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screenPusher14428SAG-TV screenPusher is a program made so you can upload screenshots every 10-60 seconds of what should be your flight simulator. SAG-TV is part of VACC-GER, which is itself part of VATSIM Europe, the European division of Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network.
Scribblenauts Unlimited14722Emergent action puzzle video game.
Scribblenauts Unmasked15548Puzzle Game sequel of Scribblenauts unlimited
Scriptware7467Award-winning screenwriting. In "the Journal" (of The Writer's Guild of America), Scriptware
Scrivener12274Scrivener is a writing management tool intended for long texts, such as novels, screenplays, and research papers.
Scrolls14511Scrolls is a Trading Card Game whereas the cards (called "scrolls" in the game) are placed on a 6x5 hex grid game board. The scroll you played can be a creature you place on the board or a spell or enchantment that are applied to an already played creature.
Scryptik12325Scryptik is a Javascript editor and validator. It enables you to check your scripts as you create them to ensure there are no errors, such as missing commas or closed brackets for example.
Scud: Industrial Evolution29693rd person shooter from the now-defunct (part of SEGA) SegaSoft.
Sculptris11543Sculptris is a Freeware 3d Sculpting Aplication like ZBrush or 3d Coat. It allows to simply working with 3d Objekts like with Clay and has a very User friendy Interface.
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter14002SD Gundam is a massive multi-player third person shooter that is being developed by Softmax a Korean game developer which allows players to take control of suits and units from all gundam eras such as universal century, etc.
SD-Jukebox 55578Software for ripping/uploading/downloading Secure Digital encrypted music files for Panasonic portable music devices.
SDDP5077­­SDDP is a hydrothermal dispatch model with representation of the transmission network used for short, medium and long term operation studies. The model calculates the least-cost stochastic operating policy of a hydrothermal system, taking into account the following aspects:
SDL Software Development Kit4360Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library
SDL TRADOS 20075709Software for an increase of productivity in the translation process.
SDP Downloader2144Basic tool to download mms and mmst streams to disk.
SDR Console17391Powerful interface for all software defined radio users.
Sea Dogs252Pirate adventure/simulation on sea.
Sea Dogs: Return Of the legend8227New fan-based title from Akella's pirate series called Sea Dogs: Return Of The Legend
Sea Dogs: To Each His Own175261654 AC. The Caribbean. A place of opportunities and mysteries. Take a role of Charles de Maure - a young French noble who arrived to the New World to assist his brother. What seemed to be a simple family matter, turned into a lifelong adventure!
Sea3D8866Sea3D is a free Windows version of the popular german board game, Settlers of Catan.
SeaClear3659­ "SeaClear is a PC based chart plotter for Windows 2000/XP/NT/95/98/ME. With a GPS connected it displays the current position, speed, heading and other data on the screen.
Seal Hunter12164Seal Hunter is a freeware 2D shoot ‘em up game featuring not only tons of blood and gore, but also the possibility for four players to ensure the future of Norway’s fishing industry together.
Seal Online6174Seal Online
SeaMonkey15384SeaMonkey, formerly Mozilla Application Suite
Searchopia IE 5.009201Non-indexing desktop search engine with advanced search functions such as customizable proximity search, all words, any word etc.
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