to break anything like DllOverrides can easily do. The credit for these simpler requirements obviously goes to the hard-working WINE and CodeWeavers contributors. To use an IE7-only enterprise https webpage with javascript, the procedure in a recent stable WINE (1.4) with a new wine profile was ultimately very simple:

winetricks -q msxml3 ie7
sleep 30 # allow WINE to finish writing to disk
wine iexplore ''

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ie7 howto comments
by Dave Dawson on Thursday December 16th 2010, 13:05
install with winetricks
(try a winetricks fontfix install first) then:

install ie7 with winetricks and...
do not allow windows updates
do not accept 'reboot now', instead
kill the process (xterm or whatever)
run wineboot
kill process again
run wineboot again

start ie7 with a URL as a parameter to side-step a pile of problems

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No png alpha transparency
by Lox on Friday August 20th 2010, 18:06
IE7 under wine 1.3.1 still not supports png alpha transparency

Any know fix ?

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Cryptography Service error is THE BLOCKER
by Daniele C. on Wednesday February 24th 2010, 13:34
IE7/IE8 are not installable on wine 1.1.39, I get the error:

Setup could not verify the integrity of the files needed for installation. Make sure the Cryptographic service is running on this computer

Previous information is useless; I am not a newbie and I have tried many times under different scenarios...this is definitively broken

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Howto IE7 with wine
by Riccardo Pisanu on Sunday September 27th 2009, 6:55

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by doh123 on Thursday August 6th 2009, 7:43
I haven't fully tested every version of Wine that I need to..

Wine 1.1.21 and earlier seem to work ok in IE7

Wine 1.1.24 through 1.1.26 (current) do NOT anymore (I have not tested 22 or 23). There are pages that have stopped working. I have not figure out what content on a website is causing this, but one such website that works in 1.1.21 that no longer works is

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wine 1.1.15
by jim burns on Sunday February 15th 2009, 15:01
1.1.15 boasts being able to run ie7 (see latest wwn #356), and indeed it installs and runs, but requires a little tweaking.

First, I set global dlloverrides for mshtml, shlwapi, shdocvw, wininet, urlmon and actxprxy dlls to "native,builtin". Since actxprxy is not installed automatically, I copied it over from my windows xp partition to my wine install. (It makes happier.)

I also installed msxml vers. 3 & 4. (Makes yahoo and windows update happier, tho' windows update is still not functional - see below about active x.) Be sure to set msxml to "native,builtin" also.

Initially tabs weren't working, nor was I getting all of my toolbars. The first time I installed ie7, I did not pick installing updates and the Malicious Software Removal Tool. The 2nd time, I did leave that checkbox checked, and I got the tabs and toolbars to work.

My main problems now is I have no popups, flash, or anything requiring active x. When I get to any web page that tries to install an active x control, after clicking thru a few popup messages, I get the information bar (under the toolbars) complaining that my security settings don't allow running the control. When I go into Internet Options -> Security, and try to set the security level to Medium, or try to pick Custom, and relax all the active x options, it still doesn't work.

All in all, at least navigation works, and 1.1.15 shows definite improvement.

Btw, for those interested in that Cryptographic Service not running error message box, you probably have too many native overrides. According to , the dlls associated with the cryptographic service are softpub, wintrust, initpki, dssenh, rsaenh, gpkcsp, sccbase, slbcsp, mssip32, & cryptdlg. Most of these have been already implemented as builtin dlls.

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Wine runs IE7! (Sort of)
by Nathan.N on Friday January 16th 2009, 0:50!-td21480886.html

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