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Brütal Legend14997The game features the character of Eddie Riggs, voiced by and modeled after Jack Black, a roadie who is transported to a fantasy world inspired by the artwork of heavy metal music|heavy metal album covers. Eddie becomes the world's savior, leading the down-trodden humans against a range of supernatural overlords using a battle axe, his Flying V guitar that can tap into the magical powers of the world, and a customizable hot rod.
Breed7175Great first person team based shooter.
Breezebrowser1125Canon RAW/JPG file browser and converter.
bricscad3474Bricscad is an Autocad-2.5 compatible 2d/3d cad package. It is based on the Intellicad source code. (Visio originated Intellicad, but stopped producing it once Microsoft bought them.) See also the appdb entry for Intellicad.
BricxCC1915Bricx Command Center (BricxCC) is a Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, W2K, X­P) program commonly known as an integrated development environment (IDE) for programming the RCX (all versions), Scout, Cybermaster, and Spybot programmable bricks using Dave Baum's Not Quite C (NQC) language. It also supports programming the Scout, RCX2, and Spybot using The LEGO Company's MindScript(tm) and LASM(tm) languages via the Mindstorms 2.5 SDK. It supports programming RCX bricks in C, C++, Pascal, Forth, and Java using the brickOS, pbForth, and leJOS alternate firmwares.
Bridge Base Online1830Bridge Base Online
Bridge Builder652A game to design and test bridges
Bridge Master 200016233BM2000 is a bridge play tutorial which guides you on how to become a better bridge player. Bidding is not addressed at all, instead there are a number of pre-dealt hands in five different levels (with the option to purchase more hands) where you have to play the hand perfectly in order to succeed. It comes with detailed explanations of the rationale behind every play.
BrightShadow11056Anime-styled free MMORPG.
Bringer13907WikiChess definition:
Broken Sword 2.53867Fanproject to create an Broken Sword story after part one and two.
Broken Sword: The Angel of Death3927The fourth in the Broken Sword series. George Stobbart returns again to investigate another mystery.
Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway8558A tactical, squad-based WW2-shooter with brilliant graphics and a very good, enthralling story.
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood11463WW2 FPS, second in Brothers in Arms Series
Bryce220Whether you're a pro or a beginning artist, Bryce is an easy way to create, explore and animate extraordinary imagery. It's perfect for multimedia, video and the Web.
Brynhildr18688A simple and effective software utility that allows users to connect remotely to a server, supporting file transfer and voice transmission
Bsim (Bkool)14757The program installs fine.
bsnes10530Arguably the most complete Super Nintendo Emulator.  Near flawless emulation in every game.
BSSB Win15822Management software for shooting clubs (specific to Bavaria)
Bubble Thriller7367An arcade style bubble popping game.
Bubsy The Woolies Strike Back18562Our favorite Bobcat is making a triumphant return 20 years after virtually disappearing from the world stage (N64/PS1). 
Buhl tax Standard / Professional4849Reasonably priced software for tax declaration in Germany provided by Buhl.
Bulk Rename Utility4783This application allows you to rename multiple files at once in a simple GUI, including extension change, numbering, adding dates and many more. It's freeware and updates often.
Burn Zombie Burn11943Arcade style Zombie shoot-em up
BurnPlot11333A free program for viewing ImgBurn graph data.
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