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Veoh Web Player Beta8400A sort of "lite" version of VeohTV, lets you download videos from Veoh and watch videos of any length instantly on (in a browser).
VeohTV6133VeohTV is free software that lets you watch and record Internet video
Verizon In-Home Agent13230Verizon In-Home Agent is a tool for managing your Verizon FiOS devices.
Verizon Media Manager14173Allows recording cable tv shows and then streaming on your local network
Verizon Messages18045Used to send text messages through Verizon from a desktop application.
Verjo Examentraining12230A dutch training CD for your driver license.
VeroDes10756Verodes allows you to lay-up circuitson veroboard/stripboard.
VeroWakka8461Finnish balance sheet and taxation SW for farmers.
VersaCheck1302This application is useful for printing checks, and has been sold bundled with check forms for your printer.
Versailles II: Testament of the King16684Adventure game taking place at Palace of Versailles, under Louis XIV reign.
VerseQ20530VerseQ is a new generation high performance typing trainer! Instead of a set of predefined tasks, this program for the first time uses powerful mathematical methods and a semantic language model for adaptive generation of reference strings.
Version 4 Programmers12857All Version 4 radio programmers by RT Systems, Inc; this software is 3rd-party programming software for radios (primarily amateur) from different manufacturers, mainly Icom and Yaesu.
VertexFX Trader16512VertexFX Trader is one of the best trading platforms worldwide, it is an award-winning platform, which contains all the needed functionalities for any end-user clients along with the dealing rooms Backoffice.
Vertical TeleVantage6017Client software for the TeleVantage IP-PBX Phone System
Vertigo14345Vertigo is a high-rolling, adrenalin-fuelled combination of futuristic
Vesper Marine Configuration and Status (vmAIS)15970This application interfaces with the Vesper Marine XB 8000 AIS transponder to enable configuration and troubleshooting.
Vessel13976Interesting jump and run with a twist.
Vestaria Saga: War of the Scions20718Turn-based strategy game made using SRPG Studio. Developed by s_kaga, translated and published on Steam by Dangen Entertainment.
VexCode IQ20163VexCode is the official programming tool for the vex iq robotics competition. It is developed by Vex and is free to use with their products.
Vextractor8930Vextractor converts raster (bitmap) images into vector files. 
VeZA Route Planner7889VeZA route planner contains a map of South Africa and enables you to calculate routes between places.
VFDS virtual figure drawing studio - female9037VFDS is a virtual studio that allows you to pose your model
VGA Planets3166Planets 4 (VGAP4) is a competitive,
VGMTrans18469VGMTrans converts a music files used in console video games into standard midi and dls/sf2 files. It also plays these files in-program.
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