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PDF24 Creator18728Create and convert PDF. Split pages or include pages.
Dynasty Warriors 918729Open-world version of the dynasty warriors series known for its huge battles.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance18731Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a story-driven open-world RPG that immerses you in an epic adventure in the Holy Roman Empire.
Tone Room18732VOX Tone Room is an application that allows you to edit various parameters of the VOX products from your PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android, and allows you to manage your programs and transmit/receive them with your computer. The edits that you make are immediately sent to the VOX products so that you can check the sounds as you edit them. Since VOX Tone Room can graphically display many parameters at once, all the capabilities of the VOX products can be handled more easily. VOX ToneRoom is also useful as a librarian for managing all your sounds and settings.
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II18733Japanese Role-Playing Game originally released in 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Windows PC port with HD updates released in February, 2018.
Minecraft Story Mode - Season Two18734The second season of the episodic adventure set in the Minecraft universe.
Kingdoms and castles18735A simple build and defend game with a wonderful detailed style and design.
Warhammer: Vermintide 218736First person melee-focused game
Rance VI: The Collapse of Zeth187376th game from the Rance series
Space Bob vs. The Replicons18738Spacebob vs. The Replicons is a game about collecting Resources,exploring,and getting upgrades. It has a story,but I haven't really started getting into it yet.
Dual Snake18739A puzzle game where you play as a two-head snake
Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle18740You can Battle against Girls in a round of Mahjong.
Hypno-training My Mother and Sister18741Minoru’s mother and sister, servicing him, against their will. Even
Ostriv18742You are the mayor of a small settlement in the early 18th century. You need to build homes, gather food, manager your workers, and trade with other settlements. If you neglect your peoples needs, they will leave. If you mismanage, you become bankrupt.
A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars (Механоиды 2: Война кланов)18743Sequel to the A.I.M. game. You are a Mechanoid (A.I. core that controls gliders) that has to build a clan and unify all the 'sectors' of the polygon.
Shadow Security Scanner18745Shadow Security Scanner is a robust network scanning and auditing tool for network security.  It is capable of scanning many hosts and run multiple types of tests and audits against systems to identify potential vulnerabilities and issues which must be addressed.
Into the Breach18746Turn based strategy game with roguelike elements.
Just Cause 318749An open world game with lots of explosions.
Deep Dungeons of Doom18750An ultra-minimalistic dungeon crawler with rhythm game elements where you use your reflexes and only two buttons to fight monsters and parry their attacks. Multiple classes and abilities to be found, many dungeons to raid and bosses to meet, rendered in adorable pixel graphics. A mobile port and it shows in how it weirdly mixes keyboard and mouse input.
Calendarscope18751A full featured calendar with day, week month and yearly views. allows you to set different types of events, and color code each event. all ows you to take notes and syncs with google. 
Rock Paper Scissors Champion18752A mediocre free to play game in which you must defeat three opponents in a game of Rock Paper Scissors
Stories Untold18753A series of creepy text adventures played on an Amstrad CPC inside your computer, but rendered in 3D and with an interactive environment.
Melodics18754Melodics is a 64-bit only desktop app that teaches you to play MIDI keyboards, pad controllers, and drums.
Carmageddon: Max Damage18755Latest sequel to the Carmageddon racing games.
DirMaster18756Commodore (C64,C128,etc) disk file manager with graphical interface.
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