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RE: Station Launcher Isn't Loging Me In
by Someone on Saturday December 27th 2008, 3:45
Hi Marc,

my Station Launcher is broken for me too (Wine 1.1.10/xubuntu 8.10/amd64x2; it sorta works, but the windows keep disappearing etc.) so I use the Station LaunchPad (which came with the original game btw) for starting SWG instead, you can download a version of the LaunchPad here:

start it with following switches:

wine "C:\Program Files\Sony\Station\Launchpad\LaunchPad.exe" /game:starwars /env:ukmain /lang:en_US

it should then ask for the location of the game (if you let it point to a wrong or empty folder it will re-download the game, you can fix the path later by renaming the folder so he asks again or by modifing the path in the registry) and work as intended (even although you might not see the web-page based parts, but you don't need them to start the game anyway).

I hope this helps.

May the force (finally) be with you,

PS: by the way... the pasting of the clipboard content is broken in my swg, does anyone else got this problem?