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TetriNET1436This is an online tetris game.
Actuate eReport Designer Pro1435Actuate create enterprise reporting solutions. This software is for designing the reports.
Pocket Tanks1433A projectile combat game.
Wally1430The freeware texture editing program for 3D games like Half-Life or Quake.
Gyrometer1428Measures the rotation speed (current and integrative) and manages a highscore list for the GyroTwister training tool.
Surfer1423A scientific graphics package to plot 2-argument functions and maps.
Quickworks1422Quickworks is a suite of programs to enter a schematics or HDL code to implement logic to be programmed into a Quicklogic FPGA and simulate the logic at RTL level or after place and route.
Metapad1421Simple text editor, smaller than Notepad yet more featureful and usable.
Cinema 4D1418CINEMA 4D is a fully integrated 3D-modeling, animation and rendering package for Macintosh and Windows.It is well known for its surprisingly fast and photorealistic-quality raytracer.
Take command/321416GUI tool for accessing 4DOS (an enhanced COMMAND.COM replacement) command-line features under windows.
HTML TADS Player Kit1415This is the interpreter used to play games written in the TADS programming language.­
Info Select1414Personal Information Manager.
Magic: The Gathering Online1413Magic: The Gathering Online (MTGO) or Magic Online is a direct video game adaptation of Magic: The Gathering, utilizing the concept of a virtual economy in order to preserve the collectible aspect of the card game.
PureVoice Converter1412A text app that converts between .wav and .qcp files.
Capitalism Plus1409This game is a business simulation from 1997.
Rufident1407Calling-number2Name+Address Tool for Klicktel Juli 2002 Telephonbook CD
IRIS1406Excellent freeware astronomical image processing application for advanced amateurs and professionals, can do all sorts of sophisticated things including image stacking and photometry.
Microsoft Train Simulator1404Train Simulator
Adobe Photoshop Album1400For organizing and maintaining a photo collection.
TaxCalc1398UK tax return completion tool with File By Internet tool.
OpenFX1396A very good 3D program for Windows... It's open source.
Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft1395Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft
Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit1394Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit is the third major title in the Need for Speed series of arcade racing games. It features a variety of production cars, road tracks, and a Pursuit mode involving police chases.
P?atnik1392Important program for scaling of fee for polish taxpayers.
Brockhaus Multimedial1389Multimedia content
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