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WAtomic18230WAtomic is a Windows clone of the famous KDE program KAtomic.
amulegui18225aMule is an eMule-like client for the eD2k and Kademlia networks, supporting multiple platforms.
Mushroom Wars18214Mushroom Wars is a dynamic real-time strategy game, where smart strategy meets furious action in epic PvP and PvE battles.
Helldivers18198Coop Action game from the Magicka creators
Automobilista18188Automobilista is a racing simulator, developed by the Brazilian Studio "Reiza Games". Is the natural succesor of Stock Car Extreme. You can drive a lot of car models and categories like Formula, GT, Karting, OffRoad... It had modding support with a lot of people working on it.
DiaShow Ultimate 918176Create a video from your photos and videos. Video cutting
WatchMyBattery18170WatchMyBattery iOS app lets users keep track of their iPhone battery charge on the wrist using Apple Watch. 
TIM18167Lightweight QQEffient multi-person online documentFree video/audio communication
HDRPatch218161Ein Programm für Windows und Ubuntu wine
Namco Museum 50th Anniversary18155It's party time! Namco is celebrating 50 years of bringing you the greatest games on the planet by releasing the biggest and best compilation of time-honored, all-star arcade classics for the PC. Namco Museum 50th Anniversary features 16 of the most treasured Namco original games in arcade history wrapped up in a retro-cool menu interface that allows you to explore a virtual arcade and dominate your favorite games. Because this museum was developed by Digital Eclipse rather than Mass Media, it features "true" arcade game emulation (the games are emulated using the original game ROMs). Relive your arcade years and rock out to a cool 80's soundtrack that takes you back to glory days of arcade gaming and this time...leave your quarters at home.
Watch_Dogs 218150Watch_Dogs 2 is the sequel to Watch_Dogs (2014) and was released in November 2016.
Order-Direct.nl18148Been around since 2001, providing solutions for small to medium businesses wholesale and maintenance. Very stable and user friendly.
PlayStation Now18147PlayStation Now allows streaming (via subscription) PlayStation 3 and 4 games to PC.
Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem18140Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a Hack-and-slash Action RPG game with highly customizable character builds, skills, randomly generated dungeons, open world, housing system and many other RPG charasteristics. The game is inspired by other games in the same genre, such as classical Diablo 2.
GRIP18138A combat racing game inspired by earlier Rollcage games from
Trinus VR18134"Trinus VR provides gamers with a high-end virtual reality headset without needing to buy expensive hardware, because you already have the hardware in your pocket. Trinus VR uses the display and sensors of your own phone to transform it into a portal to your PC games. Live your PC games in virtual reality today."
Oxygen Not Included18122Oxygen Not Included is the new survival sandbox game from the makers of Don't Starve. You have to manage a colony of "Duplicants", trapped in a weird, hostile environment where even Oxygen to breathe is a scarce resource.
Phonology Assistant18120This application allows a user to perform linguistically-informed searches on a lexical database with phonetic information, and test and refine hypotheses about phonological properties of that data.
Witness18119Plant Efficiency Design/Simulation Software
Kholat18114Survival horror game based on the Dyatlov Pass incident.
ZOOM Guitar Lab18106Manage effects and patches on ZOOM guitar and bass multi-effect processors (G3n, G3Xn, G5n, B3n).
Haydee18094"Haydee" is a hardcore old-style metroidvania mixed with modern-day
Pit People18083A turn based positional combat game similar to Final Fantasy, brought to life by the mastermind behind Castle Crashes.
MLP: RCS18072A platformer placed in the MLP:FIM universe where Clockwork stallions have invaded. Now it is up to Twilight sparkle to save equestria.
Dishonored 218061Reprise your role as a supernatural assassin in Dishonored 2. Declared a
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