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MMANA2982MMANA203 is an application to model radio amateur antennas, calculate and display far field response, SWR, Z .... It is based on the NEC2 engine. Comes with a slew of antenna models for user review and education.
Notepad++2983Notepad++ is a text editor and source code editor for Windows.­
PICAXE programming editor2984A program editor, compiler and interface to the PICAXE micro controller on PC.
QEMU2985Qemu emulates different Guest-Processors and Guest-Systems on different Hosts. A special Linux-Usermode is available to run Linux processes.
Crossword Construction Kit2988A construction kit to construct crossword puzzles.
Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror2992A 3D Shooter very similar to Counter Strike with better graphics
Mérops2999this app helps you managing your stock exchange wallet.
IZarc3004IZArc is the an archive utility that supports many archive formats
Star Wars: Battlefront3007Star Wars Battlefront, an
Digital Mars C++ Compiler IDE3012Digital Mars C++ is a fully integrated development environment for development of Windows and DOC C, and C++ programs. It is written by Walter Bright, creator of Zortech C++ (later Symantec), and other products. Not only is it excellent, but costs a fraction of what M$, Intel, and others charge.
Rise of Nations3017Another Real Time Strategy Game from Microsoft. 
Warlords: Battlecry III3018A blend of real-time strategy and role-playing.
ScrabOut3023This is a Windows scrabble game that the whole family likes.
Icy Tower3027A freeware platformer by Swedish programmer Johan Seitz, Icy Tower has been one of the more popular freeware titles of recent years. The game concept is simple: the player is in control of Harold the Homeboy whose job it is to ascend the Icy Tower by means of jumping on platforms. The screen scrolls constantly upwards, and it is game over if Harold cannot keep up.
Pandemonium3035Pandemonium is 2D platform game with 3D graphics.
Ballance3039A simple puzzle game where the aim is to navigate a ball through 10 increasingly difficult levels. The ball can be transformed into wood, paper or stone, which each have properties that allow the player to negotiate obstacles.
ASP323042ASP32 is a proprietary dictionary for Slovenian language.
Empire Earth II3043Realtime Strategy game that resembles Age of Empires and alike games.
Guilty Gear XX #Reload3045very neat, dynamic, fast, 2d fighting game.
Argentum Online3048Argentum Online is an Open Source FREE 2D MMORPG, it has all the
1by130491by1 is a lightweight audio player that features a tree-list type directory browser. Great for people who have their audio collection neatly organized by directory structure, and don't need a database driven music organizer. Supports Winamp input plugins, allowing playback of a large variety of audio formats.
Dynamic C3050The C Integrated Development Environment, compiler and flash utility for Rabbit Semiconductor's embedded processors.
Midtown Madness3053Ever want to get behind the wheel and race like a madman through the streets of a teeming metropolis? Here's your chance.
ChemDraw3060A program for drawing chemical structures and even do NMS simulations.
Hegemonia: Legions of Iron3067A state-of-the-art 3D space strategy game from Digital Reality.
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