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Clementine19960Open source Amarok 1.0-based audio player with Linux version available. It's recommended to use that one instead.
Crossing Brothel19961Japanese erotic video game.
Automaton19962Automaton is a modpack installer for games like Skyrim and Fallout that implements the feature in a way that's user friendly for users and non-invasive in file distribution for mod authors.
Samsung Dex19963Samsung Dex offers a way to share your phone workspace to a PC with Android Desktop mode. You can continue working with your phone applications where you left it on your mobile phone.
Liberated19964Liberated is a 2D Action platformer in a near dystopian future. It features hand drawn comic graphics and a dark story about surveillance.
Surviving the Aftermath19966Explore and colonize the world in a post-apocalyptic future.
Library of Ruina19967This is the second game by Project Moon, a Korean game developer. The story has some relation to the first game, Lobotomy Corporation.
HyperBlade199681996 futuristic hockey-like video game by Activision.
Endorfun19969Roll a multi-colored cube onto matching tiles. Enjoy trippy colors, tribal beats, and positive subliminal messages.
RaceRender19970Quickly create amazing videos with custom data and graphics overlays, GPS telemetry, multiple camera picture-in-picture, 360� video, and more. Impress your fans with high-tech video of you in action!
Cypheros TS Doctor 119971This application is used to check, repair and cut TS-Videostreams that you get with many PVR TV receivers.
Corruption of Champions II19972Erotic fantasy text-based role-playing game by Fenoxo.
PnT19973This application is used to operate shares in stock exchanges in Brazil market.
Bovinator199742000 shoot 'em up video game by Kewlbox Games, sponsored by TGI Fridays restaurant chain.
Deltek Maconomy (ERP)19975Just an ERP software based on Eclipse RCP.
Artificial Academy 219976Japanese hentai game with JSF patch for decensoring and English subtitling.
iClicker Cloud19977Instructors can conduct polls and quizzes in classes
FiveM19978FiveM is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V enabling you to play multiplayer on customized dedicated servers, powered by
Yoku's Island Express19980Yoku's Island Express is an open world pinball game. It delves from various generes such as platformers & metroidovania to provide unique gameplay. Originally released for PC (Windows only), Xbox One, Playstation 4 & Nintendo Switch in 2018.
Order of Battle19981Free download with a few scenarios to play. Campaigns can be purchased as add ons.
Crying Suns19982Crying Suns is a strategy game where we play as commander of starship on mysterious journey to unveil the truths about fallen human empire. 
Tower 5719983Tower 57 is a TOP-DOWN TWIN STICK SHOOTER with 16-bit inspired pixel art, destructible environments and heavy focus on CO-OP. It is also a modern take on what made AMIGA games so great back in the days.
Creation Kit 64-Bit19985The 64-bit Creation Kit (a.k.a. CK64) is a tool created for developing mods for Skyrim Special Edition.
Grimmwood19986You�re in a village in an ageless, mystical forest, together with up to
Ever Forward19987Ever Forward is an adventure puzzle game — it is the story of Maya. Maya is lost in a strange world somewhere between reality and imagination. She is alone to confront her despair on her journey of discovery, where she must unlock her memories and confront her fears to unravel the secrets of the world. Players will need to use their observational skills and intelligence to solve multiple puzzles to piece together the mystery of Maya's past and what dark secrets she has buried.
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