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Weather Display6434Weather Display is the software to get the most from your weather station. Not only does it support a huge range of stations from all the major manufacturers but it's also stacked with features and options.
Weather Exchange9708The Weather Exchange is a free
Weather Message3988Software to decode and process National Weather Service
Weatherbug1385Weatherbug is a program used primarily in the USA to view weather conditions, forecasts, and see webcam shots across the USA.
WeatherEye4147A program that can track weather for almost any city around the world, though primarily designed for use in North America
WeatherScope2189WeatherScope is a freely available (for eduacational and non-commercial use), OpenGL-based, weather data viewer from the Oklahoma C­limatological Survey.
Web Album Generator4508Web Album Generator­ by Ornj
Web Dwarf480WYSIWYG Webpage Authoring for Windows 9X.
WEB.DE Smartsurfer12368Cheap Internet access via modem/ISDN
Webacappella16029WYSIWIG website builder, works the same then Scribus (Linux) or Publisher (Windows) with image or text area. Builds entire website in flash only. Enable protect website content. Included FTP one way up.
WebCallDirect8346Windows application used to see saldo of your webcalldirect account. Also used for calling,storing contacts,sending sms.
WebcamMax6612WebcamMax - Add videos, pictures and effects to virtual/real Webcam and broadcast on messengers or websites like
webcamXP17266Webcam and network camera viewer, motion/audio detection, web streaming server, and image uploader with scheduling.  Free and two paid options with different features and limitations.
WebCEO6723Web CEO is a SEO software package.
WebCopier Pro5991It downloads websites and rewrites the URL's for local viewing. It has a offline browser feature to view offline.
WebCraft7279WebCraft is a HTML and PHP editor source code base for Windows
WebEditor657A wysiwyg web site development application.
Webferret200A software utility for searching the Internet in order to find something, fast.
WebIS FlexWallet 20066050Software to store passwords on device with Windows Mobile support.
Weblica16898It's a offline cms system for websites.
WebLog Expert11067WebLog Expert is a fast and powerful access log analyzer.
Webmon1633Small tool to check internet pages for new content.
Webmoney Keeper Classic8289Client for WebMoney
WebNews.TV12900A new way to have RSS delivered to your desktop.  Have a penguin or other character read entries, or just receive notifications.
WebOCR829Nearly identical to TypeReader Professional with the exception that the actual OCR is done on a remote OCR server. When trying to OCR a page WebOCR crashes, but other functions of the program seem to work as well as TypeReader.
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