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TwistedBrush2801A painting application
Twitch Desktop App / Curse Client8620The Twitch Desktop App is everything about Twitch, on your desktop : streaming, chat (video & voice included), addons install, overlay, and more.
Twitch Sings19880Karaoke for Twitch users. Perform solos, perform duets with other users, share your performances with others, and more.
TwixTel 377244Telephone database, streetfinder, train schedule for Switzerland
TwixTel/TwixRoute470Telephone database and streetfinder for Switzerland
Two Towers Toolbox9277An application that reverses do paths, keeps track of: quests, items, armour, and other useful information... Organized and helpful, would like to see it working for Linux
Two Worlds5117Two Worlds is a computer role-playing game developed by Reality Pump. It f­eatures an open class system for character development, an action-oriented tactical combat system that allows one to mix magic spells at will, and a storyline that will be forged by the player's decisions. This game is often compared with Oblivion or Gothic 3.­
Two Worlds II12353Sequel of "Two worlds" RPG
Two Worlds II Castle Defense12566"Two Worlds II Castle Defense" is a strategy and skill game in the Two Worlds Universe. The prequel to Part 2 of the Antaloor Saga tells of the thrilling duel between Gandohar and Rogdor in the winding corridors of Vahkmaars before the mighty Emperor struck the Orcs devastatingly. The player's task is to protect Gandohar in reversed roles from the Orcs by committing and organizing his warriors strategically. The first chapter is available as a free download!
TwoDFrame16913Software for linear elastic structural analysis and design
TX-Line9563TX-Line is a transmission line calculator.  The user enters physical layout constants and it calculates the electrical constants, or vice-versa.  Handles popular PCB structures (and more).
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger18165A 3d action adventure platformer about a Tasmanian Tiger trying to save his family and friends set mainly in the Australian outback with levels in many different areas.
Tycoon City: New York3111A great build up sim
Tygem Global client13117Client for playing Go (Baduk, Weiqi) on Tygem servers.
Type Light9865Free font editor and converter for Truetype, Opentype and Opentype Postscript fonts.
Type to Learn 34115Teaches typing in a game format.
Type to Learn Assessment4116Assesses the user that has been practicing in Type to Learn
TypeEase (金山打字通)9058A typing tutor program developed & published by Kingsoft, Inc., which has tutors for both English and Chinese typing.
Typen op de PC6743Typing training program completely in Dutch
Typer Shark Deluxe6399Sink your teeth into this action-packed educational adventure.
Typhoon 200116788A freeware remake of the Tempest 2000 game for the Atari Jaguar.
Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 513927Typing tutor for kids/children.
Typing Tutor9034A classic typing tutor program, which features a "Letter Invaders" typing game.
Typing Tutor 79045A typing tutor program.
TypingMaster 20021459Touch typing tutor.
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