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Embedded Visual C++1897Embedded Visual C++ is the complete package to build WinCE-Applications.
M-Plus1896Statistical software for latent variable modeling.
FeedDemon1893RSS News Reader
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six1889A classic FPS strategy game in which you command a counter-terrorism team and get to shoot baddies / rescue hostages.
EPOC Emulator1885Emulator for the Nokia Series 60 smartphones - there is a complete toolchain working on Linux, but no emulator.
Lighthouse: The Dark Being1884Lighthouse: The Dark Being - Sierra no longer lists this game on their site. This game was very Myst like but tougher to solve.
Mercora IMRadio1882Mercora IMRadio is a program that allows you to access the Mercora music network to listen to music of all genres. It works in a way similar to P2P. You can legally search, browse, and listen to music from different artists, disk jockeys, or other users. Legal information for Mercora can be found here.
Winbox1881GUI for Mikrotik router management.
Knights of Honor1880Knights of Honor is the first Empire Conquering Simulation in real-time, and your goal is simple - become the Emperor of all of Europe by fair or foul means.
Aloha1879ALOHA is an atmospheric dispersion model used for evaluating releases of hazardous chemical vapors. ALOHA allows the user to estimate the downwind dispersion of a chemical cloud based on the toxicological/physical characteristics of the released chemical, atmospheric conditions, and specific circumstances of the release. Graphical outputs include a "cloud footprint" that can be plotted on maps with MARPLOT to display the location of other facilities storing hazardous materials and vulnerable locations, such as hospitals and schools. Specific information about these locations can be extracted from CAMEO information modules to help make decisions about the degree of hazard posed.
Rhapsody1876Rhapsody gives you unlimited access to the deepest catalog of legal online music in the world. Listen to over 700,000 songs on demand. Create custom playlists and radio stations or burn mixed CDs.
Omnipage1875OCR software.
MU Online1873Mu is a medieval fantasy MMORPG,
GigaStudio1872Polyphonic Sample player
Freelancer1871The setting for this "space opera" game is the 23rd Century, which in a galactic time-frame can be roughly described as just before the insanity that was Buck Rogers and just after the Space Odyssey.
Click'N Design 3d1870Small app whose purpose is to design and print CD Stomper labels. Contains tons of free clipart.
Turing1868Turing is a language that was developed in the University of Toronto and Alan Turing. This language is based on Pascal; also, it is one of the easiest to learn language... this software is only available by purchase from Holt Software in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Rosetta Stone1867"Rosetta Stone" is a highly efficient language training tool.
Football Manager 20061866This is the last football(soccer) management game from the creators of the Championship Manager series.
WASTE1863WASTE is an anonymous, secure, and encrypted collaboration tool which allows
XBConnect1859XBConnect is software that runs on your PC and will let you play
West Point Bridge Designer1858Designs and tests the stability of bridges, quite accurate, but intended for educational use only.
Street Chaves1852This is a fight game (like Street Fighter) with characters from Chaves (also known as Chesperito, in some countries). Very funny game. It was made using Deplhi and DelphiX component. Source code is not available.
Quintessential player1851MP3 player
WinCupl1850Atmel-WinCUPL is a complete and easy to use design software suitable for all Atmel SPLDs and CPLDs.­
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