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PCStage2348PCStage provides a PC-based lighting desk for use with a commercial DMX interface unit. The software also has simple sound facilities for synchronising audio (including CD) cues to lighting cues.
Encyclopedia universalis2344The famous encyclopedia...
MapleStory2341MapleStory (Korean: 메이플 스토리) is a free, 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG developed by the Korean company Wizet.­
Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death2340Game based on the movie with S. Stalonne.
SimpleMU2339SimpleMU is a popular shareware client designed for playing MU*s (MUDs, MUSHes, and the like), made by Kathleen MacMahon. The evaluation version has no nag screens but lacks a few features such as a built-in dictionary and a text editor available in the pay version, however, it does everything anybody needs to do and a fair bit more.
Balls of Steel2336Balls of Steel features five tables with edge and attitude. No lame circus, zoo, or cutesy themes here! We're talking blood and gore, with animated creatures getting splattered by your ball and laser cannons dishing out hardcore destruction.
Kohan II: Kings of War2334A nicely updated sequel to Kohan Immortal sovereign, Kohan 2 provides a rich real time strategy adventure.
007: Nightfire2333James Bond 007: NightFire is a first-person shooter video game that is based on Ian Fleming's British secret agent James Bond. ­
Hardwar2331You are a pilot in the barren moon of Titan, an abandoned colony, trying to get back to Earth. You'll have to fix up your moth with enough power to leave, working either as a scavenger, a trader, a pirate, a bounty hunter or whatever you choose. Controls are not as complex as other sims, and the whole economics of the moon make it a very replayable game. An atmospheric game that has been called the best of the Elite-types. All in all, a criminally underplayed  masterpiece from the now-defunct Software Refinery.
Façade2326"Façade is an artificial intelligence-based art/research experiment in electronic narrative -- an attempt to move beyond traditional branching or hyper-linked narrative to create a fully-realized, one-act interactive drama. Integrating an interdisciplinary set of artistic practices and artificial intelligence technologies, we have completed a five year collaboration to engineer a­ novel architecture for supporting emotional, interactive character behavior and drama-managed plot. Within this architecture we have built a dramatically interesting, real-time 3D virtual world inhabited by computer-controlled characters, in which the player experiences a story from a first-person perspective. Façade was publicly released as a freeware download / cd-rom in July 2005.
Syspro2316Syspro is an extensive Accounting / Inventory package including P.O.S interface, xml, ODBC interfaces. Written in Cobol.
Warbirds2311Massively multiplayer online ww2 air combat simulator. Fly a fighter or a bomber. With new versions, you can also drive a tank.
Empires and Citizens2309Empires and Citizens is a fully integrated print and electronic course for Key Stage 3 History.
Snooker Mathematics2306An interactive CD for school use that helps players of all ages to practise their mental maths skills while having fun.
Trash2304Trash is a Real-Time Strategy game (RTS game) based in a post-apocalyptic
Copernic agent professional2303A multiple internet search program that uses multiple search engine on your desktop.
Ikea kitchen planner2302The ikea kitchen planner is used for planning a kitchen. Of course, you can only use Ikea stuff with it, but it's quite easy to model any kitchen in it that fits to the standard width of cupboards etc. Models the kitchen in 3D and tells you what it costs.
Gun Metal2300Gunmetal was originally released on Xbox. It was ported to PC, and is distributed with some (maybe all) Leadtek 3D graphics cards. That's how I got my copy!
Google Earth2292Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program that was originally called EarthViewer 3D created by Keyhole, Inc, a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) funded company acquired by Google in 2004. It maps the Earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and geographic information system (GIS) onto a 3D globe. It was originally available with three different licenses, but has since been reduced to just two: Google Earth (a free version with limited function) and Google Earth Pro, which is now free and is intended for commercial use.
DivX Player2289The DivX 6 video player plays DivX-encoded video files, among other file types.
Deep Paint2288High end paint application, similar to Painter. Now available for free from it's producer.
perl2287The Practical Extraction and Reporting Language
DynaText2283DynaText app supplied with HP "Instant Information" documentation CDs and is used for viewing contents thereof.
OpenLierox2280OpenLierox is a open source game that was earlier called Liero Xtreme. It's is a sequel to the classic DOS game Liero from 1998.
Wetrix2278Wetrix is a puzzle game released several years ago by ZedTwo, in which players must drop pieces to terraform land, to avoid having too much water spill out the Drain. Water is initially only dropped by the player so lakes do not have to contain the entire board, but soon, uncontrollable rain occurs...
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