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Clue Lookup2136Fantastic little dictionary, translates between Norwegian, English, German, Swedish, Spanish and French, plus includes a Norwegian medical dictionary.
Clutch10107Racing game in style of Carmageddon, but with modern graphics and tons of gore.
CMud9422CMud is a powerful telnet client designed for MUD players. It supports ANSI, VT100, SSL, SSH (Pro only), NAWS, EOR, ECHO, MXP, MSP, MCP, MCCP, and ATCP (and a few others). Built in scripting based on TINTIN, support for Lua, Perl, Python, Ruby, and JS. Highly customizable user interface, and one of the most advanced automatic mappers.
Cobalt13773Cobalt is an action side-scrolling video game about playing as a cute cyborg with a passion for 2D multiplayer battles involving extreme slow-motion and combat rolls.
Coccinella5870Coccinella is a free and open-source cross-platform chat client with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people.
Code of Honor: The French Foreign Legion8596Simple shooter - something like Call of Duty
Code::Blocks IDE5361A IDE for C/C++ programs.
Codename Eagle7073You could say that this is the first game of the War-game era. Some say that this game gave birth to the Battlefield games.
Codename: Panzers Coldwar12808Codename: Panzers: Cold War is the successor to the title "Codename:
Codename: Panzers, Phase One4123World War II Real Time Strategy focusing on authentic units and cinematic conflict.
Codewalker20511Open source Grand Theft Auto V modding tool and asset previewer
COGPACK1924464 test and training programs, with 537 different task sets, e.g. for visuomotor control, comprehension, reaction, vigilance, memory, language, intellectual and professional skills. Tasks can be edited, changed, and expanded.
Cold Fear4694n Cold Fear the player takes on the role of Tom Hansen, a sailor in the U.S. Coast Guard who has been sent in to investigate a mysterious Russian frigate in the middle of the ocean. As Hansen, the player finds out that the boat is occupied by hostile Russian soldiers and by strange creatures that use humans and other life forms as hosts, to feed on and to use as protection from the environment. These parasites are a threat to Hansen from both inside and outside their host bodies. His investigation leads to the mystery of the ship and its lethal cargo.
Cold Waters18310"Inspired by the 1988 classic “Red Storm Rising”, command a nuclear submarine in a desperate attempt to prevent “mutually assured destruction” when the Cold War gets hot and WWIII begins." - Killerfish Games
Colin McRae Rally 042751A Great Rally sim
Collins Cobuild2645English dictionary for advanced learners, English grammar, English usage, Thesaurus, wordbank, based on Lexicon software by Lingea s.r.o.
Combat Flight Simulator 38738The latest in the CFS series, and with an all new graphics engine! Touted by Microsoft "As real as it gets!"
Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord12464Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord takes you from Normandy 1944 to Germany
Combat Wings: Battle of Britain12181Combat Wings: Battle of Britain is an arcade-style World War II flight simulator set, as the title suggests, during the Battle of Britain.
Comenius Logo3638An educational programming and multimedia authoring environment.
comic life5446With a comprehensive set of features, Comic Life gives
Comix Zone16297This is the windows port of the Sega Genesis beat-em-up game "Comix Zone", released in 1995.
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars4671Command & Conquer 3 is a real-time strategy video game­.
Command & Conquer: Generals1287Command & Conquer™ Generals puts your trigger finger on the
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2167Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 gives you the opportunity to be more devious, cunning and ruthless than ever before. Easy to play and highly addictive, Red Alert 2 puts the fate of the world in your hands!
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