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NameWorld of Warcraft
License Retail
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Wine Version1.3.18
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OBSOLETE - Version 2.x

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The test results you have selected are very old and may not represent the current state of Wine.
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What works

after a few 'tweaks' to the startup, everything runs perfectly.

What does not
Direct 3D

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Additional Comments

*Im my case i had to edit "" to use opengl instead of d3d and so that it would start on my native resolution (1680 x 1050).

*changed it to run in a 1680 x 1050 virtual desktop, so that it wouldnt crash while using cube desktops and WoW at the same time.

*disabled screen saver, would try starting screensaver while in WoW (probably because of the virtual desktop) would make gnome crash.
Test Results
DistributionTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
ShowUbuntu 10.10 "Maverick" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Apr 23 20111.3.18 Yes Yes Gold an anonymous user 
ShowUbuntu 8.04 "Hardy" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Nov 29 20081.1.9 Yes Yes Platinum Nexus 
ShowUbuntu 8.04 "Hardy" i386 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Oct 13 20081.1.6 N/A Yes Bronze Dan 
ShowFedora 9Oct 21 20081.1.5 Yes Yes Platinum William Penton 
ShowFedora 9 x86_64Oct 12 20081.1.5 N/A Yes Platinum Josh 

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Main Information

New Users!

Please see here for information on installing and playing World of Warcraft on Linux with Wine.

Major Update:

I've moved all of the information to a wiki! I do have backups of the original text (just in case!) but as a trial I'm referring all users to the wine page at WoWwiki. If any of the maintainers protest, please tell me and I'll happily replace the old text, and still link to the wiki. But, all the old information is there, but with far more eyes on it. These eyes hopefully will add a higher level of testing and quality to our guides.

Also, for our more generic information such as Config.WTF information, it's all there a wiki internal link away, I spend about 20 minutes getting everything properly sectioned, and being as how wikis use Table of Contents with anchor links, it will be super easy to navigate now!

I can see only benefit.

Latest News

Wine 0.9.37 appears to be working fine on my Suse 9.3 system, I've yet to test it on opensuse 10.2. I'm assuming it still doesn't run on top of the compiz/beryl 3D desktop but will test that again soon.

15/May/07 NL

Wine 0.9.36 was released today (27/Apr/07). Wow is still working fine except for the ongoing problem with it crashing. If I run wine on a Suse 10.2 system (no 3D desktop) in a virtual window the game plays fine until I move the virtual window. Within 30 seconds the whole screen has frozen. Nothing responds to a mouse click, you can't even use CTRL-ALT-F1 to F6 to bring up another login so you can shutdown the system cleanly. You just have hit the reset button. The workaround is "DONT MOVE THE VIRTUAL WINDOW ABOUT". Whether this is a problem when wine is run without a virtual window (ie Wow full screen) I don't know yet. This test was also done on ATI 9550 hardware so whether this problem exists for Nvidia or Intel hardware I don't know. Please let us know if you experience the same thing or something similar. This problem was present in 0.9.35/36. I'm not sure if it was present in 0.9.34. Any feedback appreciated.

27/Apr/07 NL

Wine 0.9.35 was released today (13/Apr/07). WoW on wine is still working just fine on my hardware. A few people reported crashes in 0.9.34, hopefully fixed in 0.9.35 but we'll see from the posts over the next couple of weeks. Don't forget if you'll posting a problem, please take the time to add your system specifications. It makes finding solutions to your problem a whole lot easier if we know the exact model & memory of your graphics card at the very least. Ideally provide all the information as shown below, which is the spec of the machine I tested 0.9.35 with.

13/Apr/07 NL

Wine 0.9.35 (DiasabledExtensions added to registry)
ATI 9550 256MB AGP (ATI Driver 8.35.5)
Suse 9.3 3.0GHz P4 + 1GB CPU memory
Wow 2.0.12 working with wine 0.9.35 in opengl mode flawlessly! on a 1280 x 1024 desktop in a wine 1024 x 768 virtual desktop window.
Known problems 1. switching video resiolutions in game causes a crash)


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Cleaning up
by Ken Sharp on Sunday May 31st 2009, 20:14
I'm sure the three maintainers can clean up all these old comments between them...

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Issue Loading
by andrew on Monday November 5th 2007, 19:59
For a while the game was running fine for me under ubuntu fiesty with the latest wine version, but now (with no system changes or new patches) the game loads perfectly fune until i select the character i want to log in with. At that point the blue bar gets all the way across the screen and then it just stops. It never actually starts the game and I am stuck on that one screen. Any suggestions?

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Freezing at "Downloading" section
by simon on Thursday August 23rd 2007, 18:31
You need to edit this line out in your
SET gxApi "opengl"

start game under directx to get into game then re add the line to go back into opengl, some boffin at blizz didnt know this

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2.0.x no longer live
by Bleeter Yaluser on Saturday August 18th 2007, 4:40
Can someone close this down? 2.1.x is the current live version. If people are reporting against 2.0.x still, then I can only presume they're using 'private' servers and thus the client has been changed in some way and therefore it's pointless.

WoW 2.1.x
WoW 2.2.x

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wine-0.9.43 no sound after focus change
by Benjamin Peter on Saturday August 18th 2007, 4:35

sound allways worked fine, using sound blaster 5.1 digital with alsa on 2.6.18 debian lenny.

With wine-0.9.43 the screen is black for a short time when I switch to a different window or desktop and after going back the sound is gone. I have to restart wow.

Using kde.

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by Ben on Sunday August 12th 2007, 21:57
After installing 9.43 I have lost all ingame sounds, anyone else?

Any idea how to get my sounds running again?

UBUNTU 7.4 WoW with all current updates, if it helps, also running Compiz Fusion

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  • RE: Sound by Jan-Hendrik Palic on Monday August 13th 2007, 4:20
Never gets to login
by Martin on Wednesday August 8th 2007, 17:49
Hi all,
First here is my system...

SuSE Enterprise Desktop 10.0
Kernel 2.6.16
1.8Ghz AMD
GEForce4 MX Integrated 128M
Driver 1.0.9631
Wine 0.9.42

I have never played WoW so I have no idea what indications are good or bad.

I was able to install WoW without any problems using wine 0.9.31, however the launcher was never able to update itself, even after enabling all ports. When running wow.exe, I would see the initial startup screen to the point where I could see the first .avi, but I have never been able to login. I updated my nvidia drivers and wine, so now the launcher operates, and updated, perfectly, but I have no visuals when pressing "play". Before doing all of the updates, a "" was never created, yet after the update process one was created. When using the -d3d option my cursor changes to a gauntlet. When using the -opengl the application hangs. I have created a registry key, updated the dlls, and added the various lines in the configuration file. Any and all ideas would be appreciated.


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numpad keybinding issues
by gimp on Friday August 3rd 2007, 20:31
im having this same problem and im a lefty so the keys are necessary for me to play :( i have wow installed through crossover pro. is there a way i can do it through that? or anyone know a link?


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Works Fine .....
by Dusty on Monday July 9th 2007, 6:26
[quote]Wine 0.9.36 was released today (27/Apr/07). Wow is still working fine except for the ongoing problem with it crashing. If I run wine on a Suse 10.2 system (no 3D desktop) in a virtual window the game plays fine until I move the virtual window. Within 30 seconds the whole screen has frozen. Nothing responds to a mouse click, you can't even use CTRL-ALT-F1 to F6 to bring up another login so you can shutdown the system cleanly. You just have hit the reset button. The workaround is "DONT MOVE THE VIRTUAL WINDOW ABOUT". Whether this is a problem when wine is run without a virtual window (ie Wow full screen) I don't know yet. This test was also done on ATI 9550 hardware so whether this problem exists for Nvidia or Intel hardware I don't know. Please let us know if you experience the same thing or something similar. This problem was present in 0.9.35/36. I'm not sure if it was present in 0.9.34. Any feedback appreciated.[/quote]

I am having a similar problem.
Fedora Core 6
P4 HT 3.2GHz 512MB/RAM.
Wine 3.9.39

When using any program in Wine, when I exit a program such as Quicken 2005 or IE6, the ENTIRE system halts. All the way to the mouse.
I have to actually do a hard boot to get going again.
This only happens after I have exited the program I'm running in Wine.
This problem started the same day I install the ATI proprietary drivers for my system. This is the only problem I've ran into so far.
Everything else runs fine.

27/Apr/07 NL

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by Mike on Wednesday July 4th 2007, 16:33
well, i CAN play it in OpenGL mode. but then my mouse doenst work directly and too slow. I always had to play WoW in openGl and after the D3d modus worked perfectly, i am used to it, and OpenGL mode sucks bigtime, cause mousespeed is unplayable, graphics can not be set, not even the sound (ingame).

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  • RE: by David Wagoner on Thursday July 5th 2007, 12:29
Working fine except exiting.
by Kristian Wedmark on Wednesday July 4th 2007, 11:08
The game is running just fine for me. Only thing that doesn't work for me that I have tried (and have been mentioned before) is it isn't possible to change gfx settings ingame and I can't exit the game properly. Seems like the game is exiting since the settings are saved only when game exits normally and all settings is saved when i start the game next time. But it doesn't close properly so I have to kill it.

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WoW with wine 0.9.40
by David Wagoner on Monday July 2nd 2007, 8:50
Overall WoW runs really well under wine but there are a few issues im having that i wanted to list.

- random infrequent crashes on loading new zone. ex: zone into a BG, instance, etc.
- if compiz is running under gnome, both gnome panels appear on top of WoW when its fullscreened.
- in WoW under windows and cedega, you can press the alt key and use an ability on yourself without having to switch your target, this doesnt work in wine yet.

Other than that it works great so if it got a little attention for wine 0.9.41, it'd be fine.

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by Mike on Sunday July 1st 2007, 22:22
oh yeaH! very important. dont forget to restart your X server after changing your Xorg.conf!

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what have u done?
by Mike on Sunday July 1st 2007, 20:02
well i had wine 0.9.39 on my suse, wich were in my repo's.
now i have newer version 0.9.40 or newer, and i have big problem.
i cannot login with my hunter. only with other characters.
when the login is completed and the game map should show up, then it hangs. wine gives me this error constantly:

fixme:d3d:IWineD3DQueryImpl_GetData >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GL_INVALID_OPERATION (0x50 2) from glGetQueryObjectuivARB(GL_QUERY_RESULT_AVAILABLE)

i tried to install 0.9.39 again but it isnt available anymore on suse 10.2 repo's. i also thought it was my nvidia driver, so i switched back to the older one. still no succes. It only works in OpenGL again now, but that sucks, cause the mousespeed isnt accurate and i cant change video/audio settings anymore,like in D3d mode.

could u please fix it soon? or provide the 0.9.39 version back in the suse repo's!

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sudden lockups
by Intangir on Friday June 29th 2007, 1:49
starting today? maybe yesterday i started getting lockups on exit again
i had this problem before but updated to the new nvidia driver and it went away

i havent changed anything in my software config, its been working for a month or two, now suddenly i get lockups on exit again

i think a hotfix broke wow for wine

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Wine 0.9.39
by David Wagoner on Thursday June 21st 2007, 13:26
This version of wine works even better than the last. The only issue i noted is that in some areas, there are some texture issues in d3d mode such as in Zangalmarsh where sometimes the mushrooms arent displayed or parts of armor go missing.

I also noted that using the ALT key ingame to cast a spell or ability on yourself in a fullscreen session doesnt work yet.

I tested this under Ubuntu 7.04 using an Nvidia 8600 GTS w/ driver 100.14.09.

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by Mike on Sunday June 17th 2007, 17:02
Hello, i am mike, and i live in the netherlands.
i use a pentium 4 ,2,4ghz intel processor and 1GB of ram. i run Opensuse 10.2 and i just updated to the latest WINE today.

i had some problems with world of warcraft, and copied the WTF folder from WoW from my windows partition, so i could set it up later for OpenGL in Linux.

But after watching TV i forgot and i started up in Direct X mode.
But everything worked even better than in windows. The mouse problem in the game is also gone! perfect!last week everything was still stuttering and unplayable in Direct X mode. I even have 10 frames per second more in the game running under WINE then under windows now!

So i just want to shout out a BIG Thank YOU to the WINE HQ Team!
keep up the good work!

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works great in general
by David Wagoner on Wednesday June 13th 2007, 10:24
So wine 0.9.38 works great for me in general, only has a few minor issues.

I currently run WoW in opengl mode, when viewing textures far way, the shading looks off a little bit.

My mouse cursor seems to lag a little

if i use cedega, i can press the alt key and then it will let me cast a spell on myself. this doesnt work in wine.

sometimes the sound gets choppy, i am using the alsa output.

any possible fixes for these?

My system is a Nvidia Geforce 8600 GTS, AMD x2 3800+, 1.5GB ram system running Ubuntu 7.04.

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Works wonderfully
by Stephanie "Pike" on Friday June 8th 2007, 10:26
I've been playing WoW: Burning Crusade on Kubuntu 6.06 (Dapper) for over a month now and I'm super impressed, the game works near flawlessly. Framerate is great, gameplay is smooth, sound (ALSA) is perfect. The only issues I've noticed are lockups when trying to change video options and occasionally some patch downloading problems... but these can be worked around. I'm overall very impressed with how well this game works with Wine. Props to Blizzard and the Wine people!

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by Anisa Khan on Sunday June 3rd 2007, 10:51
0.9.38 +Slack 11.0
What a pleasure! I could traverse my KDE desktops by "pushing my mouse cursor against the screen edges all the way through. I could use a terminal interface (Konsole) over the playing screen with no disruption.

I would have rated it Platinum, if it wasn't for the double mouse pointer in -d3d.

Overall, this is one happy girl.

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failure to launch
by chuck simmons on Saturday June 2nd 2007, 23:49
Installed ubuntu feisty fawn today. Downloaded Wine using synoptics. Had problems with the black screen of death. That went away when I was playing around with turning on desktop background effects which installed the nVidia driver.

Got Wow copied to the disk. Started it up with wine. Got the patches downloaded. Got through the login screen; selected my character and entered the world. Bug: both the Unix cursor and the WoW mailed glove display side by side; the Unix cursor shouldn't be present.

The timing bar at the bottom of the screen goes to 100% and then things get bad. First time, wine output told me to use sound emulation instead of hardware, but also looked like a couple of threads were deadlocking (thread x blocked by thread y, retry in 60 seconds), and eventually WoW crashed.

I used Winecfg to change the sound settings to emulation. Second time wine complained of sound buffer underruns. Various clicks emitted from the speakers. I used control-c to kill wine.

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Landscape don't fade in when it gets in range
by Boojah on Friday June 1st 2007, 18:32
I've successfully installed wow, and everything is working in both opengl and 3d3. The only problem i have is how the landscape (horizon, mountains, oceans etc) get in range when im running in opengl. In 3d3 it fades in normally, but in opengl the texture pops up in a very ugly way. I was hoping anyone could shed some light on this, as i've found nothing about it.

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WoW 2.1.0?
by Tim Ryan on Wednesday May 30th 2007, 14:47
When is the new version going to have it's own page? This one is getting quite full.

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Sigh... Network Problems Now
by Jay Bloodworth on Wednesday May 30th 2007, 8:18
I had believed that I had traced my WoW problems to a heat issue, after having played for 2.5 hours Monday morning with the case open and no issues. However, after installing an extra fan to cool the GPU, I am seeing network problems. Many times I get stuck in the login process; other times I get in but have horrible latency - the game seems to manage just a second or two of communication with the server every thirty or so (if that). The entire network subsystem seems affected, not just WoW; An open ssh session from another PC on my LAN is showing 10-15 sec latency as well. On top of all that, I'm seeing frame rate and sound stutters and the soft lock on logout again. To install the fan, I had to remove a modem and move the wireless card to a new slot. I have removed the fan and moved the wifi card back with no improvement. I guess I'll try to reinstall the modem which will put the PC back in the last state that worked - I guess its absence might be affecting how the PCI bus allocates resources.

I know that many of my symptoms suggest hardware failure, but the network thing is so different from what I've seen before that it makes me question that. I think my plan now is to wait for FC7 and/or a new version of wine and see if that helps. Not that I would turn down suggestions in the meantime.


PS - Two quick, relatively more straightforward questions:

1) Does the it matter which Windows version wine emulates?

2) Are any native win32 dlls needed? I have a bunch in my drive_c/windows/system32 directory that I think I put there because the install instructions I used a year ago said I needed them.

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WoW 2.1.0 and crashing
by VoxMagis on Tuesday May 29th 2007, 13:36
Interesting - I was receiving this crashing and lockup in KDE, switched over to Gnome, and it stopped completely. I don't mean to imply in any way it's a KDE problem, but thought someone would find the information useful at least.

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by Darien on Thursday May 24th 2007, 6:44
I've also been getting some tearing in the terrain that wasn't happening before.

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  • RE: by Chip on Friday May 25th 2007, 0:57
BC Issues
by Wesley on Sunday May 20th 2007, 11:58
I was doing a the trial version of the BC, but when once I click on enter world it completely freezes at about 75% and I can't do anything about it. After a ver long time it will give me a error message that says something like referenced memory at 0000x00xx0000x0x00000 could not be read. Also this only happens in OpenGL everthing works fine in D3D but There is that dumb double imposed cursor issue..... OpenGL tends to run better on my machine to.

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WoW can't find 3d acceleration under openGL
by Stephen on Thursday May 17th 2007, 23:53
It actually installed with almost no problems, It even ran, but painfully slowly. I added the option to use opengl instead of direct3d in the WoW config file, but when I do, WoW can't locate my 3d acceleration ("World of Warcraft was unable to start up 3D acceleration"). I am running Wine 0.9.37 on Ubuntu 6.06. My graphics card is an NVidia GeForce 6200. Help?

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Asking for Cd when in Drive
by Wesley on Monday May 14th 2007, 20:20
INstaller starts fine but when I click on the install button it stills asks for Cd 1. Using Suse 10.2 and have added the necessary dlls

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Sound Issues + Crashes
by Jay Bloodworth on Monday May 14th 2007, 17:56
At some point in the last month, my up til now very robust installation of WoW has become very finicky. These are the main symptoms:

1) Occasional jumpiness of the entire app, as if the game were starved for CPU time. This is not just lag (I don't think) or just low frame rate. The sound will stop, the screen will freeze, then a second or two later everything will start back up again, with the game state suitably advanced (my toon and others moved or turned, etc). This happens mostly in cities, but again I've never experienced anything like it before, even in big crowds.

2) Stuttering sound. I've always gotten this a little and have never really experimented with SoundBuffers to fix it, but it has gotten much worse recently. I've tried switching to OSS sound (I usually use ALSA) but it doesn't seem to help.

3) Sometimes the sound poops out completely. This has happened two ways: Outdoors (specifically the Hinterlands) the sound gets stuck in a short loop that plays over and over. In an instance (Sunken Temple), the sound is entirely muted - no music, no effects, nothing. In either case, the game otherwise remain playable, but when I attempt to exit the game and get the 20 second countdown dialog, if I click on the "Exit Immediately" button the game freezes. I've never let the countdown run down on it's own, but if I logout instead I can drop to the character selection screen and exit successfully from there. From the locked up game I can Ctrl-Alt-F1 to a console and kill the game from there.

4) The game just locks up, everything freezes, including the cursor, though the sound keeps playing a short loop. From this type of lockup, I can't hotkey to a console and must reboot manually.

These problems have been very intermittent. 2) is most common, followed by 1) (when in cities). I can play for hours without encountering 3) or 4), but each occurred several times last night in a three hour run of Sunken Temple.

I can't narrow down the time frame these started occurring very precisely, as I been playing very sporadically over the past few weeks and have downloaded a number of Fedora updates to the kernel and to wine in that time.

I know there are a lot of symptoms here with very little diagnostic information, but does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

My current specs:
Athlon x86_64 x2 (dual core)
Nvidia Vcard, driver version 1.0-9755
Linux 2.6.20-1.2948.fc6
Wine wine-core-0.9.36-2.fc6

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Can't find to edit!
by kyle on Friday May 11th 2007, 16:40
Running ubuntu w/ wine version 0.9.36
I got everything to install (both WOW and the BC expansion) and I went to /drive_c/World of Warcraft/WTF to edit the and it wasn't there. the only thing i saw there was

and if i try to run wow right now there is no sound, everything is extremely slow, and the login is upsidedown LOL.

any help would be greatly appreciated! thx!

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Works great! Thanks!
by William Crawford on Thursday May 10th 2007, 7:08
I have been playing WoW on Linux since I started the free trial 2 weeks ago. The only problem I had was switching resolutions.

I have used the bit torrent downloader for the demo (I aborted it, as it was slow, but working.) I have installed from CD. I have used the SpamSentry Add-on.

Everything is working GREAT!

I am very impressed at how well this game works and I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone involved with making it work.

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Nvidia Flickering Bug 0.9.36
by Rick on Tuesday May 8th 2007, 7:36
The nvidia flickering bug that was fixed in 0.9.23 is back. After I add the patch changes from and recompile 0.9.36 everything works fine.

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World of Warcraft Graphics Issues
by Christopher forkner on Sunday April 29th 2007, 14:07
If you are having problems changing the graphical settings in OpenGL, then download this addon for WoW.

It kills certain functions that will allow you to change everything (except resolution, which can be altered in Windows or by editing the file)

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Gold Rating
by Luke Bratch on Thursday April 19th 2007, 3:42
Should this game really be given the Gold Rating that it has on the AppDB front page?

There is a bug that seems to stop a minority of players playing for more than a few minutes, which certainly doesn't class as "Applications that work flawlessly".

The bug is, and is listed as a bug on this page.

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OpenGL crash
by Cynyr on Wednesday April 18th 2007, 19:06
I'm running wine 0.9.35, logging in and the character selection screen just fine, when i select a character the loading bar moves about 75% of the way across, and then the game crashes with a read error(see below). i have tried versions .30-.35 with no success at all. I have applied the reg tweak on wowwiki and done the 'set ffxglow "0"' in my, also i have tried combinations of chmod a+w, a+rwx, a+rw, to no success. I have a nvidia T400 in my system at the moment, as my 6600GT no longer works. I have the newest drivers that support that card installed and i have no problems with native OpenGL games at all.

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Sound stutters in 0.9.35 w/ Burning Crusade
by Chris on Wednesday April 18th 2007, 7:23
Hello.. I just installed The Burning Crusade, and I've noticed that my sound seems to stutter quite alot. I've tried ajusting the SoundBufferSize to everything from 50 to 350 w/ no success. Any ideas?

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new wine version problem
by thomas bryan on Tuesday April 17th 2007, 14:39
i've been running wow under wine in opengl mode for the last several versions with no problems except a few minor issues like intermittent stuttering sound and a few exit problems however with the latest version on start-up i find the screen starts kind of windowed and slides around when the mouse reaches the edge of the screen also when i try to exit the game freezes and i'm forced to exit by killing the processes and even after this the screen continues to slide.
this occurs in both ubuntu 6.10 and the latest 7.04 release

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exiting takes a while
by Joel on Tuesday April 17th 2007, 2:41
after choosing "Exit game" it takes a very long time before everything really exits and the resolution is restored to the one used on desktop.

anyone else has this problem ? and parhaps a solutoin ?

thank you

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by Luka G. on Sunday April 15th 2007, 23:45
I've installed wine via source the usual way. As I said I'm using the same wine version on my other PC, this one has an nVidia Card inside, maybe this is an problem?

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  • RE: by Luka G. on Sunday April 15th 2007, 23:48
Unable to Install
by Lyle on Sunday April 8th 2007, 2:40
I downloaded the burning crusade client (slim version), but whenever I try install with installer.exe, the program seems to lock up when I click the big Install button.

The only response wine seems to give is this:

fixme:richedit:RichEditANSIWndProc WM_SETFONT: stub

Any ideas?

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camera shift
by Kevin on Wednesday April 4th 2007, 15:24
In any version higher version than wine 0.9.27, I get a weird problem with clicking inside the world, The camera will shift to looking straight up from underneath my character, and I cannot move the camera from this position. Now this happens 9/10 time of loading the game, so that 1/10 I don't get this problem and everything runs smooth.

Is there a way I can watch whats going on when this occurs?

or some solution for this problem?

computer: D470V
vendor: Clevo
cpu: [Intel Pentium 4] 2.80ghz
video: RV350 [ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 M10]
*driver: fglrx_pci ati-drivers (version 8.33.6-r1)
distro: Gentoo
kernel: vanilla-sources
Sound: AC'97 Sound Controller

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Hangs inside building in 0.33
by Mike Charlton on Thursday March 29th 2007, 19:11
I'm running on an older AMD (can't remember off hand what it is), GeForce 5200, 512 megs memory. With 0.31 everything worked flawlessly. With 0.33 I'm getting hanging inside buildings. Strangely enough it is in specific points inside buildings (i.e., I can reliably hang every time I walk over that spot). Walking on other spots in the building doesn't hang. I can unhang things by quickly switching consoles (i.e. to a non-X console on Linux) and back.

Very strange. I'd be happy to provide better details if anyone can tell me what would be interesting to see...

BTW, 0.33 gives me considerably better frame rates in many situations, so something is improving :-)

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No more Warcraft cinematic?
by Chris Rankin on Thursday March 29th 2007, 16:38
Has anyone else noticed that the WoW cinematic doesn't play from the login screen anymore? I hear the sound, but the movie is just a blank white patch.

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WoW crashes after a few seconds
by Björn Golda on Thursday March 29th 2007, 3:09
Hey guys,

I hope you can help me to finally get WoW to work. Everytime I start the game, it loads a few NPCs but when it comes to loading Player characters (mine as well as others) the game crashes the whole system. I've started WoW in OpenGL Mode, added the registry key proposed here: but it did not make any difference.

I'm using Wine 0.9.31 (but tried 0.9.33 too) on Debian. The graphic card is a Ati X1600.

I'd be happy about any information/tips you can provide, thanks :)

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SuSE 10.2 - Patching error
by Ford on Saturday March 17th 2007, 21:04

Had some big problems with the Blizzard Updater. It just said "waiting for files to close" after the downloader had finished.

Read on a number of forums where the remedy should be to change the winecfg to NT4.0 when running the updater. Well this did not work for me. What DID work was to sit back and wait (making sure that the "finished" button was pressed on the downloader). I just alt-tab'ed out and browsed for a minute or two and then the program shuts down. After that the updater could do its work. =)

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Intel 950 report
by Mike Charlton on Wednesday March 14th 2007, 18:51
Since I didn't see anyone post any details with an Intel 950 (945 GM chipset), I thought I would.


Toshiba Setellite A-100 T8
Intel Core Duo 2400 1.83 Ghz
1200x800 resolution
1 Gig ram

Wine version 0.9.32

Everything works as expected. D3D plays almost perfectly (some objects have visual glitches when turning). OpenGL works as reported by others (white mini-map when in a building, corrupted icons -- potions and stuff).

Framerate: 6.9 fps in Darnassus. In both modes :-) So not quite playable yet.

Normally in Windows I turn the multisampling down to 16 bits and get about 20-30 fps. I tried that in D3D mode and it didn't seem to make much of a difference.

Also, I tried the registry hack and it actually slowed me down about 1 fps. No changes to the config file seemed to change the framerate.

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Mouse lag
by K3nt on Monday March 12th 2007, 20:18
When i run WoW with wine, it appears to be giving me only two problems. I have severe mouse lag (#1 problem), and it refuses to run while beryl is active (i only get a black screen). Another very minor issue is that i am unable to get it to run in wndowed mode. Either windowed mode or beryl-compatibility would be nice. If anybody can help, please do.


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I can't click on anything inside the game world
by Viktor Balogh on Saturday March 10th 2007, 13:53
I have wine-0.9.32

The speed is fine, I haven't experienced crashes or corruption yet. But I can't click on a single thing in the game world, like NPCs, or mailboxes, but I can click on everything in the interface.

I don't see any suspicious messages in the console... maybe the
'preloader: Warning: failed to reserve range 00000000-60000000' message has something to do with it. (I get that message with the latest wine, and not only when I start wow, even if I try to run simple applications, like regedit, or winecfg)

If you need some more information just tell me how to get it, cause I'm kinda new to linux :)

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tearing w/ lcd screen
by brett taylor on Saturday March 10th 2007, 13:14
i'm running wow on gentoo amd64/wine 0.9.29, and everything works great, but I am getting a lot of tearing because WoW cannot limit my fps to 60 even with vsync enabled.

Does anyone know of a way to limit the fps to remove this tearing? (wow will properly limit the fps to 60 in windows with vsync enabled which cures the problem)

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Minimap still broken
by Chris on Friday March 9th 2007, 12:20
3rd post, no replies, first post 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Minimap problems persist when going inside buildings, crashes WoW

X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
Major opcode of failed request: 145 (GLX)
Minor opcode of failed request: 5 (X_GLXMakeCurrent)
Serial number of failed request: 517
Current serial number in output stream: 517

I'd love to use the so called "linux minimap addon" but it seems they stopped maintaining it when this problem was "fixed", so it no longer works in 2.x

Per earlier post, turning off double buffering makes screen jerky and game unplayable when entering a building.

Direct3d turns World of Warcraft into a living picaso painting. Example -

Using wine 0.9.32 with latest NVidia drivers, 3ghz p4, 1GB memory.

Any responses would be appreciated.

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Error: Install a 3D accelerator card with dual-TMU support
by Dnor on Thursday March 8th 2007, 17:25
I've run WoW many times in the past using wine on Fedora Core 6. I get my graphics driver from livna as well as wine. On to my problem...

I haven't played since the day of the 2.0.10 patch. Honestly, I'm not sure if there was an nvidia-kmod update since then or not. Anyway, now I go to log in and it gives me the error that I don't have a supported graphics card. Specifically, install a "3D accelerator card with dual-TMU support".

Anybody have any ideas?

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by Frozen-Solid on Tuesday March 6th 2007, 14:25
That doesn't help me because I don't keep WoW on my linux box in the same place I do on my windows box, and the install was originally done by just copying the windows files to my linux box.

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Works awesome for me
by Andrew on Thursday March 1st 2007, 12:58
Latest binary, Ubuntu 6.10

Athlon MP 2x2GHz
1024mb RAM
nVidia 6800XT

40-60fps outdoors, 60-70fps indoors, playing at 1280x1024 with max draw distance and max camera distance, all detail levels lowest.

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WoW Mapviewer/Model Viewer
by Bryan Haskins on Wednesday February 28th 2007, 20:06
I thought everyone might like to know that WoW model/map viewer DO in fact work well with wine. Here's the catch. The program is designed for a windows system, the programs use OpenGL rendering, so they assume you have all default opengl extensions enabled, hint hint, you have to alow the generally disabled and buggy extension. This means the performance of mapviewer and model viewer also is less than it would be without this extension enabled. But if you are so inclined you can manually switch it on and off in the wine registry as needed.

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Strange problems using 9xxx drivers with wow
by W. Gantert on Tuesday February 27th 2007, 12:24
Never had any problems with wine+wow (well any problems except some everyone had), but with release of nvidias 9xxx-Series I started having some of my own.
Using Release 8776 WoW works like a charm. using any 9xxx-Release (and I tested everyone) lets my framerate drop to below 1 fps, except when looking on the floor, where it remans a steady 60 fps.
Anybody else noticed/solved/circumvented this problem? Not sure if it's a driverbug or a winebug, for glxgears has no drop in fps. Hell, I'm not sure if it is even a bug :)

Kernel: 2.6.20 (but persists since 2.6.16)
Distri: Gentoo
Graphics: Geforce 6600GT
Wine: 0.9.24? - 0.9.31

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Disabling double buffereing causes flickering
by Chris on Saturday February 24th 2007, 20:47
Hello all,

Nobody ever got back to me about my last question so let me condense it and reapply:

Disabling double buffering makes the screen flicker. Enabling it causes minimap error.

Any fixes?

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2.0.10 patch issues [with probable fix]
by James Twyford on Friday February 23rd 2007, 23:55
The 2.0.10 patch currently breaks the UI acceleration Blizzard gave us in 2.0.5, breaking all of the hotbutton/inventory icons. What's working for me right now is running the commands:

/console SET UIFaster "2"
/console reloadui

From the 2.0.5 Patch notes:
- Created an option to disable UI Acceleration for users of select video cards experiencing graphical corruption of the User Interface. To use this option, enter the following line to the file, located in the WTF subfolder of the game:

Set UIFaster “x”

Where x equals:
0 – This turns off all UI acceleration
1 – For Internal Use Only - DO NOT USE!
2 – Enables partial UI acceleration only.
3 – Enables all UI acceleration.

Set UIFaster “2”

Note: For users experiencing graphical corruption of the User Interface, it is recommended to try option 2 in order to correct the problem. If this does not solve the issue, then use option 0 to disable all UI Acceleration.
"2" works for me, it may be necessary to drop to "0". I still dunno what changed graphically 2.0.8 and 2.0.10 (that was a 1.3MB patch...) but something's broken.

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A New Wiki for WoW with Wine
by Bryan Haskins on Friday February 23rd 2007, 15:24
I've realized that the tools here are pretty confining for passing along information about playing Wow with Wine, so what I've done is start a new wiki. It's only a 'WetPaint' Wiki as I have no other place to host a 'Classic' wiki.

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Beating the dead horse of minimap problem...
by Chris on Tuesday February 20th 2007, 20:34
Hello all...

Probibly getting tired of hearing this from everybody, but I'm having minimap woes also...

Fedora Core 6
1GB ram
AGP video card, NVidia chipset, 512mb on card
3GB Pentium 4 Prescott processor
Newest nvidia drivers installed
Wine 0.9.30 installed

Okay, 98% of the game works fine.. graphics options, etc.. great. Setting the distance detail anywhere beyond the bare minimum suddenly makes the framerate -choke-, but I guess I can live w/ the minimum. However, like others, entering a building causes the minimap to freak out and crash WoW.

I've read elsewhere that disabling double buffering fixes the problem, and that's my method for getting out of indoors if I "screw up" and end up inside. However, it's of note that if I turn off dub. buffering, the screen is extremely jittery, to the point of not playable pretty much.. only turn it off long enough to get out of building, then turn it back on and restart WoW.

I pulled down my version of Wine from the Fedora repos, and I'd kind of like to keep it that way. I guess what I'm saying is, there's supposidly some type of patch I've heard about that involved installing from source, and I could probibly go that route, but there's no guarentee it will work for me, and then I wouldn't be able to easilly update wine via yum.. don't wanna make things worse than it already is.

I've also done the registry hack to increase framerate.. honestly didn't really notice a big improvement. So, question is, what's the easiest way to make the minimap work indoors (or at the very least make it so I don't have to collapse it before I head inside)? Sorry to beat a dead horse but, there it is. :)

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WOW freezes every 6 seconds...
by Axel ISOUARD on Sunday February 18th 2007, 2:16
My screen freeze every 6 seconds for a little time, I installed wine again and the problem was solved but it comes back when I reboot my computer..

How can I solve it please ?


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OpenGL Mouse Movement Issue
by Aaron on Sunday February 18th 2007, 1:49
Okay, I've been searching everywhere for this issue, being related to just WoW under Wine as well as an OpenGL issue with Wine, but I can't find anything about it (So I hope it's not just me).

At first I thought the system would hang, it appeared as if everything had frozen, but I could SSH into the system and see that nothing was really going on, upon killing WoW.exe the system returns to normal.

When running WoW in a window instead of full screen as long as I don't move the mouse over the WoW window nothing "Hangs" but nothing responds unless I move the mouse around, even WoW responds when the mouse is moving, as long as I move the mouse around (not in the WoW window) everything moves around just fine, I can even log into WoW and play it (Without a mouse the "Playing" is really not very good).

Exiting WoW the system returns to being its responsive self without having to move the mouse around.

My only clues are that there's some sort of event that Wine's waiting for based on mouse movement that is somehow intertwined with it's drawing of OpenGL frames.

Anybody else have this happen?

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#D Accelerator Not Supported
by Nick Miller on Friday February 16th 2007, 19:49
Hey sorry if this has been asked before but whenever I start WoW, it starts to load then says my 3D Accelerator is not supported by WoW. Does that mean I have to get a newer card, or is there a driver I can download somewhere?

Btw, I use Fedora Core 5 with Wine 0.9.30(and yes, I did follow the instructions for Fedora Core 5 above...)

Thanks in advance.

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by P on Thursday February 15th 2007, 10:35
I have a x800 XT PE 256MB so no integrated, don't know about that but could work aswell =)

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FPS boost?
by P on Wednesday February 14th 2007, 16:14
Might not work for everyone but..

did you know wine only use 64MB VideoRAM by default?
I sure didn't

was messing around with Vanguard trying to get it to work, when I saw this regedit fix that the guy fixing with Vanguard used.

| +->VideoMemorySize
| [Sets the amount of emulated video memory. Default is 64 (that results in 64MB),
| in the future some automatic ways to obtain the real value should be added.]

Well I was intriged by this, and tried it with WoW instead, and woho it works, in some places you wont see any diffirence but in some big open areas I went from 20-30 FPS to a steady 50-60 FPS

Might just have been me being lucky but try it out, might work for you aswell :)
btw running on ATi with wine 0.9.30 and "normal" regedit fix for WoW.

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by Kyle W. Cartmell on Tuesday February 13th 2007, 14:11
I'm seeing some interesting texture issues, only while I'm inside a cave or a building.

I'm still tinkering with my configuration and researching this issue, but it seems different enough from what others have reported previously that I feel justified in asking for a hint if anyone has anything to offer. :)

- Kyle

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Installing WoW
by Keri on Tuesday February 13th 2007, 3:54
I am new to wine and was wondering if I could get a step-by-step (in dummy terms) on how to install WoW using my Ubuntu 6.10 OS.

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DisabledExtensions trick not applied
by Murasame on Tuesday February 6th 2007, 10:59
Just to tell you my experience with WoW on linux using wine.
Some time ago I've upgraded my old GeForce 4 Ti4200 128 Mb with a new GeForce 7600 GS 256 Mb, before doing this I've used to do the DisabledExtensions trick to boost my fps but after the change and the last patch before the 2.0.x series, it's dropped below unacceptable levels (about 5-7 fps).

I've tried downgrading wine and the driver versions without any luck.

My last chance before giving up was to remove the DisabledExtensions key and everything returned as normal exept for the WoW engine that seems to me heavier that before 2.0.x series.

Anyone have done this ?

My actual config is this:

Athlon XP 3200 (K7)
NForce2 motherboard
1Gb of DDR400 ram
NVidia GeForce 7600GS AGP with 256 Mb
NVidia drivers v. 1.0-9746
Wine 0.9.30
Gentoo Linux with 2.6.19-r2 kernel

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by Morgan Watkins on Thursday February 1st 2007, 10:22
It has been logged. The quick work-around is to widen the field that holds the key folders until the horizontal scroll bar disappears. At that point you can rename the key.

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  • RE: by Nick Law on Thursday February 1st 2007, 19:07
    • RE: by Morgan Watkins on Friday February 2nd 2007, 10:07
white cinematic
by Nathan on Saturday January 27th 2007, 9:34
Hey folks,

Anyone know what to check when the cinematic is white? I can the sound works, just can't see anything besides white. I'm having other problems and think it may be related.

One of my other problems, btw, is that I can't load the game. I can select my character, it goes to the loading screen, then right before the progress bar gets to 100% the game crashes.


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Strange FPS drop concerning fog
by Florian on Monday January 22nd 2007, 15:07
WoW/BC all in all runs fine on my system with one exception. If I walk from undercity towards brill the fps drops from ~35 to ~15 when brill comes into view. With BC I stareted a bloodelf and the same drop appears all over the bloodelf territory when buildings come into view, but are still covered by fog (this is as far as I can pin the problem done).

Today I did some quests within Deatholme which is all over covered by fog... and the FPS dropped as soon as I could look through the gate on some of the buildings within.

I then tried to change the camera angle to not look onto a building and the FPS got up.

I tried to change resolution and details, but it didn't help. Everything is working fine except this little but annoying detail.

My System is an ASUS A7Jc Notebook:
- ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256MB
- Ubuntu Edgy
- Wine .29 (source is pointing to winhq, so it is the recent build)
- playing in opengl
- I added the following lines to the xorg.conf to get WoW to work
Option "Capabilities" "0x00000800"
Option "UseFastTLS" "off"
Option "KernelModuleParm" "locked-userpages=0"
- Registry Key is set (unplayable without it ;) )

I would greatly appreciate any hint. Thanks in advance.

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Hardware Cursor
by Aaron Ross on Sunday January 21st 2007, 18:37
I'm using the newest patch of Wine with Ubuntu and a Nvidia 5200, but how can I get the hardware cursor option enabled? Everytime I change the graphics options in the game, it crashes.

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Split Into with choppy Sound
by Aziz Mandar on Sunday January 21st 2007, 10:44
Wine 2.29 on SUSE 10.1 older nVidia card (5600 I think)

OpenGL runs great but can't change any vidio settings or it crashed
D3D has horible framerate and tends to crash after I login
With OSS off the intro movie seems fine (but no sound)
With OSS on the intro movie only shows the right half and is very choppy

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UI lag
by Chris S. on Wednesday January 17th 2007, 18:58
I am running suse 10.2 with wine 0.9.29 with an nVidia 7900 GT. Since wine version 0.9.28 I have been getting crazy ui lag...sometimes up to 3 seconds before I can click on icons. I never got it with 0.9.27....any ideas why? For now I will stick with 0.9.27 until I can get this resolved. Thanks!

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  • RE: UI lag by Chris S. on Wednesday January 17th 2007, 18:59
Works fine here! (on OpenGL)
by Radoslaw Andruszkiewicz on Wednesday January 17th 2007, 18:43
SUSE 10.2, Wine 0.9.29, WoW 2.0.5 (without BC), Nvidia Geforce 6200, Nvidia driver 1.0-9746

OpenGL: no glitches, no missing text, after adding DisabledExtensions key FPS improves; only thing not working is video preferences (clicking 'Okay' crashes the game, no matter if anything has been changed or not)

D3D: Log-in screen has no background (black), only buttons and text boxes; after logging in, the background is still black; have not tried entering the actual game (presumably no graphics too); double cursor

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TBC Installation
by AlanJ on Monday January 15th 2007, 12:18
Installation for TBC works exactly the same as per normal WoW (ie you can either feed CDs one at a time or copy all the files to a directory and run the install program). One thing I found which may or may not be linux specific is a problem with the update program.

Copy all the different versions of bnupdate.exe somewhere safe. I say this because after installing TBC it has to re-patch to 2.0.3, 2.0.4 and 2.0.5. For the first two it wouldn't start because it was waiting for the files to close, stopping the process and copying one of the bnupdate.exe files over the one in the directory and updating manually (wine bnupdate) worked but firing up wow and letting it do it automatically failed everytime.

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Wine WOW Patch for 0.9.29 Avible? oO
by Christian Stake on Saturday January 13th 2007, 7:19
Hi @ all!

Is the Wine Patch for OpenFL Maintained anymore? Because i have installed Wine 0.9.29 fromn the Ubuntu Repo from WineHQ..... The Game runs fine with the OpenGL Mode.... But the Framrates are between "Hell and Erath".... Inside Bulidings i got 40FPS..... Outside i got between 9 and 15 FPS....

And somebody told me i have to patch my Ubuntu Dapper Drake System with a Special Patch for Wine.... But i found only an old version for Wine 0.9.15?

Could somebodyx help me? THX!!

My System:

3.0 GHZ Pentium 4 with HT
KUbuntu 6.06.1
1.5 GB RAM
Newest Packages installed

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RE: Patch 2.04 wont install
by Chris Humber on Friday January 12th 2007, 20:03 the above, im using wine 0.9.29.
I managed to get it to install the patch by rolling back to 0.9.25.

From the above, it looks like mshtml is culprit.

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WoW 2.0.4
by Jesse on Friday January 12th 2007, 17:34
Frugalware 0.6pre2 with Wine 0.9.29, newest nvidia drivers. Icons show up as blank/mixed up. Worked perfectly with WoW 2.0.1. Any help would be appreciated.

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well now here is hwo it has to be...
by asheron on Tuesday January 9th 2007, 22:41
Well sir it appears to me that u have a verison card right below me, and i have been hitting the rocks as of lately too. It seem as if we need to upgrade cards and quit beig cheap, because with the new nvidia install for my comp, my GPU card has become an install as a legacy driver. =( SO i guess i am gonna have to skip BC for a month to get a new card....

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2.0 broke Wine
by Travis Luckenbaugh on Tuesday January 9th 2007, 19:24
Pentium 2.4 GHz
GeForce 4 MX 420
512 MB RAM

Prior to 2.0 patch, WoW ran comparable to Windows on 0.9.26. Now 0.9.26 crashes less than 30 seconds after login using -d3d. 0.9.26 (opengl) and 0.9.28 (both) crash on entry with varying degrees of grace.

Crashing behavior:
- Both opengl: Error #132 and standard (proper) exit.
- 0.9.26 d3d: Freezes, have to use terminal to kill.
- 0.9.28 d3d: Same, also leaves resolution messed up.

Why does Ubuntu have a Platinum rating?

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Solution: System hangs after entering world
by Florian on Monday January 8th 2007, 2:01
My last problem with wow was a system hang every time I entered the world. I was just about to give up hope, but at last I found a solution:

The following lines added to the xorg.conf in the device section of my ATI Card did the trick for me

Option "Capabilities" "0x00000800"
Option "UseFastTLS" "off"
Option "KernelModuleParm" "locked-userpages=0"

I don't know what these lines do, but it works! And don't forget the registry entry mentioned in nearly all howtos...

BTW: I'm using an ATI Mobility X1600

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RE: No Joy on FC6
by Jay Bloodworth on Sunday January 7th 2007, 14:56
Never mind. I had neglected to install the 32 bit nvidia drivers. Doh! Thanks anyway. It's nice to have WoW working with stock wine.

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Runs great but no sound.
by Mike Wagner on Saturday January 6th 2007, 21:30
I'm running Wine 9.28 under Edgy Eft, OpenGL mode with pixel shaders disabled. WoW is running great. I did a Blackfathom Depths run with no problems, flew around to various locations, and only encountered a flash of green geometry in a lit zone in Undercity. Very impressive work folks :)

I'm having a bitch of a time with sound though :(

I've got an Intel HDA sound chip onboard and it works great on the desktop but no luck with wine/Wow. Didn't matter what config I chose I get the following error when trying to access the audio tab in winecfg.

ALSA lib seq_hw.c:457:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory
fixme:jack:JACK_drvLoad error loading the jack library, please install this library to use jack

I purged and re-installed ALSA, and installed a pile of jack apps just to see if that would get the right one installed but no go.

So I disabled the onboard sound and went with a SB Live. It also works great at the desktop, but not in WoW.

I've tried various combinations in wineconfig (ALSA, OSS, driver emulation on/off) and trying to tweak the Googled for 2 1/2 days and found lots of references to it for other deb based systems but nothing I found did the job.

Maybe I missed something obvious. Any pointers?

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Crazy Camera Issue with latest WoW patch (2.0.1)
by Britt Torrance on Saturday January 6th 2007, 20:34
I just installed World of Warcraft under Wine 0.9.28 in Ubuntu 6.10.

Everything seemed to be going fine until I applied the latest patch (2.0.1), at which I have encountered a massive graphical error.

Like most users, I have to disable PixelShaders in winecfg to keep the program from freezing my desktop. With this disabled, I can at least enter World of Warcraft main menu. However, performance is very poor and the camera seems to be pointing at a very strange angle! For instance, on the main login screen all I can see is the top right portion of the Dark Gate. In the character section I am actually looking up my undead warlock's robes, which is a tad bit uncomfortable.

I have integrated intel graphics (855GM) on a toshiba laptop. If you need any extra information about my system I would be glad to provide it. Thanks!

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Got a
by Hickin on Wednesday January 3rd 2007, 8:54
Hi, Ive got something a bit odd going on with my WoW.

I got this:

Ive got newest of wine (0.9.28) and Nvidia's newest driver (1.0-9746)

My computer is an AMD Athlon XP 3000+, Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT and Im running Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy)

If it is to any help the output from the console while play seems something like this:

fixme:d3d:state_pointsprite >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 502 from glTexEnvf(GL_POINT_SPRITE, GL_COORD_REPLACE, FALSE) @ state.c / 1059


fixme:dsound:DSOUND_MixOne problem with underrun detection (mixlen=10428 < primary_done=14524)

All the time these too keeps appearing in the console...

What to do? Thanks in advance :)

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  • RE: Got a by Miltiad on Wednesday January 3rd 2007, 9:28
WoW hangs at Success! ?
by Shep on Saturday December 30th 2006, 8:41
I'm using Gentoo x86
Kernel 2.6.18
Nvidia drivers version

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Gentoo ~x86 wine 0.9.28 wow 2.0.x
by Alistair on Friday December 29th 2006, 4:51
Gentoo -> beyond 2.6.18-r3
wine -> 0.9.28
ATI fglrx -> 08.32.3

WHO!! who whoooo fixed the minimap!!!

YAY!!! (hugs/cheers/kisses, heck, I'll buy a round at the bar!!)

FYI -- the speed increase seen by the registry DisabledExtensions setting has come back after being missing for me from 0.9.24 series -- and the horrid crashes I had in 0.9.27 are (apparently) gone -- although I'll know better saturday morning after a run through Uldaman.

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misdirected keyboard after upgrade to 2.0.1 : fedora 4 / 0.9.27
by Dave on Thursday December 28th 2006, 11:46
Installed 0.11, worked great in opengl. upgraded to 0.12 then 2.0. game loads to login screen, but keyboard input goes to original window instead of game screen. I'm new at this, anyone have a suggestion?

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RE: 0.9.28 crashes pretty hard
by asheron on Wednesday December 27th 2006, 12:44
where do u get this error bc i get the exact same thing. I get it when the loading screen appears to get in game. I have had this prob since .27, but i have also been using -d3d to run the game pretty damn good, heh my charac and the environment gets semi transparent some times, but other than that i can and have been doing mara, ST, and ZF. Heh at least i can play the game ya know? ^.^

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RE: 0.9.28 crashes pretty hard
by Jeff Grant on Wednesday December 27th 2006, 9:34
Switched back to a patched 0.9.20, and it works 100%. There's something in 0.9.28 that makes my graphics perform horribly. Indoors, no problems - but as soon as I step outside, the framerate drops to about 1-10.

Just a quick FYI.


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0.9.28 still works fine
by Josh Young on Tuesday December 26th 2006, 19:10
I haven't noticed any problems with upgrading from 0.9.25,26,27,or 28. Just wanted to list that here so people can see that. It could be related to something else. cough...ATI drivers

I use nVidia 7600GS and I never have problems in Linux with games in wine or native unless it was related to core system issues, but never related to the drivers I was using for my video card.

Only issue I have so far that I'm sure is listed somewhere, is the sound glitches. That I have noticed is only happening because the CPU is maxing out and cutting out the sound. Usually when background programs run.

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RE: OpenGL Problem
by Ghotcom on Sunday December 24th 2006, 11:29

I have been getting the same error in wine-0.9.28 with WoW-2.0.1. Whenever I change the resolution in game, the game crashes, and when I change it in, the game will start, but will crash on some actions.

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by asheron on Saturday December 23rd 2006, 15:54
I recommend to anyone who has been having problems with OpenGL to try out -d3d, becuase honestly its working pretty good for me. i Posted some of the issues i was haveing with .27 on the previous .12 patch area, but ya i gave been playing with d3d, and its gettin better i gotta say.

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  • RE: D3D by Miltiad on Wednesday December 27th 2006, 7:58

by GGoossen on Friday December 22nd 2006, 11:39
OpenGL (nVidia OpenGL drivers):
0.9.25-0.9.27: login and character selection oke, but crashes at the end of the loading screen.
0.9.22: works (7-10 fps)
I'm doing a git bisect to find out what broke it.

0.9.26: works (15-20 fps)
0.9.27: works, but strange graphics (as described in a previous comment)

the framerates are much lower then on windows (i still need to measure the framerate on windows).

occasional sound buffer underrun.

Switching console and back (CTRL+ALT+FX) leaves me with a black screen.

Original resolution not restored after closing wow.

GeForce4 MX 440
AMD Sempron 1.7GHz

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  • OpenGL fix by GGoossen on Saturday December 23rd 2006, 7:37
Driver Issue, Possibly
by Chris Bergeron on Friday December 22nd 2006, 11:26
For reference, this is what happened prior to the current ATI driver release (as of 12/21/06). With the latest driver, D3D will load and, on an underperforming card, be incredibly slow. OpenGL won't work, it gives a game generated error to the affect of "no 3D system found".

Don't know if that helps. It might be an issue with ATI's driver, as an identical system with a nVidia card/drivers works flawlessly in OpenGL, somewhat slower in D3D in my case.

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RE: OpenGL Problem
by AlanJ on Friday December 22nd 2006, 3:25
What NVIDIA drivers do you use? A 132 normally means there was a read/write violation with your memory, if you have memtest86 installed try giving it an hour running that to see if it shows up any memory errors, if it does then you may have a dodgy memory chip. If the memory is ok then it could be a problem with the graphics card or the graphics drivers.

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0.9.27 no worky
by Ian on Monday December 18th 2006, 12:56
I installed wine 0.9.27 from the package manager and did minimal configuration... DisabledExtensions key and changed the operating environment to XP...

if I try D3D I get crazy textures... everything is transparent and I see the sky/sea background through everythin.

if I try opengl it crashes after character selection during the loading screen (at about 75% or so)

any help?

running P4 2.6 on a toshiba craptop with a nvidia 440 go GPU

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by Peter Garbaek on Monday December 18th 2006, 3:30
Yeah this is working fine for me now, had to switch to opengl... wow proberly changed my settings from opengl to directx after the 1.2 > 2.0 update.. now its working perfectly!

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WoW doesn't even run
by captain skyhawk on Saturday December 16th 2006, 19:42
Ever since I moved up to Ubuntu 6.10, WoW won't even start up...

anybody else having this problem? I've tried reinstalling my video drivers (I think), and reinstalling wine, to no avail. At first, WoW would crash and show the crash reporting app (the one that sends info to Blizzard) -- now, I just click on it to run it with wine, i get about 5 seconds of disk activity, and then... nothing.

I've got a ATI x700, but I used to have it working with a 9200se with openGL.

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