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Sysinternals whois19382does whois lookup
Sysinternals sigcheck19383A tool to verify digital signatures of/for a PE file or a catalog file. Has some additional features like checking file hash aginst VirusTotal and displaying various information.
Sysinternals RegJump19384Opens regedit showing the neeeded path.
Sysinternals Desktops19385Allows to create up to 4 multiple desktops with own taskbar and windows.
Sysinternals LoadOrder19386Shows drivers (and "drivers") load order.
Sysinternals ClockRes19387Shows system clock resolution.
Sysinternals NotMyFault19388Intentionally triggers Windows kernel instability via DKOM.
Qt19389Qt is an awesome framework for building GUI apps. Unfortunately the official Linux distribution doesn't have the prebuilt binaries for Windows, so people have to download and use Windows versions (some distros (Fedora, CentOS) have prebuilt Qt binaries in their packages, though these packages don't have some tools shipped within the official installer and the versions are usually old ones).
Rhythm Doctor19390A very precise rhythm game where you cure patients of various illnesses by using a defibrillator in time with their heartbeat.
Crestron Master Installer19391Installation program for Crestron software.
Lords of Xulima19392An old-school RPG game developed by Numantian Games.
My Little Pony RPG: The Elements of Harmony19393You play as the Mane 6 and travel the world with tile mapped overworld, similar to the original Final Fantasy I, an NES 1986 game. It was made by RPG Maker VX in a span of 5 months.
Fast Copy19395Fast Copy is the Fastest Copy/Backup Software on Windows. I tested its speed by HDD and it is way much better than Default Copy utility specially while copying >1Gb Files.
Besti19396Besti is a pony-themed virtual reality adult simulation game.
Ashes of Equestria19397Ashes of Equestria is a fan-made RPG based on Kkat's novel Fallout: Equestria.
A Hat in Time - Modding Tools19401Official modding tools for A Hat in Time
Mbed Studio19402An IDE for programming ARM Mbed Devices. Contain: 
Mi Sphere Camera19404Enables 360 stitching of images produced in the xiaomi mijia mi sphere 360 camera. 
60 Parsecs!19406Survival comic adventure game about deep space exploration
Tom Clancy's The Division 2194073rd person tactical RPG shooter game (online) set in the Tom Clancy universe of post bio-weapon apocalypse Washington D.C.
Tidepool Uploader19408Tidepool Uploader is used to upload blood-glucose measurements from various supported devices (like Dexcom, Medtronic, Abbott, etc.) and store that data with the Tidepool service. The service seeks to create a central locations where to access, view, and share that data from. To use the application, one needs to create an account at Tidepool.
Shamela – المكتبة الشاملة19409A digital library which enables you to download, read and search arabic books. It's chiefly appreciated because of it being linked to a huge and ever-growing book database and and because it supports searching of words, expressions and set of words in big corpora that you can define yourself. Notice that the default repository has a strong Sunni orientation, but you can nonetheless import books from other ones (see the link in the additional commentaries).
Five-A-Side Football19412An old school football playing game from 2005.
Cronus19413This software allow to customize (ie: reflash the firmware) the Chronus devices (they make multi devices adapters for console gamepads).
SDRSharp19415SDRSharp can be used to receive and monitor FFT plots and waterfall images of radio spectrum. Compatible with RTL_SDR, HackRF, and other software defined radios.
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