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TwistedBrush2801A painting application
MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity2802Rarely has an adventure game without any major plot been so fun. There is a
Sanitarium2803Sanitarium is a point-and-click adventure game released in 1998 by ASC Games. A psychological thriller often praised for its atmosphere and originality, Sanitarium tells the story of a man, Dr. Max Laughton, stricken with amnesia, trying frantically to unveil the details of his institutionalization in a terrifying asylum.
eMapZone/CarteSurTable2808Prepare a trip on any map from a scanner or a digital cameraObtain total distances and elevations in a flash (some altitudes have to be set)Print a personalized map at any scale for terrain usePrint the elevation curve at the required scaleSend or receive
Need for Speed 4 High Stakes2811This is Nr. 4 in the famous Need for Speed Series. Its a funny racing game witch still has a huge fan community.
R-Studio2813It is a family of data recovery and undelete utilities.
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude2816A good funny Adventure
Maniac Mansion Deluxe2825The very nice "Up-to-date" and free remake of the first graphic adventure Maniac Mansion.
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation2827Tomb Raider IV - The last revelation. The fourth adventure of the Tomb Raider series.
Grand Prix Manager 22833A very good F1 Manager
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness2836Accused of the murder of her one time mentor, Werner vonĀ­ Croy, Lara becomes a fugitive on the run.
Tron 2.02837Tron is the present-day video game sequel to the 1982 cult film classic that was a landmark of computerized graphical ingenuity. TRON 2.0, is a story-driven, first-person action game that propels the player into an alternate universe inside a computer. As Jet Bradley (son of the original films hero Alan Bradley) you will combat digital opponents using guns, rods, grenades, missiles, and the iconic TRON disc. Combining the best of the genre with a truly innovative look and breakthrough game play, TRON 2.0 delivers an adventure unlike any other. It takes PC gaming to a new level with intense action, intense and deadly battles, and high-speed light cycle races.
Aliens Versus Predator 22838Sequel to one of the most frightening games ever made, Aliens versus Predator 2 takes you to Planet LV1201, where three diverse and bloodthirsty
The House of the Dead III2840The House of the Dead III is a 2002 light gun arcade game with a horror theme, and the third installment to the House of the Dead series of video games, developed by Wow Entertainment and Sega. It was later ported to the Xbox in 2003 and Microsoft Windows in 2005. The game continues the story of the previous games and introduces new gameplay concepts. Players control either Lisa Rogan, daughter of Thomas Rogan, the protagonist of the first game, or his former partner "G."
mc-wol2841Sends a "magic packet" to power up a WOL (Wake On Lan) enabled host.
Maya PLE2843MAYA PLE (Personal Learning Edition) is graphics/3d developement software. PLE can be used for free on WINDOWS
PC Coach Elite2844The PC Coach Elite Logbook is a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use multisport software program that helps you manage, schedule, organize and analyze your fitness progress.
The Devil Inside2846The infernal reality show:
Quartus II2847Quartus II (R) is the Altera synthesis tool for CPLDs and FPGAs.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire2849Who Wants to be a Millionaire is game resembling the tv show of the same name.
Betrayal in Antara28531997 follow-up to the classic first-person RPG Betrayal at Krondor.
American Conquest2857Game based on Cossacks.In the year 1492, travel to America as Christopher Columbus and ignite
Athens 20042872A good Sports Game of the Olympic Games 2004 in Athen
F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon2878F.E.A.R. First-Person Shooter (scary)!
Ankh2885Ankh is a point&click adventure in the style of the Lucas Arts games (Monkey Island series, Day of Tentacle etc.). It's about a young Egyptian called Assil who had a party in a pyramid, but got a curse as he dropped a mummy. Your task is to get rid of it...
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