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Bomber Crew18574A game similar to FTL that comes with the twist that you manage a crew inside a bomber, level them up, upgrade the plane and enjoy real time bombing swipes commanding a bomber in the chaotic wartime.
Bolt11373kids game based in Bolt disney movie
Boku no Mesu Hisho wa Doukyuusei1775018+ visual novel.
Bokorin8328Jump around in bullet-time and kick as many naked men falling from the sky as you can in 60 seconds!
BOINC3910Use the idle time on your computer to cure diseases, study global warming,
Boilsoft Video Splitter14932Boilsoft Video Splitter is a powerful video cutter to split,
boiling point : road to hell4709Mix of GTA, Morrowind, Far Cry, Deus Ex, Operation Flashpoint. It take all the bad from this game and forgot the good =)
Boggle6096Boggle for the PC. Released in 1997.
BodyMedia Sync15186Application to sync BodyMedia fitness monitoring devices to their website. This is a closed source special purpose app developed by BodyMedia Inc.
Bodog Poker5775One of the net's most popular poker clients.
Bodog Casino5404The Bodog Online Casino has a download version featuring more than 75
Bobcad-Cam3268Cad Cam software
Bobcad v1716309A cad/cam program for drawing and programming work pieces to be run on CNC machining centers and wire machines.
Bob Came in Pieces11914Bob has crashed on a strange planet, lost a bunch of parts for his ship and above all, is late for work!!
BOB Acounting Software (Dutch version)6883BOB software is an accounting program that's available in both Dutch and French.
Boardviewer20053Boardviewer is app for open boardview file like .asc, .bdv, .brd, .bv, .cad, .cst, .gr, .f2b, .fz. and others.
BoardMaker8284Used teachers to build classroom materials
BMW M3 Challenge5792­"Road performance, sound and optics, as well as the detailed distance conversion of the Nürburgring, one of Europe's most challenging race tracks, provide the player with a realistic test drive of the BMW M3 under race conditions."
BMW Download Manager18322BMW Download Manager for updating BMW's navigation maps through USB.
BMD-Client1617This is the client software from a client-server based accounting & warehous solution well known in Austria and surrounding countries.
BMC Remedy User9987Client application for database access.
BMC Control-M EM19831This is an Workload Automation Application, used to automate processes (schedulle batch routines, file transfer, 
Blurb BookWright19923BookWright (formerly BookSmart) by Blurb is desktop publishing software that you use to create
Blurb BookSmart5638BookSmart by Blurb is desktop publishing software that you use to create layouts and designs for books, which Blurb print, bind and deliver to you. Using your photos you can create book-store quality books that look and feel like the real thing.
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