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SecureGuard CMS14700it is a dvr client software that is used to connect to all types of speco tech dvrs
SecureLinx Spider View11611Spider View is a Windows®-based application designed to facilitate the management of
Security box15200Encryption application 
SEDEV Patch Studio11689SEDEV Patch Studio is application, that allows Sony Ericsson fans and enthusiasts to create Recovery Patch if phone has been bricked or does not function properly after patching it with VKP patches. Also - it allows to merge multiplie VKP Patches into one and allows to Extracted various VKP Ptach file parts to external storages.
sedfit13183Sedfit is a software for the analysis of analytical ultracentrifugation and other hydrodynamic data, written at the National Institutes of Health and distributed without charge for research use.
sednterp5998The Sednterp program is a general purpose tool for the interpretation of sedimentation equilibrium and sedimentation velocity experiments. It collects many diverse functions into a single program. Sednterp is useful both for computing molecular structural estimates from experimental data and for interpolating physical parameters of common buffers used in sedimentation experiments.
Seed of Andromeda18137The Earth is no longer sufficient for humanity, which has looked to the stars for new homes to expand to. You are amongst the first wave of colonists to leave Earth, your destination: the Trinity star system. On your arrival, you are greeted by a none too friendly, advanced race, who launch a vicious attack on your colonial fleet. In the carnage, you descend in an escape capsule to the surface of Aldrin, a moon of the gas giant Hyperion. With your limited supplies, you must make what you can of this new world. What you do is your choice… it is your story that is to unfold.
Seedmaster1474Seedmaster was a great Bible study program in the Windows 3.1 days. The free/shareware program was abandoned by the company in favor of a more commercial version. Version 3.1a, the last shareware version.
Seer Systems Reality6843Polyphonic, Multitimbral Software Synthesizer
SeeYou5667SeeYou is a flight planning and analysis tool for glider pilots.
SEFIP7381Programa utilizado para a geração de FGTS de funcionários. (This piece of software is Brazilian and cannot be used in other countries for production. It's distributed and mantained by the Brazilian government.)
Sega Bass Fishing11929Simulation of a fishing trip.
SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Classics14170This is the official SEGA licensed emulator for original Mega Drive games. There are various classics pack available.
Sega GT7987Racing game like Gran Turismo saga.
SEGA model 2 emulator5809Sega model2 emulator for windows
SEGA NET Mahjong MJ17622SEGA's Riichi (Japanese) Mahjong client derived from their arcade cabinets.
Sega Rally 26961Sega Rally 2 is the sequel to Sega's hit arcade game, Sega Rally.
SEGA Rally Revo7058Sega Rally Revo is an offroad racing game.
Sega Smash Pack II5343This is a compendium of old Sega games.
Sega Swirl10045A puzzle game by Sega released on PC, Dreamcast, Flash & PalmOS.
Sega Touring Car Championship7446Sega Touring Car Championship is an arcade touring car game released in 1996 and has subsequently been released for the Sega Saturn games console and the PC.
Sega Virtual Tennis13894The
Seiklus4499Seiklus is a small exploration/adventure game made with Game Maker.
Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2-17616The sequel to Aselia the Eternal and comes with a similar premise - a young man from earth is flung into another world and left to figure out what to do from there.
Sekaiju16882Free and open source MIDI editor with staff and piano roll.
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