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Name Battlefield 2142
Developer DICE 
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Battlefield 2142 is a first-person shooter (FPS) video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and published by Electronic Arts.

Battlefield 2142 is the fourth game in the Battlefield series. The game is set in the 22nd century, during a new ice age which sees two military superpowers – the European Union (EU) and Pan Asian Coalition (PAC) – battle for the remaining land.

The game was designed primarily for multiplayer gameplay and allows for a maximum of 64 players on a server or a maximum of 16 players in single player mode against bots on Conquest mode.

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VersionDescriptionRatingWine versionTest resultsComments
1.00Version 1.00 released by EA, on October 20th, 2006, as a retail DVD.Silver1.8-rc110
1.5Version 1.50 released by EA, on May 30th, 2008, as two separate patches.Silver1.3.111722
1.51Version 1.51 released by EA, on Feb 19th, 2011, as an incremental patch.Gold1.7.5510
Demo 1.00Version 1.00 released by EA, on October 6th, 2006, as an executable file.Silver1.8-rc150

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