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Anno 1503: The New World27841503 A.D. - The New World is a real-time strategy game combined with the depth of empire building, set in one of the most challenging periods of human history.
Forsaken2783object:not([type]),object[classid$=":D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"],object[classid$=":d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000"],object[codebase*=""],object[data*=".swf"],embed[type="application/x-shockwave-flash"],embed[src*=".swf"],object[type="application/x-shockwave-flash"],object[src*=".swf"],object[codetype="application/x-shockwave-flash"],iframe[type="application/x-shockwave-flash"],object[classid$=":166B1BCA-3F9C-11CF-8075-444553540000"],object[codebase*=""],object[data*=".dcr"],embed[type="application/x-director"],embed[src*=".dcr"],object[type="application/x-director"],object[src*=".dcr"],object[classid$=":15B782AF-55D8-11D1-B477-006097098764"],object[codebase*=""],object[data*=".aam"],embed[type="application/x-authorware-map"],embed[src*=".aam"],object[type="application/x-authorware-map"],object[src*=".aam"],object[classid*="32C73088-76AE-40F7-AC40-81F62CB2C1DA"],object[type="application/ag-plugin"],object[type="application/x-silverlight"],object[type="application/x-silverlight-2"],object[source*=".xaml"],object[sourceelement*="xaml"],embed[type="application/ag-plugin"],embed[source*=".xaml"]{display: none !important;}
Incoming Forces2782Good Action Game far away in time
eRacer2781A good Action Racer
Nuclear Strike2780A good Action Flight Game!
True Love2779­You play a totally confused college boy who obviously equates sex with love. Your quest: d-uh! Sleep with every girl in the game! Get them to fall in love with you by engaging in activities they would normally do. Think it's easy? Why not give it a try?
Fair Poker2778Fair poker is an online poker room.
Resource Hacker2777Resource Hacker is a freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables and resource files (*.res). It incorporates an internal resource script compiler and decompiler.
Monopoly Tycoon2776A tycoon of monopoly by Red Deep
Industry Giant II2775A very goog build up and Management sim! registration2774App to register for service.
The Bard's Tale2773Bard's tale is a re-making of the classic game. Although only a few key elements of the story remain. It has wonderfully sarcastic humour and is probably the first roleplaying game to have karioki build in! It also features a storyteller that loathes the main character and is continually verbally assaulting the Bard.
The Sum of All Fears2772A good Tactical Shooter
TSUNAMI-MPEG DVD Author2771TMPGEnc DVD Author you can change (author) your MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 files to DVD-Video structured files. Using high quality MPEG files made by TMPGEnc encoder
DivX to DVD2770DivX to DVD is used to take .avi format files and convert them to DVD ready files. The application assembles the output in the needed .vob files for both Video_TS and Audio_TS for DVD burning applications. As the software states: DivX to DVD converter (and a few other in/out formats).
Titan Poker2769Titan Poker is one of the online industry's leading fully supported poker Card Rooms.
ProntoEdit2768ProntoEdit is for programming the remote control like RU890.
No Man's Land2767America is yours for the taking: from colonizing the East to settling the Wild West.
Crocodile Physics2765A easy-to-use simulator for electricity,
Local Government Information System (ISS)2764Database frontend for Oracle database. Handles the whole urban/city self-government agenda: economy, taxes, financials, business registry, documents,...
Stunt GP2763Stunt GP is an exhilarating single or multi-player racing game set in the world of high speed, radio-controlled stunt cars. Accelerate, skid, jump, and burn your way around loops, ramps, corkscrews, spirals, and other obstacles while battling with opponents for victory. By collecting 'Aeromile' rewards for daring stunts, players can increas­e their cash-flow and upgrade their car on
Starcraft Campaign Editor2761StarEdit or "Starcraft Campaign Editor" can be used to alter or create maps for the strategy game StarCraft.
Arena2758Arena is a freeware interface for chess engines, It supports the UCI, Winboard1, Winboard2, Auto232 and ICS protocols.
Civilization: Call to Power2757
Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition2756In Civilization II Multiplayer Gold Edition, players will enjoy the
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