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PHI workplace1550The PHI Workplace is a program for Microsoft Windows which utilizes the PHI CD-RO­Ms #5 (Latin) & #6 (Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri, Classical and Christian Inscriptions).­
The Geometer's Sketchpad1549A program to do basic geometry with.
Deep View Swiss-PdbViewer1548A great molecular viewer.
CLCLT3 : CETEDOC - Library of Christian Latin Texts1547The CETEDOC Library of Christian Latin Texts is a CD-ROM publication containing a set of forms representing the entirety of the volumes published in the Corpus Christianorum, both the Series Latina and the Continuatio Mediaeualis, the opera omnia of major authors such as Augustine, Jerome, and Gregory the Great, as well as several works not yet available in the Corpus Christianorum but included in the Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum of Vienna, the Patrologia Latina, or other collections.
TLG workplace1546Program to read the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae CD-Rom (Read Greek Text)
Progress Quest1545Progress Quest is the first ever 'fire and forget' RPG. Build your character from a ninety-pound level 1 teenager, to an incredibly puissant, magically imbued warrior, well able to snuff out the lives of a barnload of bugbears, all without the tedious micromanagement and other frustrations common to most online RPG's. (from CNet)
Hex Workshop1544The Hex Workshop Hex Editor is a set of hexadecimal development tools.­
Fractal Explorer1543fractal generator
WinImp1542A "High Performance Archiver" that can handle (to varing degrees) zip, arj, rar, tar, gzip, bzip2, and imp files.
Guide1541Guide is a full-featured star charting and desktop planetarium program. It generates charts ranging in size from a full hemisphere (180 degrees) down to one arcsecond, showing an extensive variety of celestial objects. Most people use it for making finder charts for use at the telescope, so it provides a lot of features for selecting how a chart should be drawn. For example, observers of variable stars might want all variables and suspected variables shown, but no galaxies and nebulae and asteroids only down to magnitude 13. With Guide, customizing and printing such charts is very easy to do.
Rats1540Rats works quite well under Wine, you may do calculations and save the output to files, but there are problems when trying to save the graphics. Rats saves the graphics in several formats but none of them are correctly writen from Wine.
MahJong 2000 - Luxury Edition1538A simple MahJong program.
Anim8or1537Simple 3D modeling program, great for creating meshes of models. Has menu and button rendering issues.
wRASP1535Rocket Altitude Simulation Program for Windows
Proth.exe1534This is a program used to test numbers in the form k*x^n + or - 1 for primality.
DVD Shrink1533A free all in one DVD ripping/transcoding package. Can transcode an entire DVD down to DVD-R size or completely re-author/transcode the DVD.
QuArK1532Quake Army Knife (QuArK)
Neat Image1531Noise remover for digital images.
PicoPhone1529Very simple internet telephony software.
Rage of Mages1527Game works on wine, but only in single player mode.
Word Express1526Excellent little word processor with great layout tools
Magic Packet1525Utility to send magic packets to computers with wake on lan enabled.
Chromas1524The Program is quite small (some 200 kB) and runs fine on wine.
Star Trek: Elite Force II1523A Star Trek first person shooter.
HADES -20001521Speleological Computer Aided Cartography
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