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RE: Game crashes everytime loading the battle
by Jordan on Sunday June 1st 2008, 21:14
I reinstalled the game, still had no problems with installation, but I now have the same problem with the battles. So I'd have to revise to bronze, really.

The primary issue seems to be dealing with video cards. I'm using a Geforce 7150 with the drivers enabled through ubuntu.

My graphic config in Wine: Allow DirectX. and Allow Window manger control, Allow Pixel shader with Hardware Vertex shader support, and 96 dpi screen resolution.

Bear with me please, as I now have to go through another computer for internet access.
RE: Game crashes everytime loading the battle
by Pat on Thursday January 1st 2009, 11:30
You can fix this error, by changing video option in the Rome - Total War menu. select lower video options, and go through the advanced menu and choose lower options there as well. If you set it low enough, you will get by this error, haven't played with the best balance that will still let me use the battle screen. Also you can choose 16 bit or 32 bit mode, my guess is that 32 bit would actually be better as X can't switch between modes, so you are running in 32 bit probably anyways.

I was using an Nvidia 8300, and wine 1.01.