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Septerra Core574You are Maya, a junk scavenger, surviving on refuse dumped from above. Yours is a world of layers, in which continents orbit at different elevations around the planet. Those at the top, the Chosen, consume massive amounts of energy and dump their waste down to the layers below. Now they have begun a descent to the Core, a living computer, in their search for the Gift of the Creator, fabled to bestow great power. At first you stand in the way of the Chosen, fighting to slow their march to the Core, and protect your homeland. But it is you who will ultimately discover Septerra's true nature, as you journey out of the familiar surroundings of your home country, and come face to face with the Legacy.
Campaign Cartographer575Vector based map making software for roleplaying games.
Cool Edit576A flagship of shareware sound editors;
FIFA 975771996 association football video game by Electronic Arts, part of the FIFA series.
Anachronox5783D Roleplaying game
Jazz Jackrabbit580The excellent Jump & Run Game Jazz Jackrabbit works completely on Wine, except the first part. Some guys say its abandonware/freeware now, some don't.
Red Baron 3D581Red Baron 3D flight simulation game
Sim Tower582Sim Tower is a high-rise simulator from the people who made Sim City.
Worms 2585Worms 2 is a turn based strategy game that uses cute little worms that try to destroy each other with bombs, grenades, machine guns, etc.
Baan Client586The client needed to connect to the Baan IV through Infor ERP LN 6 erp system
Kingpin: Life of Crime588A brutal first person shooter.
The Dig590"The Dig" is a graphical adventure game.
Cabri Geometre II592Interactive geometry didactic instrument for Interqq
Learn Japanese Now595Language Tutor CD-ROM
Roger Wilco596Roger Wilco allows gamers a chance to communicate with each other during game play - it enhances the experience of team based games. I tested the installation and found a small problem with submission of my personal data.
The Incredible Machine598A Puzzle - Discovery game suitable for children over 6 years
Personal Ancestral File (PAF)600Personal Ancestral File (PAF), is a good, free program for entering and manipulating genealogy data.
Lotus Domino Administrator601This is a client for configuration of Domino servers.
Fallout Tactics602Description from
LimeWire603Java app for Gnutella file sharing. Can be run under Linux, but should be testing on wine anyhow.
The Last Express608This is an interesting adventure
The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery609The second game in Jane Jensen's legendary Gabriel Knight adventure game series. Released in 1995, the game extensively utilized the then-popular FMV style of storytelling. Considered to be one of the best, if not the best FMV games ever, and a worthy sequel to the acclaimed first game in the series, "Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers".
FilZip610An archiving program.
Total Commander614Total Commander is a two-pane file manager with a tabbed interface, featuring integrated archivers (ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, TAR, GZ and many
Trophy Bass618Fishing simulation.
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