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BLP2PNG.exe6867BLP2PNG is a conversion tool for Blizzard Entertainment's .blp file format--specifically images--into .png format.
Bloxx It10963A Mahjongg-style game, but with a time limit and scoring system.
blooploader7608Upload an unlimited number of files from your computer to your account.
Bloons TD Battles17586Go head to head with other players in a Bloon-popping battle for victory. From the creators of best-selling Bloons TD 5, this all new Battles game is specially designed for multiplayer combat, featuring the ability to control bloons directly and send them charging past your opponent's defenses.
Bloons TD 518031The fifth and latest iteration in the wildly popular Bloons TD series.
Bloomberg Professional17011The Bloomberg Professional application.
Bloom7396A casual game where you connect water pipes to make flowers grow so you can collect money to add features to a house.
Bloody Trapland16523
Bloody Good Time12399The game takes place on a Hollywood movie set.
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night17589Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a spiritual successor to the popular Castlevania franchise, developed by Koji Igarashi in conjunction with Inti Creates.
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon18915Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is an 8-bit prequal game to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Moon.
Bloodrayne: Betrayal17351A 2D action game. Third title in the Bloodrayne series.
BloodRayne 23775The sequel to bloodrayne
BloodRayne3572BloodRayne is a 3rd Person Action game set in the late 30's-early 40's.
Bloodline Champions12281This game is often referred to as similar to Dota or League of Legends. The best way to look at this is to imagine playing those games without having to push at any base, or attack any creeps. Rather instead of items or leveling, you fight a team of other players just like you would one full gank in DOTA that no one can run away from. Because each match is styled to run into each player has died, it is much harder to die, however if you do not keep up with the pace of the game you will die quickly. Unlike League of Legends or DOTA, you can not simply click on a player and let your character go ham. Each attack MUST be aimed and shot, making the possibilities of missing much higher. So the best way to describe the game is to think hero battles in DOTA, without any creeps, buildings, or leveling.
Bloodline10284Czech horror action like a Call of Cthulhu.
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain4035Blood Omen is a traditional, overhead 2D action game focusing on the exploits of the vampire, Kain. Blood Omen boasts a rich narrative but mediocre gameplay.
Blood Knights17091Combine your vampiric skills with the sharp edge of your blade in this
Blood Bowl 218396Remake of the board game of Games Workshop
Blood Bowl10008A remake of Games Workshop's old boardgame Blood Bowl.
Blood 2: The chosen5111Take control of any one of "The Chosen"
Blood & Lace: A Gothic Novel5683Blood & Lace is a single player PC Action Adventure Game developed by a bunch of buddies working for the GMM Entertainment Company. The story, thus the game, is divided in 13 chapters. An introduction cut scene opens on a strange man, dressed in clothes from the XVIII century but in a room full of modern technologies. He introduces us to an old story, located in Paris, at the end of the XVIII century. Barbara Cagliostro is looking for a lost book which contains the means to dominate the world. The Vampire Society is looking for it as well (from MobyGames).
Blood3819Blood, the FPS
Blokus World Tour13242Blokus is a game where players place geometrical shapes on a grid based playing board.  The winner is the one who places the most of his pieces on the board.  
Blofeld Wavetable Creator17344Blofeld Wavetable Creator is a third-party app to create wavetables, from scratch, from imported wave files, or both, for the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. BWC only creates wavetables. You need a system exclusive tool, such as simplesysexxer, to transfer created wavetables to the Blofeld. You cannot edit the Blofeld's factory wavetables. 
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