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Cities XL10537Build your own megalopolis online and interact with thousands of other players worldwide. Trade your resources to boost your city's economy.
City Life3225City Life is a next-generation City Builder
City Racing196133D car racing game in a city, quite similar to the first GTA.
CityInfo5431CityInfo is map of Minsk city (Belarus).
CityMage3101CityMage is a random settlement generator for role-playing games such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons or AD&D by Wizards of the Coast.
CivCity: Rome3636Ancient town namager simulator
Civil War: Secret Missions11461Civil War FPS.
ClamWin Free Antivirus3375Free antivirus program
Clandestiny19693Third puzzle game made by Trilobyte (developer of 7th Guest and The 11th Hour), and provides an interesting mix of first-person gameplay and third-person cartoon. 
Clannad6724Clannad(クラナド,Kuranado?) is a japanese visual novel created by the software company Key, who also produced the successful titles Kanon and Air.
Classic Car Racing11916Classic Car Racing will give you the chance to escape the rat race and
Claw1828Claw is the world's first up-to-64-player, internet capable, arcade-style action adventure game for the PC
ClearView5390RC flight simulator. Used to learn how to fly RC helicopters and planes without damaging actual equipment.
Clic d'Api5861Educational games for children.
Clic02 Edit10742A program used to create diagrams for PLCs (programmable logic controllers) manufactured by WEG.
ClickTray Calendar9123Calendar, task manager and address book that allows you to easily keep schedules, reminders and alarms on your task bar or desktop.
Cliff Empire19458After a nuclear war life on the surface became impossible. A 300m thick radioactive fog covered the Earth. We are looking for bold active people to manage the process of restoring life on Earth.
ClimateBC18109An application which generates predictions of climate given certain historical and global circulation models.
Clive Barker's Undying858Clive Barker's Undying is the first interactive work from Clive Barker (followed by "Jericho").
ClocX6300ClocX is analog clock application for Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. It is programmed in C++ language,
Close Combat: Cross of Iron6638As its predecessors in this series, Close Combat: Cross of Iron is a classical top-view, small-scale tactical warfare simulator set during WWII. It is an enhanced remake of Close Combat III: The Russian Front, which was originally published by Atomic Games. The following main improvements were made:
Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem15820A remake of Close Combat:  A Bridge Too Far, this is a company-level real-time-tactics simulator  set in Operation Market Garden in WWII.
Close Combat: Modern Tactics6689­Close Combat: Modern Tactics is a top-down, real-time tactics game, released in 2007. It is based upon the USMC training simulator, Close Combat: Marines (2004) (which was also redeveloped and released commercially as The Road to Baghdad (2007)).­­­
Close Combat: The Longest Day11800An enhanced remake of Close Combat: Invasion: Normandy, designed to run on newer Windows operating systems.
Clover Day's16099visual novel for 18+
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