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RE: Diablo 1 HD mod
by ext on Sunday December 13th 2015, 7:14
remove override for openal and replace wrap_oal.dll witn soft_oal.dll (Win32 one) from openal soft
RE: Diablo 1 HD mod
by Joël on Monday December 21st 2015, 4:09
Your method works, thank you.
I'm just adding details for anyone who'd have any trouble applying your method.

i downloaded the OpenAL 1.1 from (Windows zip Installer) and installed it (i don't know if that step is necessary).
i downloaded the "Win32 and Win64 binaries" from "" (
in that zip i copied the file "/openal-soft-1.17.1-bin/bin/Win32/soft_oal.dll" into the game directory and i renamed it as "wrap_oal.dll".
i removed any dll overrides in winecfg for Belzebub.exe
Now sound and music works flawlessly :D

(i tried the 64 bits dll too, it doesn't work)
RE: Diablo 1 HD mod
by Nick Stefanov on Saturday June 30th 2018, 15:27
Thank you, ext, Joël! It works great!!!
RE: Diablo 1 HD mod
by Matt Bovett on Saturday April 13th 2019, 13:23
Just wanted to say this step *IS* necessary

- downloaded the OpenAL 1.1 from (Windows zip Installer) and installed it (i don't know if that step is necessary).

Until I did this, I didn't have sound in Diablo mod Tchernobog on Mac. Using 4.3 engine.
RE: Diablo 1 HD mod
by Malik on Tuesday January 14th 2020, 12:50
At first the game didn't launch at all. Once I went through all these steps it works perfectly in all regards except for the sounds. The music plays well, the opening intro plays well with sound. But when I try to talk to people, the dialogues are simply unclickable. When I enter the church, I click on the dying man and he just dies without saying anything. Then I try to pick up gold and I finally realise there's no SFX. I dunno what I did wrong. I have no DLL overrides in my wine cfg. I installed and copied all the files that were described in the thread. Help please!
RE: Diablo 1 HD mod
by Steve on Tuesday January 14th 2020, 17:49
I was trying to reinstall Diablo with the belzebub mod using CrossOver since my Wine install stopped working once I upgraded to Catalina.
And I found out that CrossOver 1.19 is able to run win32 apps on Catalina which no longer supports 32-bit apps.
After installing from CD (by mounting the Diablo.iso file) and copying the DIABDAT.MPQ file from the .iso mounted image, and then copying the Belzebub resources from the archive, the game didn't get passed the initial video cut scene due to some "Create Video Stream Sound OpenA Error".

And this post helped me figure it out, so thank you ext!

I didn't have to install OpenAL as suggested by others, all I had to do was to replace the existing wrap_oal.dll with soft_oal.dll found inside the Windows Installer (path: openal-soft-1.20.0-bin/bin/Win32) from and it worked like a charm!

Then copying my save files from the Wine install and bingo Diablo on Mac foreger!
At least until Wine supports win-32 bit apps on Catalina, I will have to pay for CrossOver.