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The Bard's Tale2773Bard's tale is a re-making of the classic game. Although only a few key elements of the story remain. It has wonderfully sarcastic humour and is probably the first roleplaying game to have karioki build in! It also features a storyteller that loathes the main character and is continually verbally assaulting the Bard.
ProntoEdit2768ProntoEdit is for programming the remote control like RU890.
Wildlife Park2754A Good WildLife Park Manager Sim
Colin McRae Rally 042751A Great Rally sim
OpenGL Extensions Viewer2742OpenGL Extensions Viewer ( glview.exe ) is a handy utility for testing OpenGL compatibility of widows and wine.
Rocket Mania Deluxe2729A puzzle and strategy game where the goal is to connect burning matches to rockets and align the fuses to get as many rockets to light with one match. Highly addicting and a great timewaster.
Synthfont2728This is a softsynth that plays midi files, written in Delphi. This program is quite like Timidity, except it's newer, and it handles VST and VSTi effects - something that is VERY hard (imho) to fix in Linux. And as a great plus, it doesn't require Soundblaster.
Grandia II2724cool RPG
M.A.X. 22715Sequel to MAX. Roundbased 2D Strategy game.
Catan: Die Erste Insel2711This is the pc adaption of a famous german game.
CCleaner2709CCleaner is a simple utility borne of the need to excise cruft from Windows installs.
Crusader Kings27014X strategy game set in Medieval Europe. Control a dynasty, gaining titles, piety, and prestige in your quest for power and glory. Uses the Europa Universalis engine.
WDGPS2700Free software for handheld GPS receivers and multi formats
The Settlers III2699A strategy game with some elements of a city building/god sim.
HijackThis2696HijackThis is a popular, freeware, lightweight and widely-recommended spyware, virus and browser hijack / BHO (Browser Helper Object) toolbar removal tool for Internet Explorer / Windows ilk. Installed programs can be added to an ignore list and then anything new (and possibly unwanted) can be easily removed. Windows users need a tool like this because they tend to use file sharing tools to download and run unsigned applications, such as screensavers and chat buddy icons.
X: Beyond the Frontier2692X: Beyond The Frontier is the first part in the X-Universe series of games developed by Egosoft.
Galactic Civilizations2690Galactic Civilizations is a space based, turn-based strategy game in which you are in
Easy RealMedia producer2687Easy RealMedia Producer is a software to generate RM/RMVB files
Warlords: Battlecry2686It combines RPG elements with RTS. Based on the Warlords series.
FlatOut2685This is a car racing game, with real damage to the car and dummy driver (which will fly out of car in case of harder impact).
Warlords III: Darklords Rising2679A turn-based strategy game.
rFactor2678rFactor, is a racing simulation series from Image
GIMP2674GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a
3D Editor26703D world builder, model and mesh editor for Windows.
Icon Sucker2669Icon Sucker is a utility that allows you to extract, or "suck," icons out of the files on your hard drive. Many different file types on your computer contain one or even many icons that you can use. Icon Sucker makes it easy to open these files and "suck" the icons out of them.
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