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RE: More Tips for IL2
by Andreas Zitzelsberger on Sunday February 22nd 2009, 8:40
I've tested the crashes pretty extensively, and found that when perfect terrain is disabled the crashes are a direct function of the object texture settings and the number of *different* objects.
On my 9800GT/512MB i can easily fly through a swarm of 60 B17 in 2048x1152, high-res textures, contrails and everything. However, the game will crash with these settings if I join the AAA server which usually has close to 50 players. Yet I haven't experienced a single crash with texture details set to low .

I've also found that the problem does't get worse over time: Occassionally, I played for ~15 hours nonstop without issues, while constantly ALT-Tabbing to to other things.

IMHO the crashes are caused by the proprietary GPU drivers, not by Wine or IL2. There are similar issues with Compiz / KWin, for instance the infamous black window bug.