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UltraVNC Viewer2554The vncviewer executable from the UltraVNC package.
ER Mapper2553ermapper is a fairly well known and used gis (geographic information systems) application, which views and edits the popular ecw format for storing satellite data and other geographic raster data.
UltimateBet2552Client software for gambling service.
Dramatica Pro2551Welcome to Dramatica Pro, your Creative Writing Partner. Got a story in
DIMM Formularios2550This program is used by all people who want to file their tax reports
GroupExplorer2546GroupExplorer graphically depicts the structure of abstract groups.
YPOPs!2544Gets emails from yahoo with any e-mail client by acting as a browser to yahoo server and as a pop server to the mail client. Basically it allows free pop access to yahoo.
ReadIris Pro2543ReadIris Pro is a Windows scanning and OCR application.
Case 4: Horror at Number 502542Game created with the free Adventure Game Studio, similar to those 1990's adventures.
Battlezone II: Combat Commander2540Battlezone 2 is the 1999 sequel to Battlezone, a First-Person RTS game,
Adobe Audition2538Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro) is a digital audio workstation from Adobe Systems featuring both a multitrack, non-destructive mix/edit environment and a destructive-approach waveform editing view.
Front Panel Designer2537The Front Panel Designer is a design and ordering program which can be
TntConnect2536TntConnect is a free program for managing your relationships with
Bone: Out From Boneville2534Adventure game similar to Escape from Monkey Island or Grim Fandango, based on the famous comic book series by Jeff Smith.
Mirage2533Mirage is a powerful, creative environment for the production of 2D animation and special effects. Designed for professional studios and freelancers requiring a maximum of flexibility and productivity, Mirage combines real-time paint, animation, and special effects functionalities into a single product. A true paperless digital animation system, Mirage dramatically broadens the capabilities of traditional 2D animators, and is proven to save up to 50% in production time compared with traditional 2D pipelines.
Peer2Mail2532Peer2Mail is the first software that lets you store and share files on any
Play652530Client software for Designed for Windows 9x-XP
Combustion2529Comprehensive desktop software for motion graphics, compositing and visual effects.
RawShooter2528Professional digital camera raw file browser and converter. Very nice workflow.
Color Impact2527Color Impact 2 is probably the best software available under Windows to ease color choosing, providing nice related colors via a Color Wheel and a few others tricks. Export to hex value, delphi, visual basic color encodings available, samples, color merging ...
Apollo GPS GX50 (plus variants) Simulator2526Learn how to use all of the features of GX units before getting into your
SWiSH Max2524SWiSH Max is a flash authoring tool featuring large number of built-in effects for rapid development of simple animations, as well as an actionscript-alike scripting language for creating more complex flash applications.
Yeah Write2523This is a little word-processor aimed at the serious writer with a slow computer; instead of treating documents as seperate files that have to be loaded and saved, it stores everything in a compact local database. Wierd concept, but a few people are really loyal to it, and the program really has no bloat (it started out as Windows 3.1 shareware, and hasn't fundamentally changed since then).
Idoswin Pro2522Idoswin is only in German available:
Micrografix Designer2521A graphics programm specifically built to streamline the production of
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