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Construction Set Extender Oblivion17408This is an "obse plugin" for the editor mode of the Oblivion Script Extender. It allow to extend greatly the functionality of the Official Construction Set and fix numerous bugs already presents.
XEdit17405An utility to manage mod files for TES 4 Oblivion, Tes5 Skyrim, Follout3, New Vegas.The
MetaX17402MetaX is an application for easily adding cover art and metadata to your mp4 video files.  It can fetch information from various online sources automatically.  You can also selectively override whichever tags you want.
Logic Basic17401Programming language educational and easy to learn, allows you to create applications quickly and easily.
Firewatch17397The story about a ranger in an enormous forest in the American state of Wyoming.
Truckers MP17392A remake of the original ETS2MP mod for compatibility with ATS.
ENVI17387ENVI 4.7 is a application to work with geospatial images. 
Ford Racing 317383One of the best in the Ford Racing Series with 55 Ford cars covering the whole era of Ford cars, from the 1923 Model T up to the 2005 Ford Mustang. Drive them around 25 tracks. is a secure zero-knowledge cloud storage and syncing service.
Dino Island17373You can build a Town based on the earning of happienes of the population. You can grow you own Dino's and cross them. There are also expansions for more laboratories.
The Witness17370A first-person exploration game where you explore a deserted island and try to understand how it came to be the way it is, and who left all these weird puzzles lying around.
Planetbase17369Planetbase is a strategy game where you guide a group of space settlers trying to establish an outpost on a remote planet.
Alexandra Ledermann 8 : Les Secrets du Haras17357La simulation d'équitation
Might and Magic Heroes VII17356
Disney's The Lion King II Simba's Pride GameBreak17354Four The Lion King themed mini-games for one or two players.
Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD Remaster173522016 year HD Remaster of a 2002 survival horror game. It is a prequel to Resident Evil (1996), covering the ordeals experienced in the Arklay Mountains by special police force unit, the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team. The story follows officer Rebecca Chambers and convict Billy Coen as they explore an abandoned training facility for employees of the pharmaceutical company Umbrella. The gameplay is similar to other Resident Evil games, but adds the ability to switch between characters to solve puzzles and use unique abilities.
Bloodrayne: Betrayal17351A 2D action game. Third title in the Bloodrayne series.
Scrap Mechanic17345An engineering sandbox game where you construct anything you can come up with.
Block N Load17343Block N Load is a Free To Play (F2P) first-person shooter game on Steam where you build base defenses using numerous types of functional and defensive blocks and then attack the enemy base, trying to destroy their Cube(s) while trying to defend yours.
Racer 817331Racer 8 is a puzzle game where you have to guide a car running on a puzzle track by changing the track so that the car can go from the start to the finish via a few checkpoints.
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen17325html, * {-webkit-user-select:text!important; -moz-user-select:text!important;}
Killing Floor 2 Dedicated Server17316Killing Floor 2 Dedicated Server, running via the Windows version of SteamCMD.
Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Shards of Dream17312Touhou-themed clone of the pokemon main game series. A full-length JRPG where you find, collect, and battle with puppets themed after Touhou characters.
The New Adventures of the Time Machine17308Mr. Wales travels in time at 800,000 years in the future. His Time Machine is gone and so his way back home is blocked. He discovers the new world with its sand people and time waves and tries to find a way to return to his time.
Zelda Randomizer17302A tool to generate modified NES ROMs of The Legend of Zelda with many aspects of the original randomized: find items in different dungeons, caves and dungeons shuffled, enemies in different dungeons and much, much more.
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