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Name Visual C++
Developer Microsoft 
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Microsofts well known, C++ integrated development environment (IDE)

VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
1.5First version released on CD-ROM. Version includes MFC 2.5 including OLE 2.0 and ODBC support.Garbage0.9.49.10
2.2Subscription release. Includes Windows NT 3.51 upgrade, Win32s 1.25a, MFC bugfixes, Visual C++ 2.2 and 1.52b.Bronze1.3.3010
4.0Released around 1995. (Was bundled with Version 1.5 of Gold0.9.38.10
5.0Released in 1997Bronze1.1.510
6.0Microsoft's classic win9X-era version of Visual C++.Gold1.7.3864
8.0 (2005)Visual Studio 8 command line C++ compiler and linker.Gold1.1.3531

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