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Syberia1906Syberia is a pure adventure game, where the player will discover a magical world of automatons and meet amazing and intriguing characters in 4 mysterious and incredibly beautiful, realistic and detailed European environments.
Syberia II3239Description Syberia 2 is a sequel to the adventure game Syberia.
Sybex CCNA Virtual Lab - Titanium Edition 2.014302A virtual lab platform for training to achieve the CCNA certification.
SYBEX Test Engine14682Test Enigne is downloable part of CompTIA A+ Complete Certification Kit (ISBN 978-1-118-38842-6).
Syder Arcade14234Syder Arcade is a multi directional side scrolling shoot’em up that nods to old-school classics like Defender or the Uridium games.
Sygic DRIVE8773Sygic DRIVE is a viable alternative to running a fully-featured Satellite Navigation system which closely resembles the TomTom Navigator program.  It's still an early development app, but is promising to be quite a good alternative to the likes of Destinator.
Sylenth116050Sylenth1 is a virtual analog VSTi synthesizer that takes the definitions of quality and performance to a higher level. Until now only very few software synthesizers have been able to stand up to the sound quality standards of hardware synths. Sylenth1 is one that does.
Sylvenia - Fantasy Poker12076Blending together the strengths of fantasy collectible card games (like
sylvius4576SylviusVG (VG) is an interactive glossary of the human central nervous
Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition9776Symantec Antivirus is aimed towards businesses.  This differs from Norton antivirus.
Symantec VIP Access14009Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP) delivers cloud-based
Symphonic Rain5966Symphonic Rain is a music adventure video game developed by the Kuroneko-san Team section of Japanese company Kogado Studio, Inc., but may better be defined as an interactive musical visual novel.
Symphony14431Shoot them up based on your own music collection.
Synaesthete14555Synaesthete is a music-driven arcade-style shooter which seeks to engage
SyncBackPro16850Sync and back up files and folders.
SyncBackSE6413Synchronization/backup-utility with loads of options: (s)ftp, scheduling, filters etc.
SyncToy9794SyncToy is an application that allows the user to synchronize, backup and contribute data.
Syndicate (2012)15637
Syndicates of Arkon12431Syndicates of Arkon is a Sci-Fi based MMORPG where you can choose between two realms (Implants and Neovitals) and 3 different classes per side.
Synergy9719Synergy let's you share your keyboard and mouse with multiple computers, and can be setup to operate multiple computers with just one keyboard and mouse.
Synergy12247Synergy is a free source engine game that allows you to play any source engine game in multiplayer co-op with your friends. Synergy can also offer a much more challenging experience than most source engine games as the AI is smarter and adapts to provide a constant challenge to the player.
Synesis14866Most popular and widely adopted software among accountants in Croatia. A great number of accountants would cross to linux, but they are tied to MS Windows because of this software.
Synful9101Realistic instrument simulations depend on the transitions between notes, as much as on the individual timbres. Slurs with varying amounts of portamento, lightly tongued or bowed note transitions, fast runs, detached hard attacks – these note transitions are the connective tissue of musical expression. Whether you play live from keyboard or edit directly in a sequencer Synful Orchestra responds automatically with realistic sounding note transitions. There are no special buttons or phrasing tools. If you play staccato Synful Orchestra creates
syngo Imaging XS-VA60B11505Viewer for DICOM format medical Magnetic Resonance Images.  Also contains tools for maintaing a collection of such images on compact discs.
Synopsys Synplify11421Software for microelectronical syntesis, design and modelling
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