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BMC Control-M EM19831This is an Workload Automation Application, used to automate processes (schedulle batch routines, file transfer, 
Ultra Librarian Free Reader19832Ultra Librarian Free Reader opens the vender-neutral BXL file format for printed circuit board footprints and schematic symbols and exports files for a number of EDA packages.
Crowbar19834Decompile, compile and view GoldSource (GoldSrc) and Source models in a convenient interface.
Lorex Cloud19835The Lorex Cloud Application is Lorex Technologie's current software for interacting with their Lorex Network Video Recorders. It provides a richer feature set than the web UI built into the systems, most useful among those features is the ability to export video from the NVR as MP4 with sound, instead of the proprietary DAV format the Web UI can export.
Old World19836A new turn-based historical strategy game from Soren Johnson and Mohawk Games
Amazon Photos19837An application that allows to save your photos in the Amazon Photos cloud.
Sledge Editor19838A free and open source alternative to Valve's Hammer Editor for Half-Life 1.
MoffFreeCalcSetup.exe19839Adjustable Tape Calculator.
Enlisted19842This online multiplayer FPS is a WW2 historic simulator, built on the Dagor game engine. The anti cheat software engine is 'Easy Anti Cheat'.
ErgoPlanet19843The application interfaces indoor bicycles from the company "Daum ergonomics" with Windows (Mono) based PC and googlemaps.
Overloud TH-U19844This application provides everything necessary to simulate many different guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinet combinations. It has all the FX that a guitarist needs to sound like a pro. 
Streets of Rage 419845Side scrolling beat em up and Sega sanctioned followup to streets of rage 3 (Bare Knuckle series in Japan).
NowTV Player19846The official app to allow playback of videos through Sky's NowTV service on computers. Based on Electron with a Windows-only DRM implementation to protect the video stream called VideoGuard.
Towers of Oz19847A tower defense, 2D side view.
Pokemon Reborn198482D top view adventure game. It is a fan's game.
Image Lab19849Image Lab software is for personal computers running Windows and Mac OS
Aorus RGB Fusion19851Utility to control and configure lighting effects for Gigabyte products.
NZXT CAM19852Utility that allows control of NZXT smart devices.
Cavalry19854A compositing program with the main focus on 2D, mainly animation, effects and motion graphics.
Epic Battle Fantasy 419856Light-hearted turn-based RPG, heavily inspired by old classics like Final Fantasy and Golden Sun
Honkai Impact 319857A game about fighting "Honkai" that came on the earth
MCC Toolchest PE19858MCC Toolchest is Minecraft Bedrock equivalent of NBTExplorer.
INSOMNIA: The Ark19859INSOMNIA - a gloomy post-apocalyptic RPG, which takes place on a huge space station. Here, your rivals will be not only people, but also aggressive creatures, hunger, thirst and Somnia - a poorly studied mental illness.
Accelrys Draw 4.219860A piece of software do draw chemical structures, especially organic compounds; automatic naming of the drawn structures
VMWare Converter Standalone19862VMWare Converter Standalone is a utilitiy to convert physical systems into virtual machines for VMWare-based hypervisors (i.e. vSphere ESXi).
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