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Samorost 119483Short flash based puzzle game. First released in 2003.
Atelier lulua19485An JRPG Game Made By KOEI 20th atelier game in the game franchise 
Tower of the Sorcerer19486Tower of the Sorcerer is really a non-linear puzzle game disguised as an RPG.
Jasperactive19487A suite of training courses designed for Microsoft Office Specialist certifications. Runs alongside Word/Excel/Powerpoint to provide training assignments/quizzes/etc.
Backyard EOS19488Used to stack multiple night sky exposures.
Touhou Kikeijuu ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature19489東方鬼形獣 ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature is the 17th entry in the Touhou Project.
Google Backup and Sync19492Google Backup and Sync can keep folders synchronized with Google Drive and upload photos and videos to Google Photos
WidsMob Portrait19495It is the professional photo editor for portraits or selfie images. WidsMob Portrait has the full make up control and skin color management. It is able to detect different types of portraits and selfie in various formats. Comprehensive and intuitive controls over face, eye, cheek, noise, teeth, shine, skin and more makeup aspects. It just redefine portrait retouch or makeup.
Mediocre Mapper19496Application which makes charts for the VR rhythm game, Beat Saber.
Outer Wilds19497First-person space exploration game with sci-fi physics and story in an open world. Instead of shooting at things, managing inventory, or collecting resources, player only makes progress by increasing their knowledge about the world.
ruangbelajar19498Indonesian Education Application
Genius Greedy Mouse19499A puzzle logic game.
Rage Against The Zombies19500Casual FPS. Childish look.
iQ-LITE19501Viewer included on DVD containing DICOM medical images.
DxO PhotoLab19502DxO PhotoLab is image processing software developed by the French company DxO Labs. It was formerly called DxO Optics Pro.
The Cycle19503The Cycle is a first-person shooter with team-based MMO and competitive elements. Players, so called prospectors, with 1, 2 or 4 of them per team, are matched against other such teams of players and thrown on the surface of planet Fortuna III to complete certain quests, so called contracts. The goal of a match is to collect as many stars from contracts as possible and to win the game with the highest team score.
Staxel19504Staxel is a sandbox farming game. Play single or multiplayer.
Hornresp19505Horn speaker simulation program.
Custom Order Maid 3D219506A sequel to Custom Maid 3D2.
Mahjong Titans (included with Windows Vista and Windows7)19508Play Mahjong and choose from six layouts:
WeBuilder 201619509WeBuilder is a fast, intelligent and powerful all-in-one code editor for web developers. Clean interface, quick startup, superb flexibility and powerful features make creating and managing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, ASP, SSI and Perl code an easier task, while integrated tools let you validate, format, reuse, navigate and deploy your code quickly and efficiently.
BeeFense19510A cute tower defense game.
Battlestar Galactica Deadlock19513Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is a turn based 3D strategy game based on the rebooted Battlestar Galactica TV series . The game features both combat and higher level resource management.
Luminar 319515Advanced photo editing and cataloguing software with advanced AI tools
Microsoft Edge19516Web browser developed by Microsoft.
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