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SBK X11577Motorcycle racing game.
Scanahand10338Scanahand is a free font generator for Windows.
Scania Truck Driving Simulator14293Driving a Truck through various challanges
ScanIt14738ScanIt is a program for obtaining data from scanned graphs. Data can be present in the form of curves, of symbols, or you can simply gather data by clicking on point in the graph.
ScanRouter Lite3199This application is used as an interface between Ricoh multifunction devices, and users. It captures the scanned documents, and places them into the approate mailbox for access via file share.
ScanSnap9877A package for scanning documents and converting them into searcheable PDFs for the mulitpage feed scanner Scansnap S500 made by Fujitsu (PFU LIMITED).
ScanSnap ix50016899A package for scanning documents and converting them into searcheable OBD-2 Software10476OBD-II automotive diagnostic software, to interface with's ELMScan OBD-II interface hardware.
ScanXL-ElmScan8678ScanXL is a tool for interfacing to a car's onboard computer (ECU or PCM). It uses the Scantool.Net ElmScan interface, and is capable of downloading car performance information, diagnostic information in both standard ways, and using proprietary interfaces to data from Ford automobiles.
SCAR Divi CDE5571SCAR is the most popular and most used
Scarface: The World Is Yours4226Scarface the world is yours. Game based on the Scarface Movie.
Scarlet Blade (Queen's Blade)15042An MMORPG based on the Japanese manga "Queen's Blade".
Scarlet Legacy13420Developer: Game Campus 
SCARM17064Model railroad Track Designing software.
ScaryGirl15840Scarygirl is a huge (hours long) platform game released by a collaboration of companies, including art
ScenalyzerLive9158ScenalyzerLive (short: ScLive) makes capturing video
Schein15079A currently developed 2.5d Indie Platformer by Zeppelin Studio.
Schiffbruch6926Turn-based survival game.
Schizm Mysterious Journey9128­Schizm Mysterious Journey is a pre-rendered adventure game, similar to Myst or the Journeyman Project series.
Schlag den Raab - Das 3. Spiel14937The 25 famous games from the TV show "Schlag den Raab" will put your general knowledge and skill to the test.
Schlecker Fotoland Software7477The most widespread application downloadable from mostly all online-photo purchase services. It enables you do design your own photo-books, t-shirts, mugs etc.
SCHLECKER Online Foto-Service1626Schlecker Online Foto-Service
SchmerzensgeldBeträge5587Legal database for german court decisions regarding compensation for bodily harm.
Schneewitchen und die sieben Hänsel7184Children game for the age of 4-8, telling grimms fairy tales. The game consists of several smaller games.
Schneider Zeliosoft 211019Software for creating programs for zelio smart logic relays in either ladder or fbd
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