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ArubaSign20833Sign files with remote digital signature
Artweaver4825Artweaver is a freeware graphic program like photoshop
Arturia Software Center19869Licence manager and downloader and updater for Arturia software, instruments.
Arturia Analog Lab V21123I got it bundled with Arturia KeyLab Essential MIDI keyboard. 
Arturia Analog Lab 420014A simulator for pianos, various instruments keyboards and pads.
ArtRage1901"ArtRage is a painting package designed to provide a realistic and fun simulation of using paint on a canvas, along with pens, pencils, crayons, and other tools."
Artoonix11113Artoonix is a simple to use yet powerful software to create cartoons or animated movies.
ArtMoney8441A tool to edit the memory of running applications. Allows changing and searching for values, including unknown ones.
Artlantis R28063D renering sofware, used in architecture rendering. Radiosity rendering even in preview mode.
Artizen HDR11257Artizen HDR is a Windows based
Artix gamelauncher19442Game launcher for Artix entertainment RPG´s.
artisteer.exe9690It is supposed to be able to create WordPress Blogs, Joomla! and Drupal templates
Artisteer8159Artisteer is a powerful software that makes YOU a professional
Artificial Planet7168AI.Planet is a virtual world for artificial intelligence.
Artificial Girl 37352Japanese 3D hentai simulation game. You reside with up to 5 female characters in a small virtual town. Each female character is customized as you see fit in the external character creator tool and can then perform various "h-scene" acts in a variety of locations in the game world.
Artificial Girl 23202A 3D Hentai Simulation "game" in which you are alone on an island with no one, but your own personal playmate, whom you can design to be exactly what you want her to be.
Artificial Academy 219976Japanese hentai game with JSF patch for decensoring and English subtitling.
ArtifactMage3098Artifact Generator for roleplaying games.
Artifact Adventure17733The ultimate mix of classic aesthetics and modern open world RPG!Welcome to a truly open world RPG. Travel the world in the way you want, taking on the challenges you deem worthy of your time. Travel by blimp, artifact or by foot, and discover a vast world rich with characters, civilizations, monsters and adventure. Take on quests the way you want to. Every quest has multiple ways to complete it, and the choices you make always have repercussions. Will you save the girl about to be sacrificed to the village fire god, or will you let her burn because it's not worth your time? No matter what decision you make, there are always consequences. Your adventure begins with 1 of 3 choices that drastically change the flow of the entire game:
Articulate Storyline14362e-Learning creator
Artic Quest 26976An inlay puzzle with pretty graphics. You use the mouse to place geographical shapes inside larger picture shapes to complete each picture. Includes powerups and bonus levels.
ArtGem5438ArtGem was created as a reaction to the lack of good paint software for
Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator12465A crazy distributed Startrek-themed simulator for a spaceship bridge. One computer is the main screen, each one of the rest is one bridge station like helm, comms, weapons etc.
ARTA19717ARTA is a software to measure the acoustic behavior of loudspeakers and rooms. This includes impulse response measurement, spectrum analysis, frequency response measurements and is able to generate different types of graphs and parameter tables for further processing/analysis.
Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer9350This is the second installment of the Art of Murder adventure game with Nicole Bonnet (see This time she is investigating murders where strange figurines are left behind.
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