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Apophysis3391"Freeware fractal flame editor for Windows"
Apollo simulator5778A game wich allows you to recreate the entire apollo 11 and 15 missions. Liftoff, docking, eva, lunar landing, walking on the moon (in 15 also driving on the moon), reentry. Everything!
Apollo GPS GX50 (plus variants) Simulator2526Learn how to use all of the features of GX units before getting into your
Apollo 375813Apollo is a general purpose audio player for Windows.
Apocalyptica3957Apocalyptica is a stunning third-person action title set in a bleak
Aplicativo Itaú16785Aplicativo Itaú is a desktop application to acess banking services from Brazilian bank Itaú Unibanco.
ApexDC++4879A DC++ Spinoff which is also based on StrongDC++
Apex Legends19271You are playing one of 8 "Legends" (playertype) in a "Squad" (team) consisting of 3 members (including you).
Aperio ImageScope19879Allows to visualize microscopy slides in full resolution, as a virtual microscope.
ape@map Desktop11857GPS hiking and biking maps on the mobile phone
ApE16155A simple but powerful Plasmid and DNA Editor.
APB: All Points Bulletin11628APB is a Massively Multiplayer Third Person Shooter with in-depth character customization options developed by Realtime Worlds.
APB Reloaded13210APB Reloaded is a MMO 3rd-person action/shooter game, featuring up to 100 players within a free-roaming city.
Apache AH-64 Air Assault11317Control  and Apache AH-64 Assault Helicopter in combat scenarios.
Apabi Reader13798Reader for CEBX and CEB formats.
AP Tuner4110A great little Windows shareware which allows you to tune any instrument by connecting it to the microphone input of your PC.
Aorus RGB Fusion19851Utility to control and configure lighting effects for Gigabyte products.
AOPA Flight Planner1732This is a flight planner that you can get from AOPA's website.
AOLpress5015"AOLpress HTML editor available from AOL. It was originally developed as NaviPress by the company NaviSoft before being bought by AOL. It was discontinued in 2000.
AOL Radio for Firefox7173As you know, America On Line radio only works with Windows and Mac OS.
AnyToISO11031Convert Disk images into ISO files. 
anytime19001AnyTime, from Individual Software, is a personal information manager that helps you keep track
AnyStream20422Utility application for creating your own, personal backups of media from various streaming services. Please note that you must have a valid subscription to the different streaming services
AnyRail14546Desgin tool for model railways, with an extensive library of components
AnyDVD6361AnyDVD is a "driver" that runs in the background on windows systems to defeat copy protection on DVDs. Then, standard backup programs can copy commercial DVD's while AnyDVD runs silently in the background providing a transparent layer between the ripping program and the protected DVD.
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