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Tak Lossless Audio4679TAK is a lossless audio compressor, similar to FLAC, WavPack and Monkey's Audio. On average, lossless compression reduces the file size to about 50 percent of the original size; however the compression can vary between approximately 30 and 70 percent, depending on the file. Decompression restores a bit identical copy of the original audio data (that's why we call it lossless).
Take Command - 2nd Man.5187Following up their award winning Take Command: Civil War Bull Run, MadMinute explores this pivotal battle of the Civil War in 1862. An exciting new feature of TC2M will be carryover in scenarios or connected battles. New carryover scenarios will start with the men that survived the previous day's battle. So your command decisions will not just affect today, they will affect tomorrow as well and maybe even the day after that. TC2M will also include 2 other crucial battles of the 2nd Manassas Campaign: Cedar Mountain and Chantilly.
Take command/321416GUI tool for accessing 4DOS (an enhanced COMMAND.COM replacement) command-line features under windows.
Take On Helicopters13817Take On Helicopters is a helicopter simulation game released by Bohemia Interactive. It provides a large range of different helicopters, several locations to fly in alongside singleplayer and multiplayer challenges and tutorials. The flight system is complex enough to appear accurate, but accessible enough for players new to flight simulators or helicopter games.
Take-Out Weight Curling 213438Curling Simulator
Taking Charge of your Fertility Software4494Taking Charge of your Fertility (TCOYF) software is a calendar application for use with the Fertility Awareness Method, as described in Toni Weschler's book of the same name.
Tale of a Hero11440Tale of a Hero.
Tales from Paradise Park with Skipper and Skeeto4865A game where Skipper and Skeeto (the mouse/moskito doubleact) have to help all the animals in Paradise Park.
Tales of Fantasy11448Tales of Fantasy is a Free to play mmorpg. It features two factions and two races. Excellent graphics, and a good story.
Tales of Maj'Eyal14005Tales of Maj'Eyal (ToME) is an open-source, single-player, tactical role-playing roguelike and action game set in the world of Eyal.
Tales of Monkey Island ( Episode 1-5, Season 1)13938"Tales of Monkey Island" continues the "Monkey Island" series originally created by Ron Gilbert at Lucasarts. You play as Guybrush Threepwood (Mighty Pirate (tm)) trying to get rid of the voodoo pox you have mistakenly set free.
Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 - Launch of the Screaming Narwhal9981It's first chapter in the new Monkey Island game, developed by Telltale in collaboration with LucasArts...
Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 2 - The Siege of Spinner Cay10213It is the second chapter of the new Monkey Island game, developed by Telltale in collaboration with LucasArts.
Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 3 - Lair of the Leviathan10405The second chapter of the new Monkey Island game.
Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 4 - The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood10558Chapter of of the Tales of Monkey Island series.
Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 5 - Rise of the Pirate God11583The final chapter in which our piratey heroes meet their ultimate match with the Rise of the Pirate
Tales of Pirates4888Tales of Pirates is a free MMORPG. Very nice for the children Young Teen and adult people that want dissconect at the reality
Tales of Pirates 212148Tales of Pirates 2 is a colorful MMORPG that has tons of exciting content on land and sea for you to explore and battle on. It is the second game in the series, following Tales of Pirates. It is very good game for Kids and Teens.
Talisman Digital Edition16552Electronic version of the classic board game available on Steam.
Talisman Online6082Talisman Online is a free 3D multiplayer online role-playing game. It
Talismania Deluxe6405Help King Midas rescue his daughter and break his golden curse!
Talk It!10710Talk It! also called TalkAny was a popular Text-to-Speech software by SoftVoice, Inc.
Talk Now French10308Language learning software that teaches through the use of image association.
Talking Moose10036Anyone here remember the old Talking Moose
talkingbuddy4555MyTalkingBuddy Greetings - Talking Greetings that use Microsoft Agent technology. Animated characters with computer voices read talking animated greetings.
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