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CDex1579Cdex basically rips and encodes audio CD tracks to mp3 files; is fast, reliable and very popular. Full details at
CDG2VCD5688Application allows conversion of karaoke MP3+G files into MPEG streams, including VCD and DVD complient ones.
CDisplay3146The Windows Image Viewer 'CDisplay' was writt­en to ease the viewing of images in JPEG, PNG and static GIF format. This was partly down to the existing programs currently available being too general purpose and thus awkward to use when simply wanting to view images sequentially.
Ce3x 1.316181This program has been commissioned by the Government of Spain. This simplifies the calculation of energy performance of existing buildings.
Celebrity Deathmatch4716Celebrities are put on this planet to entertain us... with their blood!
Celeste19256Side Scrolling Game
Cemu17742Nintendo Wii U emulator
CertBlaster8666Exam preparation software
cGPSmapper3976This text-mode app converts Polish Format .mp map files to Garmin proprietary .img files that can be uploaded to a Garmin GPS unit.
Chains11489A puzzle game with falling colorful balls or marbles or something which can be chained by dragging he mouse over them in groups of 3 or more. Each level has a different objective or puzzle that needs to be completed.
ChairGun Pro12589Ballistics calculator for airgun shooters.
Champions Online10197Champions online is the newest superhero MMORPG. The game was created by the same team who created City of Heroes. 
Chaos Code - New Sign of Catastrophe18151Chaos Code - New Sign of Catastrophe is a 1v1 fighting similar to King of Fighters, but with that Arc System Works touch.
Chaos Labyrinth14914Japanese hentai visual novel/labyrinth-style RPG. It includes 3d backgrounds and 2d enemy.
Chaos League4295Chaos League is a game that blends real-time strategy game
Chaos on Deponia14654A Point-and-Click adventure around Rufus, who lives on the planet
Chaos Overlords14070Chaos Overlords is a turn-based strategy computer game developed by Stick Man Games and published by New World Computing for Microsoft Windows and classic Mac OS in 1996.
Chaos;Child19289Apparently this game have native builds for each OS, but running this game using Wine doesn't harm anybody so....
CHAOS;HEAD8860Visual novel, only for 15+
ChaosPro1734Fractal creation program.Can import
Charlotte's Web6801"Watch scenes from the movie and learn as you play with Wilbur, Charlotte and their friends on Zukerman's Farm."
CheckPoint Firewall GUI1067SmartConsole for CheckPoint / Firewall GUI.
Checksoft Check Designer Personal Deluxe12908Software for printing personal bank checks.
ChemDraw3060A program for drawing chemical structures and even do NMS simulations.
ChemLab4814ChemLab is a virtual laboratory. You can experiment with gases, liquids, etc.
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