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Ares1902Ares is a free peer to peer file sharing program that enables users to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software, documents, etc.
Arena2758Arena is a freeware interface for chess engines, It supports the UCI, Winboard1, Winboard2, Auto232 and ICS protocols.
Areena 57756A Finnish turn based freeware Role Playing Game. Supports 1-4 players and bots. All players must be on the same machine (or with VNC etc).
Area-512611Area 51 takes place at that infamous military installation, where the US government supposedly houses all its secret alien technologies picked up after the Roswell, New Mexico, incident of the 1940s.
ArduPilot Mission Planner19720Drone (UAV) Control
Ardamax key logger4513Captures a user's activity into log file.
ArcView GIS1356Geographic Information System
ArcSoft VideoImpression10329Application to capture video off the webcam.
ArcSoft Photoimpression10328Software to capture webcam photo's
Arcsoft Panorama Maker4029ArcSoft Panorama Maker turĀ­ns any series of overlapping photos into a panoramic image in just seconds. Create horizontal, vertical and
ARCP-48019733This is JVC/Kenwood's factory control program for standard use (not digital) of the TS-480 SAT/HX series Amateur radios.
ArCon+6835Software for planing houses with 3D visualisation. There are a lot of 3rd party vendor plugins (for stairs, roof and etc. planning)
Arcomage13190Fantasy card Game based on game inside in Might and Magic VII, and VIII parts
Archon Classic12818Inspired by chess, but adding combat that you control, Archon was the
ArchLord4505korean MMORPG free to play in europe.
archline xp3260ARCHLine.XP provides a simple, yet robust designing system for the architects that is efficient in executing even the most complicated drawing tasks and as an easy-to-use tool assists better productivity in design work from the early stages of a construction project through the project lifecycle to the construction.
Architecte 3D HD Expert CAD 201011571Home design software with floor plans, custom materials and colors, and
Archicad BIM Server14948A server for teamwork with Archicad
ArchiCAD3351Archicad is a software developed for architects, with excessive 3d house planning and a lot of facilities for the interior of houses. There are only releases for Windows and Mac OS X, there is no Linux port planned in next time.
Archibald's Adventures17711A paranoid computer issued a lock down on a mad scientist's mansion
Archer's Advantage11188Archer's Advantage provides versatile software tools to assist archers in achieving maximum performance on the range and in the field
Archeblade15965Archeblade is a Japanese-style online PvP action combat game with various game modes.
Archeage16243Archeage is a MMORPG developed by Trion Worlds, first released in South Korea, then Russia and the United States.
Archangel8016This action/role-playing game takes place in three different time
Archamon19431Realtime strategy game with survival, war and economics aspects. Your enemies are other nations, barbarians and hunger.
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