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RE: EQ2 with Shaders 3.0 should work with Wine 1.1.43
by Benj on Tuesday July 13th 2010, 11:26
Sony has announced that many Shader 3.0 patches have been uploaded to the test server. I have followed up on this with the following tests. I am not submitting a test report because I used the test server.

Wine 1.2-rc7, Shader 1.0, Balanced Setting
I received about 20-25 fps with occasional shader errors, such as the sky being black.

Wine 1.2-rc7, Shader 3.0, Balanced Setting
I received about 30-35 fps with every texture rendered incorrectly. Everything except the black sky was rendered as a pale blue. I'll see if this bug is in Windows, or if the new patches broke compatibility.