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SumatraPDF16888A windows EXE for display of PDF files. Also displays Mobi files and DjVU files. Fast and light-weight. Gnu Public License [GPLv3] and some code under BSD license. Sources available.
Summoner2915Nice 3D-RPG where Joseph is born in the sign of the Summoner and in his youth summons a demon to save his home town, but it gets destroyed by that demon instead.
Sumotori Dreams5005This is a very nice 96k game from the Breakpoint 2007 demoscene party. It features physics simulation in a Sumo fight. It has a single player and a two player mode.
Sun Clock9068­Sun Clock is organized around a colorful world map projection which can be configured for different screen sizes in order to display the local time of world cities configurable from a database of nearly 3000 organized by country or region.
Sun Java JRE1372The Sun JRE consists of a redistributable executable, some DLLs, and some class files. It is one component of the Sun Java SDK, but a number of other Windows applications include or depend on a JRE.
Sun Java SDK1984The Sun JDK consists of tools for building and testing Java applications (javac, java, appletviewer, etc.), and includes a copy of a redistributable runtime environment (which also contains the java executable).
SunAge6338SunAge takes place in the distant future. Set in a sci-fi environment that spans many different worlds ranging from an alien planet to Earth  a desolate wasteland where humankind is forced to retreat into shielded industrial cities  a new cult called the Raak-zun arises, spreading chaos. As the hero, you must battle to protect your Federation and strike at the heart of the Raak-zun's creed. Amidst the havoc, the gateway to an alien planet teeming with lethal Sentinel drones is unlocked. They will not hesitate to annihilate any life form that gets in their way. Conquer enemies using your strategic skills in robust single player, skirmish, and multiplayer (LAN and Online) campaign modes.
SUNAT PDT11906Programa de Declaración Telemática
Sunda Tool Workstation9813This is a machine translation tool.
Sunday Plus5590Multimedia and song presentation program for churches with very simple and easy to use interface.
suneido8149Suneido is a complete, integrated application platform - a system for
Sunless Sea16204Dark steampunk naval exploration game in gothic-victorian- Cthulu-like setting with rpg elements and strong focus on story.
Sunny Data Control4165Sunny Data Control is used to view and control photovoltaics Solar inverters from German manufacturer SMA.
Sunny Explorer14193Sunny Explorer is a program by SMA to monitor the performance and statistics of your solar panels. It gathers information via bluetooth.
SunnyDesign10342Design Software for Photovoltaic Module and Inverter Matching
Sunrise6477Sunrise is a point&click adventure game created by the German company TML-Studios.
SunTimes8628SunTimes displays an animated map of day and night moving across the world`s time zones.
supaplex (spfix63)11799This is an adventure game with a small figure solving puzzles. 
SUPER10011Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer.
Super Breakout11588Super Breakout from Atari Classic Games. Part of Taco Bell's free series of classic Atari Arcade games.
Super Bubsy for Windows 9511344ATI's port of Bubsy: Claws encounters of the furry kind to Windows 95.
Super Card5456An application for patch your NDS roms for the Supercard
Super Collapse6965Super Collapse the Original.
Super Collapse 36432Super Collapse is back with more action and surprise than ever before.
Super Columbine Massacre RPG!4145Description "Borrowed" from the Super Columbine RPG Wiki I havn't personally had a chance to explore the game in depth, so I wanted to give a decent overview.
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