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TYT UV800E User Program Software17842HAM-Radio software that can Read/Edit/Write memory over TYT "2303 Prolific Technology, Inc. PL2303 Serial" usb cable.
Farming Simulator 1717841
Drive on Moscow: War in the Snow17840Turn based Wargame focused on mulplay games.
3D Cube Hopper178393D Cube Hopper is a modern arcade recreation of the original Qbert. Play in 20 various levels with cool music to play to the beat to!
Thirty Flights of Loving17838"Explore the world of Thirty Flights of Loving through a first-person short story. In this sequel to Gravity Bone, take a deep dive with high-flying schemers, lovelorn criminals, and more stray kittens than you can shake a stick at. Saddle up, gunslinger. Featuring an original soundtrack by Chris Remo." -description from Steam page (
ChurchBoard17837A program to view the Bible, Psalms, slides, illustrations, presentations, schedules, announcements, etc. using a projector / monitor with a variety of features and settings.
SQL Server Compact17836Microsoft SQL Server Compact, short: "SQL CE" - relational database by microsoft
GIANTS Editor17835Mod creation tool for Farming Simulator
Worms W.M.D17834Worms W.M.D is an artillery strategy game in the Worms series that features gameplay style similar to Worms Armageddon while adding new features like usable vehicles and buildings.
WinContig17833WinContig is an easy-to-use stand-alone defragmentation tool that
Sid Meier's Civilization VI17832Sid Meier's Civilization VI or Civilization VI is a 4X video game in the Civilization series. 
Rogue Operatives17831
Redfox Anydvd17830AnyDVD is a "driver" that runs in the background on windows systems to defeat copy protection on DVDs. Then, standard backup programs can copy commercial DVD's while AnyDVD runs silently in the background providing a transparent layer between the ripping program and the protected DVD.
Vectric Aspire178292D, 3D vector software. Outputs for example Gcode to use with plasma cutter, laser cutter, plotter or other CNC.
Cyberpunk Bartender Action VA-11 HALL-A17828A cyberpunk fantasy game in which you play as a bartender. Mix drinks, safe lives!
iStripper17827Strippers dancing on your desktop
Sequator17826Sequator is a free software which can track stars on multiple pictures, align them, and stack the pictures.
iSpy17822Open source surveillance software
Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China17821Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China takes place in China, 1526, as the Ming dynasty starts to crumble. You embody Shao Jun, the last remaining Assassin of the Chinese Brotherhood, returning to her homeland with a vendetta. Newly trained by the legendary Ezio Auditore, she is hell-bent on exacting vengeance and restoring her fallen Brotherhood.
Volocity17820It's advertised as "High performance 3D imaging software." It is used to control Microscopes.
Krosmaga17819A free to play online card game set in the wonderful world DOFUS and Wakfu.  Players can build and customize decks for each gods.  It's a fun and free game !
Droid4X17818Droid4X is an android emulator for Windows
Riders Of Icarus17817Riders Of Icarus is like a typical MMORPG, but with one new feature... you can train and ride almost every creature in the game.  Ride birds, horses, elk, unicorns, panthers, spiders, and of course.... dragons!  Complete quests solo, with a friend or with a group of friends.
Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location17816Welcome to Circus Baby's Pizza World, where family fun and interactivity
Tales of Symphonia17815From Steam store webpage :
Brainyoo17814The web site advertise says "Brainyoo is a free of charge learning software compatible for PC,
Rage of Mages II17813Sequel to the RPG game Rage of Mages produced by russian team Nival. Top-down view of the battlefield with pseudo-3D terrain and more heroes to control at the same time. No leveling system here, heroes gain general experience and gets better in what they use automatically.
Life is Feudal: Forest Village17812Medieval city builder, like Banished. (DirectX 11)
Cool Edit 200017811This is an obsolete but still very effective sound editor, somewhat similar to its sibling Cool Edit Pro, and not as comprehensive as its offspring Adobe Audition.  The developer was bought out by Adobe so there has been no development whatsoever on this program since.  But if you, like myself, bought it way back when, and still have all your downloads and serial numbers, and found that it won't run on newer versions of Windows, and would like to continue to use it--well, it works.  Its interface is as intuitive as an audio editor can get, and it has the most sophisticated click-and-pop eliminator I've ever seen.  It's pretty resource-intensive, but it will run on a Pentium 4 with 256MB RAM--it just takes a long time.  IIRC about 3 hours to remove the scratches on a 20-minute album side.  Of course it's much faster on a modern machine, 3-5 minutes.
Caravan17810Caravan is a Trading Sim / RPG set in the Arabic legends of the South Arabic peninsula. The game is a mixture of exploration adventure, trading sim and rpg rounded with a combat system with elements of rock. paper, scissors and a dice game.
cycleops poweragent17809A programme to allow PC's and Laptops to communicate with cycle computers
Battlezone 98 Redux17808A mixture of RTS and first person tank combat. This is a remaster of a game that lets you command the battlefield from the actual battlefield.
Frontline tactics17807Tactical TBS in modern-war style setting
Principia17805Principia is a physics sandbox game developed by Bithack. There are three modes in Principia; Adventure, Puzzle and Sandbox. In Adventure mode you play as a Robot and can collect resources using the Zapper tool, move around objects using a Gravity Gun like Builder tool, and can compress new equipment and weapons with the Compressor tool. You can craft things with your resources and build a house, car or even a mech. In Puzzle mode you solve various puzzles involving getting one or more robot to their destination. In Sandbox mode you can build anything you like with infinite resources.
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures: Das Hunde-Komplott17803In this game you take part of Gromit the dog and have to rescue some other dogs from the villain Muzzle.
Aladdin Knowledge Systems HASP17802The HASP USB Dongle is used in a variety of applications for "protecting" Software from "unauthorized use". 
Dragon's Dogma Online17801Dragon's Dogma Online. Play with friends, play solo, or play using the pawn system.
Aimp 417799Multi-format Playback:
Foundations of Music Application17797Companion program for quizzing oneself on the material of the book, Foundations of Music - Enhanced Seventh Edition (ISBN/978-1-285-44616-5)
(T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 117796The game to the cinema movie from 2004 by Michael Bully Herbig.
Euphoria - Clock Up Game17795Adult game from Clockup with a lot of bizarre things, including rape, gore, scat and stuff like that.
Crypt of the NecroDancer17794#_hintContainer{position:static}._hintLabel{-webkit-transform:translate(-4px,-4px);position:absolute;z-index:100000;font:bold .8em monospace;color:#000;background-color:#fff;margin:0;padding:0px 1px;border:1px solid #444;opacity:0.7}._hintElem{background-color:#ff0 !important;color:#000 !important}._hintElem._hintFocus{background-color:#8f0 !important}._hintLabel._hintFocus{z-index:100001;opacity:1}
Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist17793A short heist game with a sense of humor.
General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS)17792Platform for the expression of linear and nonlinear models, compilation, and integration with many industry-standard solvers.
Bezier17791An arcade shooter with an unfolding storyline and soundtrack that's integrated with the game's AI, Bezier is designed to look like a simple shooter but also have depth that's slowly revealed as a person plays it.
Heist17790Heist (2001), german title "Raub"
Emergency 201617789Handle emergency units.
FortressCraft Evolved17788Minecraft Clone. Your spaceship wrecked and now you are stranded on an alien planet. (Unity3D engine)
TransOcean: The Shipping Company17787Buy big ships and build your own transport empire. (Unity3D)
Farm Expert 201717786Farm Simulation game (DirectX 11)
Mega Pony17784A game inspired by Mega Man 1 and 2 (and possibly others as well), but designed around My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show. Retains the spirit of Mega Man while integrating many many details from ponies throughout the game.
cTrader17783Application used for trading foreign exchange. It is a Microsoft .NET 4.0 OneClick application.
Duelyst17782The ULTIMATE collectible tactics game. Competitive head-to-head turn-based battles at its best!
Rabi-Ribi17781Rabi-Ribi is a combined bullet-hell and metroidvania game by the Taiwanese developer CreSpirit; it features a non-linear plot, an open world map, and a massive number of artistic contributors to both the visual design and the soundtrack.  It can be bought through Steam.
Amazing Slow Downer17780The Amazing Slow Downer takes your favorite music, and allows you to change the speed, tempo, make loops, save presets, and change EQ. Very useful for practicing musicians trying to learn from a recording.
RightNote17779RighNote is the successor of KeyNote (see Wine database), a superb note-taking program that it's not more maintained by his creator from 2006. It has conserved almost all the features of his predecessor. At the same time, it has developped and it is developping some other ones, among other things, a new modern layout. There are three versions: a Freeware, a Standard and a Professional version. The free of charge version is largely sufficient for a daily and/or intensive use. The other two versions have a period of 30 days trial, and after you can choose to buy the license or to use the freeware version if the program interests you, but you cannot spend money or you don't want to do it.
Axy Snake177773D remake of classic Snake name.
Zoner Callisto17775A vector graphics editor
BandiZip17774Nice application to create archives and unpack many types of file compression.
The Ultimate Doom17772One of the original shooters in the market.
N1MM+17771N1MM+ is the new updated .net implemation of the original N1MM logging software. It is currently the most popular and best ham radio contest logging software available.
Zenith17770A classic ARPG game with humor like Bards Tale.
PDT PLAME17769PDT PLAME (Planilla Mensual de Pagos en español) is used by employers in Peru to submit tax data to SUNAT, the tax authority in Peru.
VEGA Сonflict17768Vega Conflict is a online real-time strategy game in the space
Sex Anime Online17767Sword art online themed hentai game.
Creativerse17766scifi themed open world sandbox block building game
Dragon Dice17765A computer game based on the Dragon Dice board game.
Toneprint Editor17764Allows users to edit and create new tones for TonePrint enable hardware from TC Electronic.
Everspace17763Everspace is a fast-paced rogue-like space shooter.
Wondershare Filmora17761Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is a basic video editing application
The Fifth Element17760The Fifth Element is a game based on the film of the same name. 
Skout17759A sci-fi first person shooter developed and released in Germany (15 february 2000). More at
Insanity Clicker17758a clicker game on steam
Project Highrise17757Project Highrise is a tower building simulation game for the modern day.
Octodad Dadliest Catch17756Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a game about destruction, deception,
fragMOTION17755fragMOTION is a 3D modeler used for the creation and animation of characters.
Cressi PC Interface17754PC interface for Cressi scuba dive computers
Harem Party17753The protagonist of our story, Moriuji Haru, is just about to complete an - Website Live Chat Client17752Freemium Website Live Chat service. Create account, add the javascript to your site, then you can chat with website visitors either through the site or using this application. I leave it running 24/7 so that I can respond to chats quickly.
Kaseya Live Connect17751Kaseya Live Connect allows you to manage servers and workstations using the Kaseya VSA managed services product.  With Kaseya Live Connect, you can review hardware and software details of a machine, run scripted agent procedures, initiate file transfers, and initiate a remote control console with Kaseya Remote Control.
Boku no Mesu Hisho wa Doukyuusei1775018+ visual novel.
Space Rangers: Quest17749Your the best space ranger around, your newest mission is to infiltrate the enemy's newest weapon: a virtual reality, save your comrades and stop the enemy
Labography17748A graphics editor serving your creativity
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide17747First person melee L4D-like set in Warhammer fantasy universe battling against Skaven
Zombie Solitaire17746Zombie Solitaire works perfect, beside the fact, it'll crash when you try to ALT+TAB.
GENIE Programming Editor17745GENIE Programming
Youtubers Life17744Youtubers Life is the ultimate life simulation/tycoon videogame in which you can become the world’s greatest video blogger in history. Broadcast yourself, edit and publish videos, expand the amount of fans and turn yourself into a wealthy fellow!
Earthquake 3D17743Earthquake 3D is a freeware interactive earthquake browser that is able to use a variety of sources, including the USGS, EMSC, and BGS.
Cemu17742Nintendo Wii U emulator
Unreal Tournament 201417741The new Unreal Tournament in Unreal Engine 4.
Paragon17740Free-to-play MOBA.
RapidTyping17739RapidTyping is designed to teach adults and kids to use their
Dead by Daylight17738Four-player cooperative survival horror with a fifth player being the killer
Bosch PlenaMatrix PC GUI17737
DryLab 201217736A simple wine wrapped version of the 2010 DryLab software produced by the Molnar Institute. This application was created for educational use in university undergraduate courses.
Charge Master17735
dot2 onPC17734Software Version for the MA dot2 Series. You can use it to prepare for your next show, use it as a backup or run in standalone-mode with external hardware connected over ethernet.
Artifact Adventure17733The ultimate mix of classic aesthetics and modern open world RPG!Welcome to a truly open world RPG. Travel the world in the way you want, taking on the challenges you deem worthy of your time. Travel by blimp, artifact or by foot, and discover a vast world rich with characters, civilizations, monsters and adventure. Take on quests the way you want to. Every quest has multiple ways to complete it, and the choices you make always have repercussions. Will you save the girl about to be sacrificed to the village fire god, or will you let her burn because it's not worth your time? No matter what decision you make, there are always consequences. Your adventure begins with 1 of 3 choices that drastically change the flow of the entire game:
iSkySoft Video Editor17731Create a perfectly timed movie with smooth transitions, professional effects, text effects and background music. Import/export to various different formats such as AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, MKV, MTS, TS, etc
Noble Works17729Noble ☆ Works is visual novel from Yuzusoft.
Master of Orion (2016)17727Astonishing space game, challenging sci-fi strategy game. Choose a race and conquer the galaxy.
GZDoom Builder17725It's forked from DoomBuilder 2 with the additions of GZDoom OpenGL rendering support. So it can show dynamic lights and 3D models.
mc808 editor17724I wanted to install this editor to can handle my samples in the hardware sequencer which should be connected after succeeded installation via usb.
CTS T4 Desktop17723T4 Desktop is a lightweight, high performance Futures trading system intended for professional and retail traders alike. This internet based system can be accessed from anywhere in the world and offers access to multiple exchanges.
N++17722Sequel to N and N+, ninja platformer series with focus on momentum
BassBox 6 Pro17720BassBox Pro™ is a state-of-the-art speaker enclosure design program. It is used around the world by professional and amateur speaker system designers to design worldclass speaker boxes. BassBox Pro is very versatile and can be used to design speakers for a wide variety of applications including home hi-fi, home theater, car, truck, van, pro sound reinforcement, recording studio monitors, stage monitors, PA, musical instruments, etc.
Serum VSTi17718
Contrast177173rd person adventure game using character shadow as gameplay element
Hassleblad FlexColor 4.0.317716FlexColor is used to capture and process 3F files from a Hasselblad camera or Imacon scanner, and produce professional color-corrected images.
Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space17715You are John T. Longy, a night-watchman at JUPITER, a secret base, set in an old, partially abandoned research facility in a remote countryside location. JUPITER is the main laboratory of the OLYMPUS GROUP.
xenia17713The first real Xbox 360 emulator :), which is also open-source but use several Windows components, like the Windows 8.1 API, and open standards like the OpenGL 4.5 which is gradually replaced by the Vulkan API.
Archibald's Adventures17711A paranoid computer issued a lock down on a mad scientist's mansion
Cluster Truck17710Clustertruck is an upcoming independent platform video game in development by Landfall Games and to be published by tinyBuild Games. The game is set to release for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and PlayStation 4 in the third quarter of 2016
Freebie17709A tiny casual game where you launch balls against a paddle.
Nox APP Player17708
Movavi Video Editor17707A powerful yet easy-to-use video editor.
GiliSoft Video Editor17706Cut, join, add effects, sounds and more in this very basic and easy video editor.
Tharsis17705Turn-based strategy game using dices
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster17704HD Remastering of Final Fantasy X and X-2 (Steam version).
Hitman17703Hitman is an episodic action-adventure stealth video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is the sixth entry in the Hitman series. While the game's prologue acts as a prequel to the series, the main game takes place 7 years after the events of Hitman: Absolution.
Neon Chrome17702Neon Chrome is a ruthless twin-stick top-down shooter with procedurally generated levels and destructible environment. 
Hot Soup Processor17701HSP is a beginner friendly programming language / IDE. It is used to teach programming in Japanese schools, and because it is freeware, it was a popular programming language for doujin soft in the late 1990s.
Eroge! ~H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai~17700The player takes the role of Mochizuki Tomoya, a guy that lives on his
Freemake Video Converter17699Convert Video format to many formats.
Yogda17697Yogda AVM2 Workbench lets you inspect and modify the compiled
Eldritch17694Eldritch is a first-person roguelike inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft. Explore randomly generated dungeons, collect items, and kill strange creatures on your quest for freedom.
postimage17693Quickly take screenshots and upload them to
Take No Prisoners17690Take No Prisoners is a top-down 3D shooter that takes place in a
Guts 'n' Garters in DNA Danger17689The world is in danger again as general Wort has some evil plans with
Niko: Through the Dream17686Niko: Through the Dream is a stylish puzzle adventure by the indie developer Studio Paint.
No Man's Sky17685Action-adventure game set in a procedurally generated universe of 18 quintillion planets.
Swiss manager17684The program Swiss-Manager is an administration and pairing program for chess tournaments (round robin, team-round robin, swiss-system, team swiss-system tournaments).
Pokemon Uranium17683Pokémon Uranium is a free fangame made in RPGmaker XP. The game is complete, with the latest build being Version 1.0, released on August 6, 2016. The game takes place in the Tandor region, where the player must collect 8 Gym Badges in order to compete in the Tandor Regional Championship. Along the way, the player must fill up their Pokedex with more than 150 different species of Pokémon.
Age of Conquest IV17682Age of Conquest is a Risk-like turn-based grand strategy wargame.
WinAuth17681WinAuth is a portable, open-source Authenticator for Windows that provides counter or time-based RFC 6238 authenticators and common implementations, such as the Google Authenticator. WinAuth can be used with many Bitcoin trading websites as well as games, supporting (World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo), Guild Wars 2, Glyph (Rift and ArcheAge), WildStar, RuneScape, SWTOR and Steam.
Another Metroid 2 Remake (AM2R)17680An unofficial full-color remake of the original Metroid II: Return of Samus for Nintendo Game Boy.
PreForm17679Software for slicing 3D models for printing on the Form1 or Form2 printer.
The Town of Light17678The Town of Light is the first person psychological adventure.
Minimum17677A retro, third-person arena shooter with simple graphics and a unique crafting system
Operation Flashpoint: Red River17676Stand together with the US Marines in Operation Flashpoint: Red River, the ultimate tactical infantry shooter.
Project CARS - Game of the Year Edition17675"Project CARS" is a Racing Simulator.
Ghost of a Tale17674A mouse ministrel called Tilo must escape the prison of Dwindling Heights to go on an exciting adventure.
Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo - A Kiss for the Petals17673This is the first game in SonoHana yuri visual novel series.
Case: Animatronics17672In Case: Animatronics, you play as detective Bishop, as things go wrong in the police station you are working at, as you are hunted down by killer animatronics. Use your wits, stealth, and security monitor to make it out alive.
Pokemon Zeta Omicron17671Pokemon Zeta Omicron is a fan-made game created by thesuzerain using RPG Maker XP of Pokemon Essentials.
Tales from the Void17669Mission Briefing:
Civil War II17668AGEOD's Civil War magnum opus, covering the whole of the American conflict from start to finish in obsessive detail.
Super Toy Cars17667Super Toy Cars is a tabletop arcade combat racing game featuring fast and cool looking cars, impressive tracks made of everyday objects and a bunch of power-ups that will let you destroy your opposition.
Serious Sam Double D17666Once again, Sam ‘Serious’ Stone must use the Time-Lock to travel through time and destroy the enemies of humanity’s past, in order to save its future. But since his last outing, 2 important new relics have been discovered: the Gunstacker and the Jump Pad. 
Dynamic Auto Painter Pro17665Turns digital photographs into paintings using styles of famous painters.
Battle Fantasia Revised Edition17664Fantasy-themed 1-on-1 fighting game from Arc System Works, with 2D fighting mechanics and 3D graphics.
Analyst417663Cochran Analyst4 is a scuba diving utility application designed to work with Cochran dive computers. Use it to download dive logs and profiles from Cochran dive computers, to upload new settings, to plan dives, and many other functions.
Devilian17662A combat-focused good vs. evil Action MMORPG, originally released December 10, 2015.
Prelude to Darkness17661A role-playing game with sinister atmosphere and open world in which the player controls a party of characters solving quests and fighting enemies in turn-based combat system.
Skyhill17660You're trapped in your cozy Penthouse on the 100th Floor when a bio-weapon goes off, you need to make it to the ground floor without dying, can you make it?
Sid Meier's Ace Patrol Pacific Skies17659Battle to Rule the Pacific Skies!
Sid Meier's Ace Patrol17658Battle to Rule the Skies!
I Am Setsuna17657I am Setsuna introduces the authentic JRPG style of yesteryear to PlayStation®4 and Steam! Journey with Setsuna as she prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice and save the people of her land. A powerfully nostalgic experience, blending a classic style of story-telling, battle system and gameplay.
System Shock: Enhanced Edition17655The original System Shock with additional functionality such as mouselook and bugfixes.
ModalTrader17654Brazilian Modalmais Homebroker
Yet Another Zombie Defence17653small and pretty tower defence game with lots of zombie
Warface17652WarFace - Free to Play First-Person-Shooter
Confinet™ Client17650The Confinet™ Client allows a user to create, manage, protect, and share information on a confidential network.
Inside17649Atmospheric action/adventure game.
Dreambreak17648You are Eugene an you work in a bar in an alternative USSR and have been framed for murder.
Pillars of Eternity17647Pillars of Eternity is a role-playing video game. It's like Baldurs Gate or Icewind Dale but with better graphics.
Audio Overload17646Audio Overload is an application designed to play music files for old video game consoles such as the Gameboy line, Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, NES, SNES, etc.
XSOFT CODESYS17645PLC Programming to international Standards
Visustin17644Flowchart generator
Marauder17643Marauder, is a squad based and tactical 3D game with RPG elements.
7.62 Hard life176427,62 Hard Life is a fan made enhanced version of the original tactical sim 7,62 High Calibre.
Runestone Keeper17641Runestone Keeper is a roguelike dungeon crawler that blends classic RPG elements and turn based strategy.
Devils & Demons17640Turn based combat with rpg elements.
Qvadriga17639Qvadriga is a tactical game of chariot racing in ancient Roman circuses, where you take control of a four horse chariot team.
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows17638Tower defense game with Rpg elements.
Jagged alliance: Crossfire17634Jagged Alliance: Crossfire is a stand-alone expansion to the hit tactical RPG – Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
BRELS MIDI Editor17633BRELS MIDI Editor is a free, open-source (licensed under the GNU GPL) MIDI editor able to create and edit MIDI files with a simple, straightforward interface. The saved files have the smallest size possible. Their entire content is editable onscreen and the exact composition length is shown and controllable by the program. Yet, preexistent files can be cleaned and filtered, removing garbage and embedded malformations made by other tools.
Fallout Shelter17631An Windows port of mobile game.
Eador. Imperium17629Eador. Imperium is a standalone expansion for Eador series, with new heroes, new units and new gameplay mechanics.
nimbus notes17628A web note program like evernote.
Furi17627Top down nothing-but-bosses action game.
DesignDoll17626DesignDoll allows you to create a virtual sketch doll with any pose you need, and more. Launcher17625Application to run various Bethesda software, like the Fallout 4 Construction Kit and PC/Windows version of Fallout Shelter.
Necropolis: A Diabolical Dungeon Delve17623Introducing NECROPOLIS: an addictive blend of third-person action and procedural dungeon-delving. Oh, and perma-death. Adventure alone or with up to 3 friends in a magical deathtrap that reconstructs itself each time you play. Will you find the exit, or die trying?
SEGA NET Mahjong MJ17622SEGA's Riichi (Japanese) Mahjong client derived from their arcade cabinets.
Hard Reset Redux17621First Person Shooter in Cyberpunk setting.
Upwards, Lonely Robot17620In
Cities XXL17619CitiesXXL lets you design and build a sprawling metropolis across many different landscapes and maps, with varying available resources – from oil to fertile farm land – to keep the denizens of your city content. Featuring four classes of citizens spanning four densities of housing, you’ll watch as your cosmopolitan paradise grows from a quiet suburban town to huge economic powerhouse.
Sherlock Holmes VII Crimes and Punishments17618Sherlock holmes is an adventure, puzzle solving, third person action, sort of sandbox game. It's none linear so depending on how you solve the cases the ending is different.
Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2-17616The sequel to Aselia the Eternal and comes with a similar premise - a young man from earth is flung into another world and left to figure out what to do from there.
SwannView Link17615PC Client for remote monitoringDVR SwannView Link
The Flame in the Flood17614This game is about a girl and her pet trying to survive after after a big flood destroyed big parts of the country. You need to balance hunger, thirst & health while travelling down the river.
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