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The Political Machine12097An election simulation/strategy game released by Star Dock. 
The Punisher3176The Punisher is a trip into the world of the deadly vigilante, as he
The Reap7297The Reap is a classic arcade shooter in Zaxxon style
The Room17846toy
The Room Two18313Successor of the puzzle game "The Room".
The Saga of Ryzom3349Saga of Ryzom (SoR) is a MMORPG set in a semi-fantasy/technical "living" world.
The Second Guest14952The Second Guest is a spooky crime adventure in a modern 2D-look that is graphically inspired by the works of Tim Burton.
The Settlers - Rise of Cultures8069Real-time strategy game (German title: "Die Siedler - Aufbruch der Kulturen")
The Settlers 711273A strategy game with some elements of a city building/god sim.
The Settlers III2699A strategy game with some elements of a city building/god sim.
The Settlers IV239A strategy game with some elements of a city building/god sim. Slow-paced, but very difficult.
The Silver Lining12072A fan made sequel to the famous King's Quest series by Roberta Williams, created by Phoenix Online Studios
The Simpsons: Hit & Run2462Play as Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, and Apu to save Springfield from giant wasps, surveillance trucks, a new Buzz Cola, and more.
The Sims 39732The Sims 3 is the latest iteration in the series of strategic life simulation video games. It was created and developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts.
The Sims 3 Create A World10933Create A World is a standalone application which allows users to create and develop new or existing communities for their Sims to play in within The Sims 3.
The Sims 416273The fourth entry in "The Sims" series.
The Sinking Island6343"An adventure game by BenoƮt Sokal, the first of three planned games following private investigator Jack Norm. In this title, he is investigating a murder on an island that is slowly sinking into the sea. He must solve the murder, and fast -- because the water is rising, some locations may not be accessible for long, and
The Stanley Parable15586First person exploration game.
The Sting!4853Have a look at "Fortune Hills", the city where Matt Tucker tries to make
The Stomping Land16425The Stomping Land is a Multiplayer Survival game developed by SuperCrit. The Stomping Land pits man against his greatest enemy; the dinosaur. Players take the role of a hunter on Wayneth Island teeming with dinosaurs. Explore and survive or get eaten.
The Suffering8142The Suffering captures the disturbing and terrifying nature of the
The Swapper15624The Swapper is an atmospheric puzzle platformer set in the furthest reaches of space.
The Typing of the Dead: Overkill16651SEGA's The House of the Dead: Overkill has come to PC Enthusiasts in the form of the classic typing tutor: The Typing of the Dead: Overkill. This game contains the same story as Overkill, but provides you with a way to exercise your fingers to improve your WPM.
The Underside9962The Underside is an exploration based action platformer in the vein of games like Castlevania, Metroid, and Cave Story.
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter16372First person adventure game focused on exploration and discovery.
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