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Blood & Lace: A Gothic Novel5683Blood & Lace is a single player PC Action Adventure Game developed by a bunch of buddies working for the GMM Entertainment Company. The story, thus the game, is divided in 13 chapters. An introduction cut scene opens on a strange man, dressed in clothes from the XVIII century but in a room full of modern technologies. He introduces us to an old story, located in Paris, at the end of the XVIII century. Barbara Cagliostro is looking for a lost book which contains the means to dominate the world. The Vampire Society is looking for it as well (from MobyGames).
Blood3819Blood, the FPS
Blokus World Tour13242Blokus is a game where players place geometrical shapes on a grid based playing board.  The winner is the one who places the most of his pieces on the board.  
Blofeld Wavetable Creator17344Blofeld Wavetable Creator is a third-party app to create wavetables, from scratch, from imported wave files, or both, for the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. BWC only creates wavetables. You need a system exclusive tool, such as simplesysexxer, to transfer created wavetables to the Blofeld. You cannot edit the Blofeld's factory wavetables. 
Blocktality17966Blocktality is a top-down shooter in which the main character 'Sphero'
Blocks That Matter14537A casual indie puzzle platform game where you drill, construct, and manipulate blocks in order to rescue a pair of indie game developers.
Blocks 56365In "Blocks" the player goes treasure hunting with one or more characters. The exit leading to the next level appears not until all diamonds have been collected. That sounds easy - and it would be easy, if there weren't all the kinds of wicked traps designed to make life harder. This game demands from the player cleverness, logical thinking, and creativity, when it comes to designing custom levels using the integrated level editor.
Blocklist Manager1780Works fine on wine after the instalation of the visual basic runtime 6
Blockland2688Blockland is a multiplayer (network play) game were you build stuff with blocks. This game is usually played with mods such as BLM, TBM, AiO and RtB (more information is available at the forums).
BlockCommunity12301BlockCommunity is a new creative game project focusing on realism and extensibility.
BlockBall Evolution8928Go with a ball through various Levels and collect diamonts on the hunting for the Highscore.
Block N Load17343Block N Load is a Free To Play (F2P) first-person shooter game on Steam where you build base defenses using numerous types of functional and defensive blocks and then attack the enemy base, trying to destroy their Cube(s) while trying to defend yours.
Blobby Volley2860Blobby Volley is an arcade game in which you take out a volleyball match with extraterrestrian jelly babies (!)
Blobby Dancer Nvidia Demo6760Blobby Dancer for AMD64 is a liquid-like dancer created by NVIDIA. Watch how he moves and grooves in a surreal disco world of music, light, and color. Originally introduced as a 32-bit technology demo, NVIDIA ported the Blobby Dancer software code to take advantage of the increased performance offered by the 64-bit processing architecture of the AMD Athlon 64 processor. Internal tests of the 64-bit Blobby Dancer demo show the new version outperforms the 32-bit version by more than 27 percent in comparable computing environments.
Blob Factory17112A small freeware game by Jeremiah Golden.
Blizzard Downloader7772Downloaders for Blizzard Games
Blizzard Arcade Collection20442blizzards collection of three retro games built in directx 12
Blitzrechnen9940A collection of mental arithmetic exercises.
BlitzMax6408BlitzMax is a programming language intended to be used by game programmers.
Blitzkrieg II5469Blitzkrieg II is a real-time tactics computer game based on the events of World War II, the game is an evolution of its predecessor Blitzkrieg. The game takes place in Africa, Russia, the Pacific and Europe, and features the different sides that fought there during the war.
Blitzkrieg6052Eisenhower, Rommel, Zhukov; Assume your rightful place among the great
BlitzIn1218Software to play chess on ICC online servers.
Blitz3D5081Blitz3D is an easy-to-use, yet powerful and flexible programming language designed for the sole purpose of writing slick, playable videogames!
Blitz 194111627WW2 MMO tank game.
BlipGen5815Application designed to create chip samples and low resolution sine, square, saw and triangle waveforms for tracker musicians.
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