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RE: EQ2 with Shaders 3.0 should work with Wine 1.1.43
by Colin Wetherbee on Thursday July 8th 2010, 3:18
Henri Verbeet was kind enough to supply a one-line patch on bug #23417 today, and after I applied it and compiled, I could run EQ2 against the latest git.

With settings cranked high, I'm getting upwards of 35 frames per second in some graphics-heavy areas. 65 fps is no problem in Freeport (I get 45-50 in FP on 1.1.18). It seems we've missed out on quite a few graphics improvements since Wine 1.1.18. ;)

When this patch is merged to trunk and we get another development release, I intend to re-install EQ2 with the Station Launcher in a brand new WINEPREFIX and post my test results without modifying the registry or changing anything else. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but we may finally have a platinum candidate.

Right now, since I have modified my registry, I would rate this "gold".